As a Human Resources Manager, I have had the opportunity to work with many Recruiters. I have had the experience from both sides of the table, as a Hiring Manager and as a Candidate. My experience with Esquire Recruiting and Scott Fischer was as a candidate. Scott was a total professional. He kept me in the loop throughout the process. He made sure I met with the proper people, he was prepared during the screening process kept me engaged from contact to offer and post-hire follow up. Since my arrival at my new job, I have had the opportunity to meet with other members of our organization that came to us via Scott and Esquire Recruiting. From an HR standpoint, staffing is not just finding someone with the needed skills but also finding that proper candidate that will fit within your team personality and organizational philosophy. This is a skill that by all evidence, they excel.

-Mitchell Abbett, Human Resources Manager, GMP Metal Products (Saint Louis, MO)

“Esquire Recruiting is by far the best recruiting agency I have ever dealt with! Scott Fischer was an absolute pleasure. He’s very pleasant and easy to work with. You can clearly see that Scott loves doing what he does. The things I liked most about working with Esquire was the transparency, the thoroughness throughout my entire interview process, and the level of professionalism. The feedback sessions were phenomenal, very prompt and informative. Upon receiving my offer letter Scott was just as, if not more, excited than I was! This just goes to show the level of care and commitment that he puts into his candidates. I am now settling into my new position at a company that I think will be my forever home. I am so grateful to have met Scott and been given this opportunity. I am truly grateful and would definitely recommend Esquire to anyone who is currently in the job market.

-Shannon Seals, Human Resources Manager, Commercial Forged Products (Chicago, IL)

Esquire Recruiting is hands down one of the best recruiting firms I have ever worked with. Laura McDermott was extremely considerate, professional and straight to the point during the entire process. In my history of working with other recruiters, I have found them to be vague about the search, not clear whether it was a contract or permanent position and difficult to work with.  Laura partnered with me through the entire process and made me feel at ease immediately.  She showed confidence in me in spite of my work experience falling short of the client company’s job requirements. Laura’s follow up was incredible as she prepared me for the interview and followed up afterwards. Laura was the only recruiter who is competent in her role and who helped me get the job that I absolutely love. I highly recommend this agency and the professional talents of Laura McDermott.”

 -Lily T, Graphics Coordinator, Confidential law firm (Boston, MA)

“I love my job and am so happy for the efforts made on my behalf by the wonderful staff at Esquire Recruiting.”

 -Controller, Confidential manufacturing firm (Chicago, IL)

Scott Fischer was a lot of fun to work with from the word go. He brought enthusiasm with every call and detail. It was so easy to take a call from him because of his energy. I confided in Scott and trusted him. I’m really excited about my new position and I thank him for reaching out to me. Thank you, Scott, for making the process easy.

-SaraBeth V, Conflicts Analyst, Confidential Law Firm (Chicago, IL)

I moved to Chicago from a country where recruiting firms showed little respect to job seekers.  Esquire Recruiting has shown me that a different, more professional relationship can take place between a candidae and recruiting firm.  I am grateful that Scott, as part of a great team, took the chance to help a non US citizen and provided me with the opportunity to get engaged in the professional world in a new city that I now am happy to call my home.  It was a pleasure working with Esquire Recruiting as they are a very dedicated and professional team.  I look forward to maintaining and building my relationship with Esquire.  I highly recommend the services of Esquire Recruiting to both employers and job seekers.

Alejandro Gimenez, Marketing Database Analyst, Locke Lord, LLP (Chicago, IL)

Amy and Scott at Esquire were so wonderful and supportive to work with.  They were very thorogh with following up with the client on my behalf and helped the job searchikng process go as smoothly as possible.  I definately recommend them!

Dawn Byrd, Conflicts New Business Analyst, Sidley Austin, LLP (Chicago, IL)


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