It is no doubt that being likable is the first step towards becoming an attractive teammate and cultivating relationships. In the business world, relationships are one of your key tools useful for attaining a successful career and for achieving promotions. So, what are managers looking for or consider the best qualities in employees? Keep reading to find out!

Top Employee Traits…

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating the ability to be able to understand, analyze, and observe the behaviors of those who surround you both in your office and personal life will aid you immensely in catering to people’s needs. Doing so will allow you to be the best “audience member” you can be, and, therefore, will attract others to you. People love to be understood, as it helps save themselves the time it takes to explain how they are feeling! Think about it, how much faster could you complete projects if you could anticipate people’s reactions?
  2. Interest in Conversation: It is crucial to help others feel valued, and it is super easy to do so! Especially in conversations, always make sure that you are maintaining eye contact, holding an enthusiastic and kind tone, and expressing friendly, warm body language. Additionally, express curiosity and interest by asking questions or clarifying points throughout the conversation!
  3. Open Mind: Those who are open-minded are sure to develop higher-quality relationships with their coworkers and leadership. Helping others feel safe in their work environments, without the fear of judgment, will allow you and everyone around you to be able to express yourselves and reach your greatest creative potential! Although an idea may seem funky at first, it may very well become your finishing product.
  4. Respect! No matter how you may disagree, always make sure to maintain a notable level of respect with anyone you encounter. There are several effective, appropriate mechanisms for handling disagreements or debates, and there is no reason to ever resort to a disrespectful demeanor. Showcasing consistent respect for others will elevate how attractive you are to work with and be around, causing you to become more likable!
  5. Patience and Composure: As we’ve stated in the past, you will undoubtedly encounter frustration at work. However, you must maintain composure and an appropriate attitude. Not only will this show others that you are capable of overcoming challenges, but it will help yourself portray one of your greatest qualities, your coping skills! Someone who can maintain composure when faced with adversity is a strong leader.
  6. Stay True to Yourself, and Do the Right Thing! We hope it goes without saying that breaking the rules or finding loopholes in order to achieve success will only come back to hurt you. However, there are many other ways to always do the right thing. Whether this means returning back a coffee to someone you “owe,” taking someone out to lunch, congratulating others, giving credit where it is due, owning up to your mistakes, or maintaining honesty even in difficult situations, enforcing these actions will allow you to flourish among others.

Exemplifying these qualities will help you to build and attain endless amounts of valuable relationships and reach high levels of success!

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Happy Monday! As we continue to become more comfortable in the virtual format of working, it’s important to remember the essential piece of performance: feedback. Yes, the topic that looms over each of our minds when we hop on frequent calls with our managers… how can I ask for feedback? Is this the right time? Am I asking in the right way? Well, today, we’re here to solve those problems for you! Learn how to adapt asking for feedback to the virtual format by reading below…

Virtual Feedback Conversations…

  • Plan Ahead: And by this, we don’t mean 30 minutes prior to your touch base meetings. Whether you set a weekly, monthly, or even daily cadence regarding your unique feedback loop, make sure to have a plan set in place so that you don’t get flustered when the times comes. By having a consistent rhythm with your manager, you’re set to have much more fluid, candid, and comfortable conversations on a much more consistent basis.
  • Target Specific Attributes: Whether this being specific projects, deliverables, skill sets, professional qualities, communication strategies, or any component of your job role, make sure that you guide the conversation in a meaningful way so that you don’t cloud the message by opening up too wide of an umbrella. This will also allow your manager to target specific pieces of your work so that you can drive measurable and visible change based on their recommendations.
  • Be Receptive: It’s easy to tell when someone is “listening” without really listening – managers can do the same! So, when you ask for feedback, make sure that you’re actively listening throughout the entire conversation, and following up with questions or points of clarification that relate specifically to what your manager spoke to. By exemplifying true value in what they’re saying and proactively listening, your manager will feel more inclined to mirror your effort with reciprocal feedback and a greater sense of appreciation for taking the time to do so.
  • Say Thank You: While you should always thank someone else for taking the time to engage with you no matter what the topic, it’s especially important to thank your manager for feedback and not express any animosity depending on the result. Getting constructive criticism is a part of life, and a vital skill to success is being able to channel those types of messages with action and appreciation.

Feedback is an essential component of every individual’s career. For that reason, it’s crucial to nail down your feedback loop as soon as possible in every position you pursue. Get started today!

