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Preserving Work Ethic

Happy Thursday everyone! Today, we’re discussing the importance of preserving work ethic amidst, exams, a lull at the office, a stagnant period, or any other productivity loss throughout the year. If you’re feeling like you need a refresh to up your motivation in your personal and professional life, keep reading here! Work Ethic Preservation Tips… […]

Nailing Response Timing!

Welcome back to our fantastic followers and candidates! We are both grateful and hopeful to be back in the full swing of our work as we connect and recruit many of you for new positions. In the process of doing so, it’s crucial to nail your responses, thank you notes, and the timing of each […]

Social Profile Presentation

Welcome back, everyone! Today, let’s talk: how you should aim to be perceived as a candidate online. In today’s climate, it’s almost guaranteed that each candidate comes with a social profile of their own. Whether this means Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, or several more, we know that we all spend a great […]

Let’s Talk Post-Grad…

Hello college students… we hope that you are cramming every last bit of joy into these next few weeks as you embark on a new phase of life… post-grad! While this time while undoubtedly comes with uncertainty and often anxiety, we’re here to introduce you to an idea to ease your stress. Let’s talk: pursuing […]

Candidate Checklist

A lot of times, getting through the application stage of applying to a new position can feel like the most intimidating part! How do you know that you are marketable? What resources should you have on hand? What are recruiters looking for these days?! Complete our checklist here to make sure you are as prepared […]

Expanding Your Responsibilities

Hello everyone and happy Monday! As we return into yet another new week, today we’re planning on teaching you how to approach an expansion of your responsibilities in any type of work role. If you feel as though your skill level has “plateaued”, you’re chasing a promotion, or otherwise feeling a lack of professional stimulation, […]

Early Morning Routines

To our early birds and late risers… this article is for you both! If you’ve ever wondered what you could add to your morning simply by waking up a bit earlier than usual, we are here to help. Below you’ll find a list of beneficial morning activities for your mind, your body, and your overall […]

Last-minute Internships

Hello everyone! We can’t believe that we are nearly halfway through April, and as we near summer, we are sure that many of you are still finding yourselves scrambling to find last-minute opportunities or internships to use to gain professional experience in the “off months” of school! If that sounds like you, keep reading here […]

Featuring… DesignWizard!

Hello everyone! As we sprung into a new season this week, we hope that many of you have engaged in refreshing strategies, clean-outs, and other means of recharging ahead of a fresh and warm next few months. Today, we have a special article in store! We’ve partnered with DesignWizard to teach you a comprehensive understanding of […]

Spring has Sprung!

Hello everyone and welcome back from a warm and refreshing weekend! Happy Holidays to those who’ve celebrated Passover, Good Friday, and Easter as well! As we can see and feel, the Spring season is now among us more than ever before. So, what does that mean for you and your productivity?! It’s time to CLEAN! […]

Soak in the Weekend

As we enter into yet another weekend, we hope that you are able to find solace and relaxation as you importantly UNPLUG from work obligations! It is crucial to weekday and ongoing productivity that you recharge and take a break from daily tasks and obligations. So, if you’re someone who struggles to say no to […]

Offer Acceptance!

Happy Monday you all! Are you in the final stages of interviewing?! Thinking about accepting a job?! Here’s how to go about it with professional etiquette, preparation, and poise. Keep reading to find out all of our tips and tricks… Express Appreciation Immediately after your interview concludes, and regardless of the outcome of your journey, […]

Final Rounds and Candidate’s Day!

Hello friends! Today, we’re here to wrap-up our interview series by teaching you about what to expect during final round interviews and candidate’s day celebrations. You might have heard this term in other formats like “Super Day,” but we’re essentially referring to the final group of interviews that (in normal times) might mean you visiting […]

Second Round Interview Tips

Welcome back from the weekend to all of our lovely followers! We are grateful to be feeling a new sense of beginnings as Spring and its warmth approach the Midwest and hope that you feel the same. Today, we’re here to continue on with our interview series as we take you through initial networking, first-round […]

First-Round Interview Tips!

As we discussed on Monday, the Spring job recruitment season has sprung upon us. So, after you’ve engaged in a few networking calls, conducted your research and application homework, you may find yourself at the first round interview stage of the application process! Congrats, you made it! If you’re scrambling about where to go from […]

Spring Recruitment is Among Us!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope that you had an awesome weekend full of recharge heading into this week. For all of our candidates, regardless of your age, background, or career pursuit, there is no denying that Spring career recruitment season is among us! So, if you’re in the market for a new position, pursuing post-grad […]

Podcasts for YOU!

Since the start of the “OG” quarantine, podcasts have seen an enormous rise in popularity, use, utility, and convenience. Today, I’m here to share with you a few of my favorite podcasts to listen to as a college student. However, whether you’re passing time in high school, college, grad school, or sitting in your office […]

Why Questions are Key to Success

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed the new, warm weather that this weekend brought to our midwestern friends and beyond. Today, we’re back and ready to supply you with some reasoning as to why asking questions and maintaining engagement in school is your key to academic and professional success! Keep reading to find out why… […]

Self-Care at School!

When we’re at school, it is all too easy to forget to take a moment to step back and engage in a little self-care therapy. Whether we’re tied between our coursework, extracurriculars, or balancing a family, friend, and social life, we often forget the importance of segregating a few moments a day entirely for our […]

Virtual Studying Habits

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today, we’re here to provide you with our favorite ways to study as virtual learners. As we approach the midterm season, it is more important than ever that we implement our best study habits to ace upcoming exams. So, if you’re looking to improve the way you approach memorization, comprehension, […]