2020 Positive Energy

Happy Friday to all of you! We know that 2020 came with more than a few unforeseen obstacles and life transitions, so today we’re hoping to point out a few positive components that the year entailed or allowed us to engage with. If you’re in the market for some positivity or encouragement, this article is for you! Keep reading to find out some silver linings fostered by this rollercoaster year…

2020 Positive Pointers…

  • Building Connections Online: While most of our interactions and conversations have been overcome by screens and the virtual format, we are incredibly impressed by the way in which each of you, our candidates, and our employees have embraced this new form of communication. While different and a definite transition, this mode of change has allowed many professionals to increase their adaptability, coping mechanisms, and human connections. It is phenomenal to see the ways in which our U.S. workforce has come together under the idea of embracing technology to not only maintain but build connections amongst one another and our loved ones (a special thank you to Zoom!).
  • Saved Commute: That’s right! Remember the days of dragging your feet to the train or your vehicle just to sit for an hour before even stepping into the office? Working from home or remotely has allowed professionals of all industries the reprieve of extra sleep, relaxation, and the comfort of our own homes. So, although we may be getting a bit sick of our surroundings, they sure beat a daily commute that transforms a workday into a fourteen-hour journey.
  • Gratitude and Mindfulness: As we watch devastating and uncomfortable news unfold around us, it has never been more evident that practicing gratitude and mindfulness are essential components of strong mental health and fulfillment. We have been tasked with some of the greatest challenges of our lives, but reminded of the value of those we love, the comfort of our homes, our own health, and the hopeful health of those around us.
  • Let’s Stay Positive: Above all, staying positive has proven key to each of the course of our years! While it may feel easier to get knocked down by the struggles posed by the pandemic and economy, attempting to remain calm, and grateful for those aspects of life that still remain will allow you to push forward to the future.

We are so proud of the perseverance of our community and so grateful to our candidates and followers for allowing us to continue what we love to do most, recruit! And with that being said… Searching for a new position? Check out our open jobs list!