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One of the topics we’ve continued to revisit throughout the summer and virtual work-life is the importance of setting boundaries. Now that we are spending most of our work and leisure time in the comfort of our homes, it’s even to feel like the line between working and not-working is blurred, or an innate sense of guilt for not being on call at all times. However, it is essential to living a balanced lifestyle that you learn to unplug from work and technology! Learn how to do so as we enter the weekend here…

Relaxing on the Weekend…

  • Set Boundaries in Advance: In order to truly achieve the goal of unplugging, it’s crucial to set yourself up for success by creating boundaries in advance. Whether this means a time of day, a specific day in the week or a limited number of times checked, set a restriction for yourself to follow regarding your work and technology. Implementing these subtle goals will provide you a sense of achievement and “rule” to stay accountable by.
  • Make Plans! If you feel the same way as I do, that creeping feeling that settles in that you should be doing “more” occurs when I’m lying in bed and unoccupied. For that reason, try to occupy yourself over the weekend by creating a schedule or set of plans to take action through. While the COVID pandemic will undoubtedly create a shift in how our usual plans may look, there are still many things and ways to find fun during this time. Try out a picnic, in-home date night, movie night, art project, workout class, or other do-it-yourself activities to stay engaged outside of technology!
  • Maintain Open Communication With Your Team: If a sense of guilt is taking over your mind, it may be a result of a difference between operating standards within your team or organization. Remember, just because your coworker or manager may stay online through all hours of the night does not mean that you must! Having an open communication plan where you let your manager know when you will and will not be reachable by mail or whatever it may be will relieve your sense of uncertainty and therefore need to stay in contact at all times.

We hope that, above all, you remember the importance of working to live instead of living to work! Whether we are in the office or at home, finding a work-life balance is your key to maintaining motivation and a desire to be productive. So, relax and restore this weekend!

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Especially after a summer weekend, we’ve all felt the back to work slump that comes with Monday mornings. However, today we’re here to introduce you to strategies that will provide you with the tools to start your week off right and achieve your most productive self. Keep reading to find out…

Productive Monday Habits…

  • Hydrate – One of the best ways to help your body get back into the swing of a healthy week is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Keep a water bottle by your desk and set goals throughout the day to keep yourself accountable – you may even try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder!
    • Extra tip – Many nutritionists recommend drinking apple cider vinegar after an indulgent weekend… give it a try!
  • Healthy Fuel –  Starting your Monday with a healthy breakfast will rejuvenate your body and ensure that you are feeling energized and prepared for the week’s obligations. Whether this means a cup of tea, a bowl of fruit, a plate of eggs, or any source of nutrients, charging your metabolism in the morning is key to a fueled workday.
  • Workout – Working out is a guaranteed bonus to your day, and also a great way to set the tone for the rest of your week. If getting to the gym or in-home workout space proves your greatest challenge, try changing into workout clothes towards the end of your workday to ease the transition.
  • Organize! – Making a to-do list, filling out a daily planner or calendar, or even using a sticky note and writing down what you need to complete is proven to help individuals accomplish their daily tasks and goals. This will also keep you organized and decrease your chance of forgetting a meeting or assignment.
  • Check-In – If you don’t check your work email on the weekends, make sure to get that sorted out too. Try creating a “priority” folder to move all of your most important emails from the weekend into. That way, you will at least be able to get back to your most important messages, even if you are unable to reach all of your emails in one day.
  • Let Yourself Breathe – Schedule breaks into your day as you would any other obligation. Letting yourself have time to relax is equally as important as completing your work.

Remember, if you’re feeling “off” at the start of a Monday, you’re not alone! However, the action you take to relieve a lack of motivation and stimulate your workday will shape and shift the course of your productivity. So, get started on these steps today!

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Hello everyone! I hope this Monday finds you each healthy and refreshed from the weekend. Today, I’m hoping to share a candid recount of my experience as a “virtual intern” this summer. I can’t believe that we are already past the halfway mark, but if you’re interested to hear what it’s like to be a newbie at a company who works 100% of the time through a screen… this article is for you. Keep reading to find out if I’ve enjoyed my experience!

Virtual Internship Reflection…

Morning Motivation

I’m sure this part is pretty intuitive, but waking up in the morning only to transfer a few feet over to my work station has definitely put a damper on the excitement of getting to the office. For that reason, I’ve found that coffee is my greatest asset to virtual success. Creating a morning routine that serves as a motivator, in this sense of walking to my kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, has created the level of structure and routine necessary for me to start my day. By also forcing myself to get dressed and presentable for a true day in the office helps me to mimic what an in-person experience would have been like.

Virtual Personality

More now than ever before, it’s crucial to be able to portray your personality in virtual meetings and interactions. Although you are not granted the same ease as in-person conversations, maintaining a smile, positive tone, and enthusiastic body language will help you to showcase your best traits. I also find that making sure my video camera is on as often as possible has helped my conversations feel more fluid and natural.

Channeling Discomfort

It’s ok to feel awkward or uncomfortable in virtual situations! After all, this is most of our first go in an online format, and we all have a ton to learn before becoming acclimated to this new way of working. By allowing myself to channel discomfort into positive vulnerability, I have reached greater success. What I mean by this is that although it may be out of the ordinary to chat another intern for a one on one, meet a manager through a screen, or initiate coffee chats with employees across the business, following through with those types of actions will allow you to become integrated into your company culture while making your mark in the temporary time period of an internship.


