Welcome back, everyone! As we all hear and participate in the whispers about an oncoming recession, and begin to envision how that may impact our careers, we found it particularly relevant to discuss this topic today: how long should you be staying in one job? While this might mean a certain role, job, industry, company, etc., it’s important to know how recruiters will evaluate this component of your experience and resume.

How Long Should you stay in One Job?

Employee Loyalty

Ultimately, we know what you’re likely thinking, and we agree! Job hopping across companies and roles can make you look like an employee who is unwilling to stick to a certain commitment for a long period of time. While it’s reasonable to understand that candidates may shift in career focus or interest, doing so in a way that makes sense to your future employer is crucial to your hiring experience. So, have you swapped companies on a yearly basis to check if the grass really is greener? Or have you shifted into complementary roles with similar focus areas (i.e.: entry-level into management within the same ‘role’ type like Marketing)? A repetitive, short-term track record could impede a future employer’s interest in investing in you… but don’t stop here! There are pros to job rotations too, and keep reading to find out why.

Adherence to Growth

On the flip side, sticking to one role or job for too long may hinder the way that you appear as a candidate interested in career growth. Ask yourself this, have you focused on only 1-2 skills over the last year? 5 years? 10 years? Are you confident that you have a diverse talent skill set to market to future employers? As you could probably guess, your future interviewers will place focus on your evolved skills, your broad range of knowledge across business areas, and your interest in growth. Whether this means you’ve stuck to a role but acquired a set of certificates (like LinkedIn Learning), hopped around departments to understand a full business model, or accelerated into a management position in one team, all of these exemplify different types of growth.

  • Extra Tip: Especially for those of you that have been promoted through a company, your future employer will absolutely recognize your adherence not only to growth, but also to challenging yourself and pushing the envelope out of your own comfort zone and into new skills.

Career Focus

Finally, as a candidate, recruiters and employers know that the ultimate goal is for you to adhere to a career that provides you fulfillment and contentment. So, if you’re not feeling fulfilled in a certain job, role, or at a company, it’s time to make a plan and initiate a change. Ask yourself some of the below questions in order to evaluate if you might be suited for a job or career shift:

  1. Is your current role helping you further skills that you are interested in and that will help your career?
  2. Do you feel stagnant in networking? Are you inspired by your peers and leadership?
  3. Could you be making a higher salary elsewhere? Does your compensation outweigh your value in benefits? What does your benefits package look like?
  4. Are you staying in a role for the sake of comfort? Do you feel challenged?
  5. Are you aligned with your company’s mission and vision?

Some Stats for You!

According to The Balance Money, “the average number of jobs in a lifetime is 12, according to a 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey of baby boomers. Many workers spend five years or less in every job, so they devote more time and energy transitioning from one job to another. In its 2018 Employee Tenure Summary, the BLS reported, the median employee tenure was 4.3 years for men and 4.0 years for women.”

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Welcome back, everyone! On Tuesday, we realized that it was “National Compliment Day” – specifically, a day to spend an extra moment providing someone with a genuine compliment or kind message. So, while that day passed just a few days back, we thought that it shouldn’t be just a 24-hour period but instead a way of approaching life. SO, if you didn’t know about this day or get a chance to give your compliment, keep reading below to find out some of our other favorite ways to show gratitude for those around you and brighten someone’s day!

Let’s…Brighten Someone Else’s Day!

  1. Remind Someone That You Care! There’s no greater way to show gratitude than by telling someone, in person, that you appreciate all that they do for you. In the midst of the digital age, it’s easy to thank people through emails, text, or even phone calls, but one of our most valued ways to express gratitude is in person. So, we encourage you to reach out to someone that you’re due for a catch-up with and get a coffee, lunch, drink, or dinner date on the books. Spending quality time with our friends, family, mentors, and all important people in our lives is a crucial component of human connection and value.
  2. Suprise a Coworker with Coffee: Now that many of us are working in hybrid formats, it’s more important than ever to maintain relationships with your coworkers. While coffee may not take a physical form, surprising someone with a virtual gift card to a coffee shop is a great way not only to encourage an individual to take a breath of fresh air and get outside, but to grab a treat along the way. If you can, we recommend you treat your team or coworkers with a surprise treat or coffee this week! Starting the day off strong with a ‘surprise and delight’ is a guarantee to brighten the mood of the office this week (especially in Chicago with our dreary weather!).
  3. Pay for the Person Behind You: The next time you find yourself at a coffee or sandwich shop, double your bill for the person behind. With such a surprise and act of kindness, you are guaranteed to make that person’s day!
  4. Clear Your Schedule for Someone Special: This may be a parent, spouse, child, close friend, or even a mentor. Regardless of the relationship, find a day to completely clear your schedule on their behalf. Although our “days” may not look like they used to, taking a long walk, binging a Netflix show, engaging in ‘self-care’ at home, trying a new craft, or cooking dinner with company is a great way to showcase to someone that they’re a top priority to you.
  5. Leave an Extra Tip: Especially in places where the bill doesn’t run very high, leave a larger tip than you regularly would! We can guarantee you that your extra note of gratitude will go a very long way. Especially during a time blanketed by job uncertainty, “donating” a few extra dollars to a server or anyone who assists you throughout the day is a great way to pass kindness forward and make a positive impact.

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Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you had a great weekend and are ready for another week of work. As the end of January nears, many of us are not throttled fully into the winter season, with pockets of snow coming more frequently and ready to stick. So, get cozy and tune in to learn about year-end review processes and creating goals for the upcoming year.

Let’s Chat… Professional Upkeep!

Step 1: Year-End Review

Before aligning on goals for the new year, you will likely engage in a year-end review conversation. Whether this takes place before the New Year or after, these conversations surround your performance for the entire year prior and are the time when you will likely receive your performance ‘rating’ or metric as executed at the company level. These conversations are crucial to your professional development. They will play a big part in how you shape your upcoming year, identify skill sets you want to work on, and ultimately document your progress at a company to date. After these conversations wrap, you receive confirmation of any bonuses or compensation increases, it is time to realign on your goals! While many of these may be trickled down from the department or business unit level, there are still many opportunities to define skills you want to develop in a personal or professional way – have you been thinking about a specific LinkedIn course? Are you falling short on networking? Have you given any presentations in your current role? These are all questions to begin asking yourself that can tie into your goal-setting plan.

