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Esquire’s Motivators and Activities at Home

Welcome back! Today, we’re continuing with Monday’s series focusing on our employees and their favorite recipes, motivators, and activities to stay busy while WFH. Keep reading here to obtain more ideas about activities you can try out at home! Favorite Hobbies at Home… Laura McDermott finds motivators in helping people, working with others to improve […]

Esquire’s Favorite Recipes!

Happy Monday! We are so excited to release this week’s new series on Esquire’s Employees where we’ll be offering you a few of our favorite recipes as well as what we’ve been up to this quarantine to stay busy and motivated. Keep reading to find out and make sure to let us know what you […]

Professional Upkeep at Home

And just like that, we’ve got another weekend in the “q” coming up! Before it starts, we’re hoping to extend our week’s message of keeping busy at home by teaching you a few easy ways to maintain your professional status as well as refresh your network. Keep reading to find out how… Professional Upkeep at […]

Staying Busy at Home

Happy Monday! Today, we’re here to piggyback off of our idea last week where we introduced some of the benefits of scheduled journaling as a form of gratitude, and also as a new hobby. In light of that encouragement, we’re hoping to help provide an additional few strategies and activities that will allow you to […]

Journaling as a Form of Gratitude

Happy Thursday and an early TGIF! Today, we’re hoping to show you some of the benefits of scheduling time to journal as a form of gratitude. Especially during quarantine and days of WFH, many people find it helpful to maintain a routine and/or schedule so as to keep up motivation and regular behaviors. One of […]