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Job Offer Etiquette Part 2

Happy Monday to everyone! Today, we’re here to share the second half of our previous series surrounding the etiquette of job offer acceptances or declines. Keep reading here if you’re in the midst of accepting a job offer! We’ll teach what to do and what not to do to maintain respect, excitement, and healthy levels […]

Job Offer Etiquette

This week, we’re here to teach you how to politely accept or decline a job offer that comes your way. The reality of your career is that not every opportunity will come to you at the right time or in the exact manner you expect. While that may sometimes pose a great chance to be […]

Internships Post-Grad

If you’re feeling deflated by the current circumstances of our economy, today we’re here to shed light on a fantastic option for post-graduation that may help you evade the job market through a different route. While still requiring you to participate in the application process, an internship is a great option for you to take […]

Virtual Study Tips

As exam season quickly approaches, today, I’m hoping to offer some of my best and unique studying tricks that I’ve accumulated throughout the last four years of college! If you’ve ever wished you could ask a college senior how to best prepare for exams (and in the quickest way possible of COURSE!), then this article […]

Stand Out On-Screen!

In the heat of campus recruiting season, we’re here to teach you a few tips and tricks that will help you stand out in an interview process even over a screen! Keep reading to find out… Standing Out to Recruiters… Prepare: Prepare for interview questions normally, as you would for any other interview. Practice interviewing and […]

Relocating Post-Grad!

Especially given the job-climate that we college seniors are living in, this recruiting season may provide you a reason to consider relocating post-grad more than ever before. If your offer requires you to move across the U.S., and you’re feeling anxious about the thought, keep reading to find out some personal benefits of moving away […]

Returning To Your First Internship

Happy Monday! To continue on our recruiting season tone, today we’re here to offer you some things to consider if you’re debating accepting a return offer from your first internship experience. Especially this year, as we move to online recruiting experiences, you may be feeling an extra inclination to return to a company that’s already […]

What are Recruiters Looking For?

Now that you’ve initiated your job search, it’s time we teach you about what traits recruiters look for in their candidates. While these go hand in hand with qualifying dimensions on resumes and in interviews, there are certain traits that are certain to set you apart from the rest in a positive light. Cultivating these […]

When to Start Your Online Job Search?

Hello, college students (or even some high schoolers?)! Today, we’re here to teach you about the right time to start your virtual job search this year and what to do to get it initiated. If you fit the profile of any student candidate seeking a full-time position or internship for the upcoming winter/spring/summer and/or fall, […]

When to Rebrand

Happy Thursday and the almost end to an already shortened holiday work-week! To wrap up our mini new-logo series, we asked ourselves the following question,… why did we decide to rebrand? If you are asking yourselves the same thing, or are wondering how we made our decision to embark on this new journey, keep reading […]

Font Selection

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope that with this new week comes a sense of rejuvenation from the long, Labor Day weekend. Today, we’re here to continue on in our mini new logo presentation series… and we’re tackling…font selection! Why does choosing a certain font matter to your business? Which fonts send which messages? What type […]

Choosing Color Schemes

Hello everyone! We are so happy to be back to continue explaining our new logo transformation and processes. Today, we’re here to explain the importance of color coordination as it relates to logo building and the message sent simultaneously to followers… so why did we choose our new colors? Keep reading to find out! The […]


Hello everyone! Over the course of the last few weeks, we’ve been working on a rebrand – that’s right, Esquire’s coming back at you live with a brand new logo and vibe! Today, we’ll share with you what that logo looks like, and throughout the next few weeks, we’ll teach you more about the exact […]

What Managers Look For!

It is no doubt that being likable is the first step towards becoming an attractive teammate and cultivating relationships. In the business world, relationships are one of your key tools useful for attaining a successful career and for achieving promotions. So, what are managers looking for or consider the best qualities in employees? Keep reading […]

Asking For Feedback – Virtual Style

Happy Monday! As we continue to become more comfortable in the virtual format of working, it’s important to remember the essential piece of performance: feedback. Yes, the topic that looms over each of our minds when we hop on frequent calls with our managers… how can I ask for feedback? Is this the right time? […]

Unplug on the Weekend

One of the topics we’ve continued to revisit throughout the summer and virtual work-life is the importance of setting boundaries. Now that we are spending most of our work and leisure time in the comfort of our homes, it’s even to feel like the line between working and not-working is blurred, or an innate sense […]

Productive Monday Plan

Especially after a summer weekend, we’ve all felt the back to work slump that comes with Monday mornings. However, today we’re here to introduce you to strategies that will provide you with the tools to start your week off right and achieve your most productive self. Keep reading to find out… Productive Monday Habits… Hydrate […]

Hannah’s Mid-summer Reflection!

Hello everyone! I hope this Monday finds you each healthy and refreshed from the weekend. Today, I’m hoping to share a candid recount of my experience as a “virtual intern” this summer. I can’t believe that we are already past the halfway mark, but if you’re interested to hear what it’s like to be a […]

Post-Interview Action!

Today, we’re here to explain to you some of the most important actions that you can take after an interview wraps up. At Esquire, we constantly hear feedback from our clients about wonderful things that candidates did after the interview day, as well as points for improvement. In the following points, we’ll show you some […]

Job Search Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday! While today’s post may not be the most exciting or uplifting, it is our unfortunate reality that many of us, our family, or friends have found themselves out of a job as a result of the financial crisis bread by COVID-19. However, at Esquire Recruiting, we are huge believers in the importance of […]