Step 2: Creating New Goals

After your review conversations wrap, it’s time to begin thinking about your goals and identifying specific attributes to call out. If you’ve received constructive criticism in any area… this is a great place to start! Are there any goals you did NOT get to meet in the year prior? Were these discussed in your last conversation? Additionally, is your team’s responsibilities shifting at all in the new year? Will you still be in the same role (are you part of a development or rotational program)? Begin thinking through what the next 12 months will look like and how you want to be viewed on your team and throughout the company as you jot down your ideas.

  • Extra Note: Remember, you will not be expected to complete the goal-setting process alone! Your manager is a crucial resource to guide you, as well as your mentors. So, make sure to actively engage in conversations about department-wide goals, team-wide goals, and any scorecards or metrics you are required to meet (i.e.: Sales, Emails sent, Provisioned accounts, Open rates, Click-through rates, Sales calls, Quotas, etc) so that you can embed them and follow requirements when it comes time to document.

Step 3: Check in on your Goals… and Often!

Finally, when the hard work is complete and your goals are secured in place (whether this is in an HR site, a word doc, an email to your manager, etc.), it’s time to continuously check in! Many employers will guide their employees through a structured goal-review session on a continued basis (often quarterly), and these are incredibly important to your improvement. Make sure to come to these check-ins with specific questions, ideas, and a readiness to receive feedback. Oftentimes, actively asking for feedback on specific skills or projects will be a key to your success as well as a fantastic framework you’re requesting from your manager through which they can guide you.

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Welcome back, everyone! If you’re like us, and read the Morning Brew, or are in tune with murmurs in the office then you’ve likely heard whispers about many companies returning to in-person required work formats this year. Even more, the Morning Brew documents predictions that after recent events like “last week, Disney CEO Bob Iger told hybrid staff that, starting on March 1, they must return to the office four days a week. Two days later, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced a similar three-day RTO requirement, expressing irritation at internal badge swipe data that revealed employees were not “meeting their minimum promise” regarding hybrid work.

Employees at Vanguard, Paycom, and News Corp have also received recent orders to phase out remote work in the new year. A survey from Resume Builder found that 90% of companies will require a return to the office this year, signaling a shift away from the softly enforced hybrid policies that became popular during the pandemic.”

If you’re someone who’s working fully remotely, hoping to return to your corporate location a few days a week by choice, or is experiencing a company-wide mandate toward hybrid work, this article is for you! Keep reading to find out ways to optimize your new mornings (with an earlier start!) on the way to work.

Let’s…Optimize our Morning Routines!

  • Meditation: Above all, achieving a clear mental space ahead of entering into a work day and its obligations is a key to setting yourself up for professional and personal success. Meditation does not have to look like hard work and can be as simple as 5 minutes of your day! Remember, listing attributes of your life that you’re grateful for, clearing your mind, engaging in breathing, and any other form of mindfulness counts! It’s all about figuring out what works for YOU! We especially encourage you all to try and begin your morning without being glued to your phone or computer screen. It is incredibly important to your daily motivation, attention to detail, and focus, that you embrace the first few moments of your wake-up and keep them sacred to yourself and your own mind…. so clear out the noise from your phone and try setting it aside for at least the first few minutes of your day!
  • Substantial Breakfast: Let’s be honest, we know that when you say you’ve “had breakfast” it often means grabbing a cup of coffee and maybe a banana or granola bar on the way out the door. However, with a few extra minutes in the morning, you can create a breakfast that will fill not only your tummy but your mind with delight. Transforming this component of your morning into one that brings you peace and happiness will change the way you view morning food! We encourage you to make some eggs, avocado toast, an omelet, a fruit bowl with yogurt or oatmeal, granola or cereal, or any other “substantial” meal that will prove more nutritious than before! If this sounds like something you don’t have time for, we encourage you to experiment with breakfast ‘meal prep’ options like overnight oats, breakfast sandwiches, etc.
  • Exercise or Stretching: That’s right, we’re hammering in our encouragement of exercise as we often do. Exercising may look like a morning walk, a short run, an elliptical, a weight online video, a yoga routine, or a stretching sequence! The world of exercise is at our fingertips with just a quick online search, so make sure to incorporate some time for this highly rewarding experience into your morning! Not only with your body prove better off, but you’ll also feel a higher sense of energy and productivity as a result too.
  • Daily Preparation: Finally, allowing yourself to relax and sit down for a few extra moments each morning will help provide you extra time and space to prepare for the day ahead. This may look like a google calendar, a physical planner, a quick sticky-note to-do list, or any other form of “scheduling” – regardless of the form it takes, planning out your day will create a sense of accountability and organization all at once and help you to clarify your daily obligations before the chaos of the day begins.

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Welcome back, everyone! Many of us experienced a break from our regular Mondays yesterday in the form of observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day – we hope you were able to observe and reflect on the holiday, its lessons, and its impact on your daily life. Were you able to give back to the community yesterday as a recognized ‘service day’? If yes, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too! There are many ways to participate in charity, and many were eloquently outlined by theSkimm: see here.

Sneak peek: “If you’ve got time…A little goes a long way. In under an hour, you could assist people who have visual impairments with everyday tasks (think: reading a product label or picking out clothes) through the Be My Eyes app. Or you could write thoughtful letters to residents of assisted living facilities and care homes via Letters Against Isolation. If you have a bit more time, consider organizing an equity challenge for your company or team, preparing and serving meals at your local soup kitchen, pitching in at one of the country’s national parks or monuments, or helping kids and teens with schoolwork and college readiness workshops via Girls Inc. For more volunteer opportunities in your area, search here.” – Thank you to theSkimm for their resources!

Now that we’re back to Monday and jumping into a shortened work week, and potentially condensed timelines to our submissions and due dates, we’re here to get you back on track. Keep reading below to find out how we catch up after a holiday weekend!

Let’s…Jump Back into Work!

