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What Managers Look For!

It is no doubt that being likable is the first step towards becoming an attractive teammate and cultivating relationships. In the business world, relationships are one of your key tools useful for attaining a successful career and for achieving promotions. So, what are managers looking for or consider the best qualities in employees? Keep reading […]

Asking For Feedback – Virtual Style

Happy Monday! As we continue to become more comfortable in the virtual format of working, it’s important to remember the essential piece of performance: feedback. Yes, the topic that looms over each of our minds when we hop on frequent calls with our managers… how can I ask for feedback? Is this the right time? […]

Unplug on the Weekend

One of the topics we’ve continued to revisit throughout the summer and virtual work-life is the importance of setting boundaries. Now that we are spending most of our work and leisure time in the comfort of our homes, it’s even to feel like the line between working and not-working is blurred, or an innate sense […]

Productive Monday Plan

Especially after a summer weekend, we’ve all felt the back to work slump that comes with Monday mornings. However, today we’re here to introduce you to strategies that will provide you with the tools to start your week off right and achieve your most productive self. Keep reading to find out… Productive Monday Habits… Hydrate […]

Hannah’s Mid-summer Reflection!

Hello everyone! I hope this Monday finds you each healthy and refreshed from the weekend. Today, I’m hoping to share a candid recount of my experience as a “virtual intern” this summer. I can’t believe that we are already past the halfway mark, but if you’re interested to hear what it’s like to be a […]

Post-Interview Action!

Today, we’re here to explain to you some of the most important actions that you can take after an interview wraps up. At Esquire, we constantly hear feedback from our clients about wonderful things that candidates did after the interview day, as well as points for improvement. In the following points, we’ll show you some […]

Job Search Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday! While today’s post may not be the most exciting or uplifting, it is our unfortunate reality that many of us, our family, or friends have found themselves out of a job as a result of the financial crisis bread by COVID-19. However, at Esquire Recruiting, we are huge believers in the importance of […]

Virtual Intern Connections

Hi everyone! Today, we’re piggy-backing off of Monday’s latest topic on fostering virtual mentorships. As important as it is to connect with employees and seasoned professionals at your company, it is also essential to your internship experience to connect with your intern coworkers! There is no one at the company who is in a more […]

Virtual Mentorships

Happy Monday! We hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend with family and friends, and of course keeping safe always. Today, we’re here to help all of our virtual interns navigate their mentor relationships through a screen. If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about initiating these types of interactions, this article is for you. […]

Gauging Your Workload

Especially for our summer interns, if you’ve ever wondered whether you’re “doing enough work”… this article is for you! Today, we’re here to help provide some strategies for you to use to assess your own productivity and to gauge whether it’s time to ask for more. Keep reading to find out how… Gauging Your Workload… […]

Virtual Language

Now that we’re almost all working full-time from home, it is crucial to adapt your body and literal language to a new, online format. So, keep reading today to find out more about specific communication skills that will help you portray your best professional self through the screen… Best Practices Online… Leave Time to Chat: I’m […]

Three Tips to Start Your Week!

Happy Monday everyone! If you’re still feeling that weekend slump and seeking a quick strategy to channel back in that motivation, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out our top 3 tips to start your week off… Start Off Your Week Right… Plan out Your Days: One of the best ways to foster […]

Initiating Recruiter Conversations

Are you in the midst of a job search and considering a recruiter’s help? At Esquire Recruiting LLC, we know how invaluable a recruiter can be to a job search. It’s a great way to find a role that is fit for you. Continue reading below to find out some important questions you should be […]

Resume Upkeep Part 2!

In case you missed the first half of our resume upkeep series, make sure to click here before you keep reading today! On this exciting Monday, we’ll be expanding on easy resume strategies to implement from your own couch at home. By maintaining an up-to-date, relevant resume, you’ll be ready to re-enter the job market, […]

Resume Upkeep for the Weekend!

Today, we’re here to expand on this week’s latest article and teach you a few tips about resume upkeep from the comfort of your home! First… a quick recap… One of the most important ways to assert yourself as a marketable candidate for any job is to maintain a well-formatted and well-marketed resume! Make sure your […]

Are you Marketable? Take our Quiz!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope that, as we have, you have each taken the last week to evaluate the current events within our nation while working to educate yourselves on such important matters. We feel that it is now an appropriate time to resume our “normal” content whilst continuing to recognize movements such as #BLM […]

Where We Search!

Hello everyone! We hope that you each enjoyed a bit of a long weekend and some extra allowance for relaxation as we continue to stay at home during this time. Today, we’re hoping to elaborate on a few of the strategies, activities, and even recipes we offered last week by teaching you a bit about […]

Esquire’s Motivators and Activities at Home

Welcome back! Today, we’re continuing with Monday’s series focusing on our employees and their favorite recipes, motivators, and activities to stay busy while WFH. Keep reading here to obtain more ideas about activities you can try out at home! Favorite Hobbies at Home… Laura McDermott finds motivators in helping people, working with others to improve […]

Esquire’s Favorite Recipes!

Happy Monday! We are so excited to release this week’s new series on Esquire’s Employees where we’ll be offering you a few of our favorite recipes as well as what we’ve been up to this quarantine to stay busy and motivated. Keep reading to find out and make sure to let us know what you […]

Professional Upkeep at Home

And just like that, we’ve got another weekend in the “q” coming up! Before it starts, we’re hoping to extend our week’s message of keeping busy at home by teaching you a few easy ways to maintain your professional status as well as refresh your network. Keep reading to find out how… Professional Upkeep at […]