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Declining a Job Offer: How to Do it

There are ways of declining job offers that will ultimately allow you to maintain positive relations with any company. While doing so may feel awkward, we’re here to teach you the most polite, respectful, and effective ways to decline your offer here! Before Declining: Before you make the permanent decision of declining an offer, truly […]

First Day of Work: 12 Ways to Prepare

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before the first day of your new job…. the nerves are settling in at rapid speed, and it’s easy to begin feeling anxious. However, don’t fear! We’re here to prepare you for that first day. Read about our key tips here… Night and Week Before: Practice Transportation if Necessary: If […]

Group Interviews: How to Stand Out Positively

Group interviews are much different than individual ones for many reasons. There are 2 types: either you will be interviewed by multiple people or multiple people will be interviewed by a few individuals. It is super important to find a balance of participation that will allow you to stand out without making it seem like you are […]

Starting a New Position: What you Need to Know

There are several steps taken on both ends once a job offer is accepted. So, what do you need to know before starting a new position? Find out the most important actions to expect here! New Hire Paperwork: We can nearly guarantee that in every single company you will ever work for, you will be required […]

Retaining Clients: How to do it Best

As recruiters, we know how important retaining clients is to the success of our organization! We also know, client retention fuels almost all industries. So, how should you go about retaining clients for the long run? Learn about our key strategies here! Show Care: The main reason any client terminates their relationship with a company is […]