  • Hydrate: One of the best ways to stay awake and help your body get back into the swing of a healthy week is to keep yourself hydrated. Keep a water bottle by your desk and try to drink the entire thing multiple times throughout the day; and if you’re worried about forgetting, set reminders on your calendar or mobile phone to do so! There are also a variety of water bottles available everywhere that track time stamps on the side to remind you to keep up through the day.
    • Extra TipIn order to encourage yourself, try forcing yourself to finish a glass of water prior to a morning juice, matcha, or caffeine! That way, your drink of choice will serve as a reward instead of as a starting point for your day.
  • Nutrients! As enticing as it may feel to snack on chips, morning sweets, or any junk food, try to jump-start your week with nutrients instead. Starting off the week with healthy meals will rejuvenate your body and ensure that you are feeling energized and prepared for all obligations. On the same note, we also offer you the tip to bring workout clothes to work, as it may be your key to stepping back into the gym (and will also save the time of having to stop back home).
  • Stay Organized: Making a to-do list, filling out a daily planner or calendar, or even using a sticky note and writing down what you need to complete is proven to help individuals accomplish their daily tasks and goals. This will also keep you organized and decrease your chance of forgetting a meeting or assignment. Make sure to check out the multiple articles we’ve written in the past to learn about certain scheduling strategies that could assist your organization… we recommend starting with ‘time-blocking’!
  • Check-In: With your inbox! Try out a “priority” folder to move all of your most important emails from the weekend into a different space, as we all know how crowded an inbox may be when we take a momentary break. And make sure to keep your team in the know about where your projects or outstanding requests are on their way to completion – while you’re not expected to finish all of your obligations momentarily, you are expected to inform those that rely on your work when they can expect it!
  • Let Yourself Breathe: Finally,… schedule breaks into your day as you would any other obligation! Letting yourself have time to relax is equally as important as completing your work to your mental clarity and ability to maintain motivation.

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Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re hoping to share with you reasons why and ways to take advantage of workforce resources and benefits. When weighing job packages, we constantly remind you all of the importance of valuing aspects of a workplace beyond wages and compensation. Not only does this mean access to healthcare, PTO days, etc., … but it also means those pockets of culture sprinkled into your day-to-day role! Keep reading below to find out about some common workplace resources companies provide to employees so that they can continue bettering themselves each day in and outside of work.

Taking Advantage of ‘Unseen’ Workplace Benefits:

  • LinkedIn Learning: Above all, I penciled this one in as my corporate employer recently introduced a new HR benefit in the form of providing employees access to an enormous variety of LinkedIn Learning courses. While there are undoubtedly free courses (maybe even on LinkedIn!) already available, the library is custom-made to the interests and skills I’ve selected, and available to me at any day and time. Especially for those of us hoping to improve our professional skillset and continue achieving personal growth in 2023, this is a phenomenal way to do so.
    • Extra Tip: There may be other online or in-person courses at your fingertips that you don’t even know about! If your company displays an internal site or application list, make sure to sift through it and identify any ‘unseen’ resources that are paid for and available to you. For example, last year I found out that our company supports enrollment in Amazon Web Services courses that could help us achieve a variety of certifications. There are likely software platforms (like Udemy), introductions, or even consumer reports and libraries stored in your company’s database that you may not even know about. Especially for us Marketers, it’s super important to be aware of consumer-driven platforms through which we can derive consumer insights, behavioral analyses, competitive studies (Comperemedia), and more!
  • Gym and Wellness Access: As our society continues to place immense focus on mental health awareness and the value of work-life balance, as well as wellness, it is likely that your company HR policy might have shifted to include this type of benefit. Check out any opportunities through which your employer may cover the expense of a fitness class, offer a wellness PTO day, provide insurance with access to therapy, or otherwise relieve the costs and encourage wellness activity. Doing so will not only alleviate your personal financial responsibility of ‘self-care’, but might even be the push you needed to take the next step toward improving your mental health!
  • Software Courses and Availability: Similar to LinkedIn learning and other certification courses, make sure you’re staying aware of the technical skills you want to gain out of your experience at a given company or in a role. Software platforms like SQL, Tableau, Access and other basic coding are often paid for and available to an employee of any corporation that uses Microsoft Suite apps! So, take stock of some skills you’re hoping to gain in 2023, and get started with any work downtime that you can find.

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Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you had a lovely weekend and, if you’re in the Midwest like our team is, were able to stay warm and cozy indoors. Almost halfway into January (time in 2023 is already FLYING!), we figured that it is within these few weeks that many of our student followers are arriving at their semester abroad location. Whether that’s the case for you, if you’re traveling abroad for work, or otherwise spending extended time in a foreign country, keep ready below. We’ll walk through what to do when you land, how to optimize your experience, and how to immerse in a new culture!

Let’s… Land Abroad!

Get Your Physical Bearings In-Tact

First and foremost, in order to optimize your safety and experience in any new place, it’s crucial to actually get your bearings. That’s right, pull out a physical or digital map and start with your new living situation – are you in an apartment? A home? A hosted-stay? A dorm room? Whatever that looks like, make sure to identify the neighborhood you’re residing in, your nearest public transportation route and pickup, and proximity to the airport. All of these resources will help you to plan out your schedule, commute to work or school, and ability to navigate the city. We recommend you set aside at least 1 full day to do so without any imminent responsibilities or to-dos. This way, you’ll be able to get your bearings at ease and without trying to meet a deadline. Make sure that when you’re exploring it’s light out, you’re with people you trust, and you can get back to your home if need be (charge your phone and identify transportation resources like Uber or Taxis)!

Embrace the Culture and People!

Next up… embrace your surroundings! This means the culture, the atmosphere, the people, the language, the food, the drinks, the clothing, and more. Remember, you are in a new place, meaning that it’s up to you to figure out how to best thrive in a new community. Learning the native language (at least enough to get around and request basic needs), dressing appropriately, embracing the cuisine, and otherwise showcasing your desire to learn a new way is your key to success. You will be amazed at how willing strangers are to help you when approached the right way! Make sure to say hello on the street, chat when you walk into a store, ask your professors or teachers for pointers, and learn about a new way of life along the way. Make sure that you always remember…asking for help is crucial!! No one expects a foreigner to understand the ins and outs of their city, but asking for input and expressing gratitude for assistance is the best way to obtain the help you need.

Adventure ‘Off the Beaten Path’

We all know that nowadays, no matter where you’re headed around or nowhere near your home… social media is at your fingertips. It’s easier than ever to ‘vet’ out certain restaurants, bars, or general locations by plugging them into any social media outlet and viewing them through your screen. However, while it’s easy to dive into the most touristic attractions, we encourage you to also embrace the unknown and local sweet spots that might be hidden at first glance. By building friendships with locals, learning the language, and asking the right questions, you’re set to identify the most hidden and coveted spots in any environment. Not only are these often the most special and delicious spots at any sight, but they’re a great way to truly dive into a culture to its fullest.

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Welcome back to the blog, friends! Today, we’re here to discuss the opportunities at your fingertips for the 2023 New Year. If you feel like you’re reaching any stagnation in your career, are itching to be granted new responsibilities or opportunities in your role, or are otherwise generally open to personal and professional growth, this blog is for you. Keep reading below to find our top 3 tips for optimizing your career advancement this year!

Engage and Utilize Your Network:

There is no greater resource to help you in advancing your career than your own social and professional networks. These people are there to support you, and may very well provide you with the gateway towards obtaining and discovering new opportunities or promotions. One of the greatest ways to utilize your network is by hosting a professional gathering (maybe even think of it as a party)! Focus on doing so in a casual setting such as a home or restaurant venue so as to keep the atmosphere light and comfortable. Offering appetizers, drinks, or even small activities will help this feel like a fun social outing. To get the most out of these types of events, we encourage you to extend invitations beyond those who you already know! Let those who you have invited invite two or three other people. This way, you will be afforded the opportunity to strengthen and expand your network. 

  • Extra Tip: Joining charities, extracurricular clubs, or other community-oriented organizations in your city is also a phenomenal way to meet like-minded individuals. Make sure to stay involved with young professionals around you to continue gaining and reaching a network of people beyond the scope of your company, role, or industry.

New Skills:

Advancing any aspect of your life often requires extending your level of education and knowledge. In doing so, contemplate your contentment with your current level of intelligence about your general career path, work obligations, title, role, or even education in general. Have you ever thought about obtaining a new certificate or degree? Potentially taking a few new business courses just for fun? Today, there are more resources than ever before (many offered by LinkedIn and Amazon) to extend your knowledge and reach beyond your role… so take advantage of courses and activities you can do even from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re not at a point where you are afforded enough free time to dedicate to education advancement, try purchasing a novel, subscribing to a podcast or newsletter, or even adding your email to a blog list. Utilizing these resources will allow you to maintain engagement about current events within your specific profession and your entire industry.


Do you have a mentor? Someone you look up to guide decisions, career choices, and offer general advice? If not, now is the perfect time to designate someone to fulfill this role! In identifying this person, take time to evaluate people within your workplace and life who you look up to as a positive influence and source of growth. If you’re struggling to identify this person, think about reaching out to people who inspire you in an even more casual setting! Conducting informational interviews, coffee dates, or lunch meet-ups will help you to expand your network and also find people who may end up as your mentor for the duration of your professional career!

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Welcome back in 2023, everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed celebrating our entrance into the New Year. Whether at home, out, with family, with friends, or enjoying some alone time… we hope you’re all refreshed and excited to welcome a new beginning. So, with many of us living in the Midwest and in cold climates, we thought it would be a perfect time to discuss indoor activities and ways to pass the day at home! Keep reading below to find out the best new activity for you.

Spending Time at Home…

  1. New Recipes: Getting back in the kitchen is a great way to fill an afternoon with fun, and a welcome distraction from other necessities and obligations of daily life. Now more than ever, there is an endless number of recipes online relating to all cuisines and diets. So, find a friend, a partner, or a family member, or take on the endeavor by yourself! We also recommend killing two birds with one stone and cooking a recipe large enough to divide into a week’s worth of meals. Doing so not only helps us stay on track toward our health goals, save money from daily grocery shopping or eating out, and save time in the mornings because there are multiple meals ready for you to grab.
  2. Movie Marathon: There is nothing more nostalgic than bundling under a blanket, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, turning off the lights, and cozying up to a movie marathon. Unsurprisingly one of our favorites is Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, but more than just the actual film, it’s a great way to relax with friends, family, roommates, or yourself.
  3. Engage in a Massive Puzzle: If you’re looking for some brain stimulation, this one’s for you! Getting a hold of a thousand-piece puzzle will keep you occupied for days or weeks to come.
  4. Try out a New Craft: Whether painting, coloring by number, using clay, creating DIY jewelry, or even face painting, channeling your inner creativity is a great way to fill a day and also in a way that you’ve likely not engaged in any time recently.
  5. Get into Reading: Not only an amazing outlet for continuously learning and building vocabulary but a great way to escape from the daily stressors of life and instead dive into a world of fiction OR non-fiction! And even better, many public libraries are free for rental and use which creates a super cost-effective hobby and outlet for endless individuals.
  6. Self-Care Day: And of course, what’s a true weekend without a bit of self-care? Stocking up on some face masks, painting your nails, making a cup of coffee, or engaging in any activity completed intended for your own care is encouraged and recommended.

Last Tip: Get Comfortable Being Alone!

Overall, while many of these activities can be completed with a group of friends, family, significant others, and other people in general, we want to emphasize the importance and value of being happy and spending time with yourself. It’s true in life that many of us will likely experiment with living on our own or trying individual endeavors… and this should be a time we enjoy. So, find pockets of activities that bring you happiness and indulge yourself in them on a consistent basis to slowly build up a genuine and sustainable sense of independence and confidence.

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Welcome back to the FINAL blog of 2022! We can’t believe that we blinked an eye and yet another yet is under our belts. We are so proud of the positions we’ve placed, candidates we’ve met, and followers we’ve connected with throughout this year. If it weren’t for each and every one of you, we wouldn’t be able to do the thing we know and love best… recruit for new positions! That being said, many of you likely have career goals and dreams for the upcoming year. If any of this sounds like you, and you don’t know where to start, keep reading below to find out how WE manifest our goals as we enter into 2023…

Google defines manifestation as, “an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.”

… but we call this documentation and speaking your goals out loud for the universe to hear! There are several manifestation outlines you can fill in online, or you can simply speak these thoughts out loud in a form not too far from meditation to verbally document your hopes for the future. It is “proven” (this, we are not 100% sure of), that putting these thoughts into the world will help you bring them to fruition, so why not give it a chance?

Today, we’re here to expand on this idea and teach you about different strategies that will help you manifest goals and affirmations into the New Year:

Let’s Chat… Manifesting Goals!

  • Verbal Affirmation: The most common method of manifesting your goals and hopes for the future is by speaking them into the Universe! There are many famous manifestation quotes that millions of people use to affirm their days on a daily basis; we encourage you to identify a frequency that best fits your schedule. Repeat your mantras and one day you’ll be surprised by how naturally they come to you when you open the idea up to the Universe to hear. Remember that repetition causes habit, so the more you repeat this process (as well as the number of times you repeat the goal!), the better you are at bringing it to life.
  • Transcribe: If the idea of repeating a phrase into the mirror to essentially speak to yourself sounds funny, then instead of writing down manifestation is a perfect strategy for your needs. And, make it fun! Treat yourself to a trendy journal, a notepad, or a physical place for writing that will promote the behavior and make it an activity to look forward to.
  • Mood Boards: Another topic we’ve referenced is creating mood boards! If you are more of a visual learner or find yourself more inspired by images, then creating a visual board of your goals is a perfect means of manifesting. Grab your favorite magazine, scroll through Pinterest, or even draw your own images!
  • Act like the person you want to Achieve: This might sound silly, but let’s use an example to help you envision what we mean. Envision this, your goal is to ‘become a better presenter at work.’ So, what would someone who is GREAT at giving presentations do? How would they dress? How would they walk into the office?  How often would they practice? Who would they go to for feedback and continuous notes of improvement? Embodying the actions of the person you’re seeking to become is a kickstart to making that person (yourself) a reality. So, talk your talk, and make sure to WALK your WALK!

We are so excited to help you find new positions, reach your goals, and follow your career dreams in the New Year and will see you then! Happy 2022! Searching for a new position? Check out our open jobs list!

Welcome back, everyone! Merry (Belated) Christmas, Happy (Belated) Hannukah, and happy holidays to all those celebrating throughout this month and next. As we quickly approach the new year, we thought we would leave a PSA for our students gearing up for their study abroad semester. Read below for our best preparation and travel tips to ensure you kick off the trip as smooth as possible!

What is ‘Study Abroad’?

At many Universities, colleges will partner with international Universities across the world. Mainly in Europe, programs are often offered on many different continents: South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to name a few. So, if you’re someone who is interested in travel, has planned ahead for your course requirements, is pursuing a language degree, or is otherwise looking to take advantage of this unique opportunity… studying abroad sounds like a great fit for you!

  • Extra Tip: Make sure to attend study abroad fairs to learn about program options, connect with your advisor so as to ensure you’re staying on track toward your degree, and evaluate the costs of the program as they relate to your ‘typical’ semester tuition, daily expenses, transportation, etc.

Leaving Home…

The most obvious “first step” of studying abroad is leaving home! Whether this means you’ll be traveling to a new University, state, or an entirely new country, step one will always be the same. So, how do you start?!

  1. Check out online packing lists: One of the best resources we have is Google! Online, there are a plethora of packing lists to help students plan to study abroad, as well as embark on their weekend excursions. One of my favorite blogs is written by Margot Lee: How to Pack for Study Abroad and Packing List! Always remember, pack light! You will likely pick up a few souvenirs and new pieces of clothing during your time abroad, so make sure to only pack essential items and leave room for some fun, new purchases.
  2. Come prepared: It may seem more obvious than not, but preparation is your key to success. This may mean buying a new phone plan, adapters, extra locks or a safe, or even a notebook and a few school supplies… whatever you choose, keep an extra eye out for things that may be harder to locate in a new environment.

Life as a Student…

  1. Be outgoing! It may be easier said than done, but if I learned one thing from my semester in Spain, it is that they are home to some of the kindest, most caring people on the planet. And even more, those people are willing to help, engage, and build relationships with you! You might find your greatest success when stepping outside of your comfort zone, so always make sure to be friendly to new faces and say hello.
  2. Plan ahead and schedule routes: In any new environment, the most overwhelming component comes from feeling, quite literally, lost. However, we are super lucky that through almost any form of technology, we can access Google maps or other resources to help us get from point A to point B. Especially during your first few days, make sure to plan ahead and look into your routes to class, back to your home, on the train or bus, etc., to avoid being late or feeling anxious.
  3. Take stock of your resources: Regarding program managers, professors, online teaching platforms, or software (like Canvas), take advantage of all forms of aid that you are provided. Many programs even offer weekend or weeknight activities, trips, or excursions – this is a great way to get to know the staff, your environment, your peers, and local residents.

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Welcome back to the blog, everyone! And with this… we are almost fully immersed in the Holiday season. With Christmas Eve and Morning right around the corner, we hope that many of you have already reached an opportunity to unplug, squeeze in some final PTO, and begin resting and relaxing to refresh for the New Year.

We encourage you to take a few extra moments to read below on our Part 2 of budgeting… how do you execute? What platforms or programs should you use? Find out everything you need to know, here!

Helpful Budgeting Strategies for Execution:

  • Applications: There are several budgeting applications available to you on your smartphone. These will help guide your budget plan and track your expenses. Use them!
    • According to Nerd Wallet:
      1. Mint
      2. PocketGuard
      3. Honeydue
      4. Fudget
      5. These are all great resources and places to start! However, if you would rather develop your own plan, there are also many guides to help you form your own excel sheet through which to customize your budgeting strategy. Everything about budgeting is super personal to your own preferences, so make sure to find the route that first your finances best.
  • Bank: Many bank accounts will allow you to set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account on a monthly basis. Set an amount of money, and begin automatically transferring it to your savings account each month. The money will add up rapidly without any effort from your end required! One of our key tips for budgeting is to minimize the manual work you have to do on a daily basis. So, setting up automatic payments on credit cards, transfers to saving or investment accounts, or otherwise automating your finances is one crucial component of success.
  • Update: Keep up with your budget! Your priorities will change from time to time, and accounting for these changes in expenses is super important. We encourage you to re-evaluate your budget based on compensation, activities, expense shifts, or lifestyle changes at least once or twice a year to make sure you are staying on top of shifts in your spending!
  • Utilize a Financial Planner: While this may not yet fit in your expense budget, financial planners are also great partners in assisting their clients with planning their financial goals and budgeting lifestyle. Think of it this way, if this is something that you cannot currently afford with your disposable income… this might be a great first savings goal! Try putting aside enough money, to add up to the cost of a financial planning session as an initial saving goal – not only will doing so alleviate the work you put into creating the budget but will also help you to learn strategies you might not have known before.

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Welcome back from the weekend, everyone! Today, we hope to provide you with a morning resource to jumpstart your day, your week, and work productivity. So, if you’re looking for the extra kick that will allow you to reach your maximum motivation and potential, keep reading below to find out.

Why Clear Our Minds?

Clearing your mind will not only allow you to flush out the madness and distracted thoughts but will help you to reach maximum productivity during the work hours of the day. Think about it this way: how much time do you spend in one morning planning your day? Assigning tasks? Digesting your email inbox (if it fills up like ours seems to do each time we log on!)? If you could resolve the time you spent deciphering all of this each day, wouldn’t you? Find out our favorite ways to do so below…

Let’s… Clear Our Minds!

  • Plan Ahead! Above all else, setting your future self up for success requires a bit of preparation. While it shouldn’t take up more than a half hour or hour of your day, we encourage you to try planning ahead for your week on a Sunday night or otherwise outside of work hours. Jotting down personal errands, top work assignments, due dates, and goals that don’t relate to submissions (like exercise, activities, or even going on dates), will allow you to begin compartmentalizing what each day of the following week will look like. Once you have segmented these ideas and written them down on a piece of paper, we encourage you to start assigning general days to each activity.
    • Extra Tip: Time batch! We encourage you to try and block out times to execute so as to avoid sprinkling in errands and distracting from your work throughout the week. For example, if you have a doctor’s appointment, prescription pickup, and groceries to accomplish this week – schedule them all within the same afternoon so that you don’t have to go out 3 separate times.
  • Exercise in the Morning: We know that you might be craving that extra 30 minutes or hour of sleep, however, we encourage you to try a morning workout at least one time this week. Getting your body and mind moving before you sit down for 8 hours each day will undoubtedly wake you up and help you to sort out some madness.
    • Extra Tip: Even if you live in colder climates like many of us, identifying your nearest walking track, indoor gym, or even mall to walk around is a great place to get in your daily steps. Not every workout needs to look like crazy cardio or HITT with blaring music … simply moving your body is enough to get your mind right!
  • Nourish your Body (and therefore… your mind!): Especially for those of you trying out an AM workout, always make sure to nourish your body before entering your workday. Whether you WFH or commute into an office, nourishing your body and providing your mind with fuel with which to address daily obligations is a crucial way to reach success.
    • Breakfast Ideas: Yogurt, smoothie, protein shake, protein bar, eggs, toast, avocado toast, fruit, bacon, sausage, breakfast sandwich, bagel… the list goes on!
  • Pick 3 Priorities: Finally, a topic we’ve addressed many times throughout our blog lifecycle is the value of addressing priorities. It’s easy to feel like you can accomplish all of the work tasks that pile up each day, but the reality is that it may result in accomplishing quantity over quality. Instead, choose your top 3 priorities of the day and work to complete those to the best of your ability. Whether this is clearing an inbox, completing a project, practicing a presentation with a manager, or scheduling your meetings for the week… pick and choose so that you are effective and intentional.

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Welcome back to the blog, everyone! Today, we wanted to regroup on the topic of budgeting ahead of entering the new year. As many of you have likely felt, budgeting is a crucial component of a post-graduation lifestyle as well as a means of setting yourself up for future success. Whether budgeting allows you to make a big purchase, stay on top of paychecks and rent, or otherwise incorporate savings into your goals, budgeting is a tool to help you achieve it!

Let’s Chat…Budgeting:

  • Prioritize: Before you can figure out and customize your budgeting strategy, you must evaluate what activities, hobbies, or materialistic components of your lifestyle are most important to you. This may look like a monthly gym membership expense, eating at restaurants, or a certain amount of money you are willing to spend on new clothing/ accessories. Whatever it is, make a list of your ‘non-negotiables’.
  • Plan: To begin planning out a budget, write down your goal for setting aside a certain amount of money each month. With a written goal, you will have a concrete number to designate success and work up to. Additionally, write down your income for each month. Include your job salary and any other work obligations (for college students this may include babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting, or any other part-time roles that bring in extra money).
  • Create: With a plan in mind and a list of priorities set, you are ready to begin budgeting! When listing out monthly expenses, differentiate those expenses which are fixed (ie: rent, student loans, car payments) from expenses that differ on a monthly basis.
    • Extra Tip: Be Realistic! If you are dining out 2-3 times a week, leave a larger budget for that category. However, you must begin to consider sacrificing other expenses in order to be able to save money at the end of the month; think about cutting back on other ‘wants’, like money you may spend on home decorating, clothing, or other “elective” expenses.
    • Extra Tip: Use Past Expenses! To get an idea of where your money is spent each month, utilize a past credit card bill, or create a document of all your expenses for any given month. That way, when the next month begins, you will have an accurate picture of how you spend your money and your estimates will be based on facts instead of assumptions.
    • Extra Tip: Categorize! Make a list of all expenses. Consider each category you spend money on. When budgeting, be aware of grocery costs, clothing costs, “fun” costs, drink prices, laundry costs, gym/exercise costs, etc. Never overlook expenses just because they are necessary, include everything in your budget plan.
  • Consider:  Be aware of times during the year when expenses naturally increase. These expenses may include birthday presents, holidays, vacations, tax months, wedding presents, etc. Set aside enough money to utilize during the year instead of having to dig into your income each time you encounter one of these payments.

Keep an eye out next week for tips on how to execute budgeting through certain platforms and programs!

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Welcome back, everyone! In the holiday and New Year anticipation as well as spirit, we thought it would be a perfect time to provide you with reasoning to support a positive entrance into the New Year. That’s right, let’s rally together and recap all of our positives as we enter 2023…

Let’s Run through 2023 Positive Pointers…

  • Building Connections Online and In-Person: While many of our interactions and conversations have been executed through screens, we are incredibly impressed by the way in which each of you, our candidates, and our employees have embraced this new form of communication and created a new normal. It is phenomenal to review the ways in which our U.S. workforce has come together under the idea of embracing technology to not only maintain but build connections amongst one another and our loved ones (a special thank you to Zoom!). However, let’s also recognize our return to in-person work! 2022 marked, for many of us, the first ‘permanent’ return to hybrid or full-time in-person work since before the Pandemic. This means that not only are we returning to our ‘work normal’, but are also now afforded the opportunity to look for roles that are in-person, hybrid, or fully remote! Never before have candidates and employees had such autonomy over their daily roles and lives – so take advantage of the format that works best for you!
  • Saved Commute: Working from home periodically, in a hybrid format, or fully remotely has allowed professionals of all industries the reprieve of extra sleep, relaxation, and the comfort of their own homes. So, although it may be easy to become fatigued by the repetition and environment of your home, it allows you to skip a lengthy commute and pack in a few chores or errands along the way.
  • Gratitude and Mindfulness: As we adapt to an ever-changing world dynamic and different challenges that face our society on a daily basis, it has never been more evident that practicing gratitude and mindfulness are essential components of strong mental health and fulfillment. We have been tasked with some of the greatest challenges of our lives, but reminded of the value of those we love, the comfort of our homes, our own health, and the hopeful health of those around us!
    • Extra Tip: Although it may sound cliche, the New Year is a notorious opportunity for you to re-evaluate your personal health and incorporate a fitness routine. Let 2023 be your year to maximize your personal fitness, mental health, nutritional intake, career trajectory, and more!
  • Let’s Stay Positive: Above all, staying positive has proven key to the course of our years! While it may feel easy to get knocked down by the struggles posed by the pandemic and economy, remaining calm, and grateful for those aspects of life that provide you fulfillment and happiness will prove the key to pushing forward to the future.
    • Extra Tip: Always take time for yourself! Whether this means scheduling in blocks during your workday, carving out solo activities during the weekend, or otherwise practicing ‘self-care’, doing so is an amazing strategy to clear your mind and maintain a positive outlook.

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Welcome back, everyone! I am so excited to regroup on a concept that we love to remind you of each holiday season. Something that’s close to home and contributes to a huge amount of our success at Esquire is…our clients!

Do you have to reach out to clients during the holiday season? If the answer is ‘Yes!’, Personal touches like the below can make or break professional relationships and also help you to stand out as a lifetime partner. Just like you would from a boss or teammate, clients take note of those who reach out and store that information away for later, so be sure to follow these three tips.

Let’s Thank our Clients and Partners!

  • Get Ahead and Prepare: Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or any other holiday, make sure to plan out your approach in advance! Don’t cut it too close to Christmas day or do anything to jeopardize the delivery of a letter, note, gift, or anything that travels by mail. Sending thanks early is also important as it will allow you to get ahead of and potentially avoid windows during which many employees or the company are on holiday leave or PTO. Be sure to think about your industry and when reaching out will be most beneficial to each client at hand!
  • Cover all of Your Bases: We strongly encourage that you take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to gifting. Whether you have legal or HR considerations and limitations on what you can gift to external clients, or generally have different relationships across partners, it’s important to avoid playing favorites or showcasing disproportionate appreciation. Before sending out your thanks or gifts, make sure to run through the variety of projects, partnerships, deals, and other interactions you’ve played a part in throughout the whole year to make sure you’re accounting for everyone at hand!
    • Extra Gift Ideas: Flowers, chocolates, custom cups, hand-written notes, nice soap or lotion for the office, a succulent, anything to do with coffee and caffeinating in the AM, or any other useful resource for an in-office setting.
  • Be Personal! When able, we strongly encourage you to try and be as personal as possible in your gifting process. If you have a long-lasting relationship with a client, know that they enjoy certain trinkets or things that are giftable, have mentioned continuous interests in your conversations, or have otherwise alluded to things that bring them happiness… provide it! It sounds obvious, but taking small notes throughout the year during conversations to track certain ideas that will help you gift in the holiday season is a great way to get ahead of planning and provide yourself with ease when the time to gift comes.
  • Maintain Relationships: Above all, make sure this isn’t the only time you reach out each year! If someone is your client, it’s likely that your relationship is a 2-way street. For that reason, make sure to show that you care throughout the year by checking in, setting up catch-up connects, and otherwise perpetuating the relationship on both a professional and lightly personal level.

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Welcome back, everyone! Today, we wanted to regroup on a topic that we often refer to and find especially helpful as 2022 comes to a close. If you’ve never heard of SMART goals, are looking to re-adjust your intentions for the upcoming year, or are otherwise interested in general self-improvement, make sure to keep reading below.

SMART Goal Definition…

And synonyms.

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic, resourced, results-based).
  • Timely (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive). (from “MindTools”).

SMART Goal Application…

So, let’s start off with grabbing your closest notebook, planner, Google document, or another form of paper and writing down some New Year-focused goals. Are you focusing on your health? If so, maybe stating the number of times you plan to go to the gym, for a set amount of time to build muscle and achieve an increase in weights used is an excellent place to start. Suppose you’re seeking a job promotion in the next few months. In that case, setting a goal to spend x amount of minutes extra completing additional work, asking for feedback x amount of times per week, or aiming to achieve the placement in 6 months are measurable ways to hold your goal accountable! One last example, if your priority for the year is to find a new position, network with x amount of new people per week, engage in x amount of coffee chats or informational interviews, or otherwise work to apply to x amount of jobs per week to achieve a new position by x date are great ways to start compiling a timeline to keep up with.

In addition, many corporations house HR-related software programs in which employees input goals that they can track and be measured against throughout the year. If this is you, make sure to reassess your goals in any platform related to your work before the year wraps. Are certain projects or skills no longer applicable? If that’s the case, opening up a dialogue with your leadership or manager is a great way to realign with your interests as well as job expectations.

The most important aspect of goal creation is that it is a unique and individual journey for any person. Your goals will not be the same as the person next to you, last year or next year.. and that’s okay! Creating and transcribing your goals at the beginning of this year is a great way to map out your next few months, create a measure of accountability, and get excited about what’s to come.

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Welcome back to the blog, everyone! Today, we wanted to explore a super fun topic and introduce you to the happenings in Chicago during the holiday season. If you live in this beautiful city like many of our team members, you may already know that there are a variety of activities and areas to explore during December and the holiday time. If you’re looking to take a trip, right now might be the perfect time! No matter where you live, keep reading below to find out all of the opportunities right at your fingertips.

Let’s…Celebrate the Holidays!

  1. Zoo Lights: Tickets to ZooLights are $5 nightly from Tuesday through Sunday. Explore one of the most iconic holiday spots in the city’s history at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Lincoln Park, Chicago. With a minimal payment, you’ll have access to the entire zoo light track in the park and can stroll for as long as you please. This is an awesome activity for those with young children, our post-grads looking for an inexpensive way to spend a night, or even a first date. Make sure to dress warm and indulge in some hot cocoa as you make your way through!
  2. Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon: Another awesome activity for those with children, looking to spend an afternoon with friends, or navigating a large group; Maggie Daley Park offers an $18 dollar walk-up fee to enjoy skating. We recommend doing so on a sunny day and with some friends… it’s a blast! Especially for those of you who live on the North side of Chicago, the park is an awesome way to make a trip downtown and enjoy the holiday lights and high rises that surround it.
  3. Walk along Michigan Avenue: A free activity! Michigan Avenue is home to dozens of beautiful shopping stores, holiday lights, Christmas Trees, and the infamous Starbucks Reserve. Make sure to take a trip down and spend an afternoon walking along the streets of ‘Streeterville’ to enjoy all it has to offer. Not only is Michigan Ave. a great place to shop, but it also offers an enormous variety of delicious lunch and drinks stops along the way.
  4. Chicago’s 26th Annual Santa/Xmas Crawl: For those of you familiar with Wrigleyville, we encourage you to spend a day or night on Clark Street near the Ballpark. Many bars transform into Holiday extravaganzas, even displaying an entirely new drink menu themed with holiday treats. Wrigleyville is even hosting its 26th annual Xmas crawl soon! Make sure to grab a ticket and join.
  5. Christkindl Market: Finally, another iconic staple of Chicago’s holiday season is the Christkindl Market. With a relatively new location in Wrigleyville and a historic site in River North, Chicago’s own Christmas market displays several trinket shops, drinks, and German treats. We highly encourage you to find a time to stop by this market… you’re sure to feel like you’ve been transported to Europe!

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Welcome back from the Thanksgiving weekend and holiday week everyone! We are excited to be back and, with that being said, are assuming that many of us woke up with a bit of a grudge about getting back into a normal routine. Especially as the holiday season nears, it’s more likely than not that many of us will be taking PTO, going on vacation, and otherwise ‘unplugging’ from work for extended periods of time. How do you hop back into a routine amidst the madness? Find out below!

Let’s … Hop Back into Work Routines!

  • Set a Routine: The reason why many of us feel that we’ve fallen off track after long breaks is because we are situated outside of a regular routine, leaving ample time for a lot of blank space and downtime. For that reason, make sure to sit down on the Sunday prior to your return to work or school and set a weekly routine so as to implement specific time periods for catch-up and worktime. Routines and schedules are also a fantastic measure of holding yourself accountable for your responsibilities!
  • Early Wake-Ups: We know this isn’t ideal, and many of us dread that 7:00 AM wakeup call. However, in the week or so (usually a time period equivalent to your break) following Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July, etc., it will prove immensely valuable to your schedule to take back an hour of the day that you may regularly use for sleep. You’ll be surprised at your body’s ability to work hard and function even on a lower quantity of sleep over temporary time periods; this could be an especially great resource for catching up.
  • Try Out a New Atmosphere: Just as it is easy to fall out of routine when you return home or to a place outside of your regular environment, it is just as easy to get all too comfortable in a place over time. Whether this be a coffee shop, your room, a specific library or classroom, or any study space that you’ve found, it’s almost subconscious that we start to become less focused and more comfortable in a repetitive space. For that reason, we encourage you to at least try out a new space one-time post-break and test your productivity. Sometimes all it takes is a new atmosphere to stimulate work and motivation!
  • Maintain Open Communication: With your teammates, management, and overall leadership. If you are behind on a due date, falling on a project timeline, or on track to deliver materials to someone else (that’s depending on you!) at a later date than anticipated, it’s crucial to confront those conversations ASAP. Setting expectations and an open line of communication is your key to success and being a valued, honest teammate.
  • Forgive Yourself: One last tip… always make sure to be easy on yourself after a break! There is no reason to ever regret the time you spent with loved ones or the extra sleep you caught upon. It was deserved and it was enjoyable! Allow yourself breaks and make sure to get enough sleep still so as to maintain productivity.

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Welcome back and Happy Early Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, we wanted to leave you with our annual reminder of the value of being actively grateful and a variety of ways to show it. Keep reading to find out how to show your loved ones that you care this week and throughout the entire holiday season.

Let’s…Show Gratitude!

  • Remind Someone That You Care! There’s no greater way to express gratitude than by telling someone, in person, that you appreciate all that they do for you. In the midst of the digital age, it’s easy to thank people through emails, text, or even phone calls, but one of our most valued ways to express gratitude is in person.
  • Suprise a Coworker with Coffee: It is far too often that we forget the importance of those that surround us each day. And where do we spend most of our time? That’s right! Work. Make a coworker’s day by simply surprising them with a cup of coffee, grabbing an extra breakfast treat, bringing in donuts for the team, or otherwise providing a ‘surprise and delight when no one else expects it.
  • Instead of Spring Clean… Fall Clean and Donate: As Midwesterners, we know the severity that comes with the coldest holiday months. Take a day to clean through your closet, and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year! It’s so easy to overlook our surplus of clothing in our closet, and especially the items tucked away in corners that are left forgotten. This week, we encourage you to evaluate what you really need, and what you’re hanging onto that may no longer be providing value. Whether this means collecting no longer worn clothing and donating to a local charity or even handing out a jacket to someone you pass by in need, your impact could change and even save a life.
  • Pay for the Person Behind You: The next time you find yourself at a coffee or sandwich shop, double your bill for the person behind. With such a surprise and an act of kindness, you are guaranteed to make that person’s day!
  • Clear Your Schedule for Someone Special: This may be a parent, spouse, child, close friend, or even a mentor. Regardless of the relationship, find a day to completely clear your schedule on their behalf. Bring them their favorite food, dessert, or movie, plan a fun night in or out, or even take them to a favorite spot in town. Whatever it may be, there is no better way to express gratitude than to show someone that they’re your priority.
  • Volunteer: There is an endless number of ways to volunteer no matter where you live or who you are. Find a local food pantry, toy-wrapping event, charity, or any other volunteer opportunity that piques your interest. In the next month, find a day or afternoon’s worth of time to spend giving back to those in need.
  • Leave an Extra Tip: Especially in places where the bill doesn’t run too high, leave a tip higher than you regularly would! We can guarantee you that your extra note of gratitude will go a very long way.
  • Give Someone an Extra Compliment: About their work, their personality, their appearance, or anything you admire!
  • Schedule a Day for You! Self-indulge
  • Buy Someone Flowers or Chocolates

Offer Help!

Finally, and especially for those college and post-grad students returning home for a hearty Thanksgiving meal, offer your help! Whether this is to your parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or whoever is preparing for the big day, offering to provide help so that they aren’t doing the heavy lifting alone is the perfect way to display that you’re grateful for their hard work. No matter if you had a cozy night in or spent tonight downtown, get yourself up and out of bed tomorrow morning so that you can fully participate and contribute to the Thanksgiving celebration.

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