While the company you work for will undoubtedly play a huge role in your fulfillment, the actions that you take, and your own personal and professional productivity will shape your true longevity with a company. So, sticking by the idea of channeling your discomfort into action is a great way to get started on making virtual relationships and lasting memories during your internship!

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Today, we’re here to explain to you some of the most important actions that you can take after an interview wraps up. At Esquire, we constantly hear feedback from our clients about wonderful things that candidates did after the interview day, as well as points for improvement. In the following points, we’ll show you some of the best things you can do to elevate your personal brand and impression on employers.

What to Do After an Interview Wraps-up…

Saying Thank you:

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel cemented by your behavior, success, or uncertainty in an interview. Once you leave the room, what can you really do? It’s up to the employer now… Well, we are here today to tell you that that is not true! More likely than not, you will be “up against” a group of candidates all interviewing for the same position. So, the action you take after leaving that room will help you to create a positive and lasting impression on the interviewer that may end up giving you an advantage when they make their final decisions!


For that reason, we’re here to encourage you to always send a thank you note after the interview! Not only is it important to acknowledge the interviewer’s time, but it is crucial to add in any tidbits you couldn’t include in an interview, putting thoughts into writing, addressing concerns, or even cement your confidence in your desire of the position. Sending a thank you wrap your appreciation, dedication, and commitment to your application all into one sweet bundle! Additionally, it’s essential to get that thank you sent pretty quickly after the interview while thoughts are still fresh, more likely than not within the first 24-hour window. Again, remember that you are being evaluated, often in terms of your comparison to other candidates, so remaining fresh in the company’s mind through an email or handwritten note is your key to success.


So, what goes into the thank you? Well, that’s up to you! Sending an email follow-up is a great time for you to weave your personality into a written communication as well as let your thoughts shine through. Make sure that the email is personal and addresses unique attributes of the interview so as to avoid sounding robotic or that you copy and pasted from a previous template. Noting a conversation, either personal or professional or small anecdote will showcase to the interviewer that you valued her contribution to the conversation and were listening the entire time!


Especially in our current environment, it is more important than ever before that you are being a go-getter and seeking out new opportunities if you find yourself in a job crunch. Weaving these types of practices into your usual actions as a candidate will paint you in the best way possible and get you on the road to success in no time.


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Happy Monday! While today’s post may not be the most exciting or uplifting, it is our unfortunate reality that many of us, our family, or friends have found themselves out of a job as a result of the financial crisis bread by COVID-19. However, at Esquire Recruiting, we are huge believers in the importance of getting yourself back out there as soon as possible so as to stay the most on top of the search as well as maintain yourself as a marketable candidate. So, how do you go about initiating your job search? Find out here…

The job search process can be scary and long at times. Finding a job you love and that you are qualified for should be everyone’s goal! Today we are going to talk about the key strategies that will help you find success throughout the job search process and the perfect fit for your career.

Job Search Strategies

  • Perseverance: This can be a tricky strategy. You might find yourself feeling hopeless after a few months filled with rejection and no luck. There are many long and hard stages of the job search process, but perseverance will keep you going. It will help you stay positive and realize that this search will be over soon and at the end of it, you will have a great job! Those who persevere will feel more rewarded and also be exposed to the greatest number of unforeseen opportunities.
  • Timing: Timing is everything. Especially right now, it’s crucial to understand that it is a common time to be unemployed in the job market, and also a time where you may need to adjust your regular expectations to nail something in for the time being. Additionally, if you find that perfect job and location, but you think the time isn’t right, this is where you make a mistake. Good jobs aren’t open for a long time. They fill up pretty fast, so jump on something when you see it!
  • Skill: Your skills are your greatest asset. Prepare yourself on how to sell people on your skills and talk about the great things you can do. Use your downtime to improve on your current skills or even learn new ones. Online certifications are a great way to improve and update your skillset. Additionally, maintaining an up-to-date resume on hand is a great way to be ready in the case of a spontaneous networking moment or connection to someone new.
  • Customization: Take the time to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for. This may seem time-consuming but is absolutely worth it. Make a few different versions of your resume that are specific to certain job titles you apply for, and always remember to tweak experiences to portray specific skills that will aid you in the new position you’re applying to.

We know how frustrating the job search process can be. However, by implementing these strategies, you will already find yourself ahead of the game and in a great spot to find a new career path or role.

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Hi everyone! Today, we’re piggy-backing off of Monday’s latest topic on fostering virtual mentorships. As important as it is to connect with employees and seasoned professionals at your company, it is also essential to your internship experience to connect with your intern coworkers! There is no one at the company who is in a more similar position to you than those who are also participating in your program, so follow these easy and quick steps to cultivate new friendships today…

Building Virtual Friendships…

  • Say Hello! While we hope that this bit seems obvious, we encourage you to remember that, after all, every intern is in your same boat. The nerves you felt on the first day and bits of learnings that you take with you after every meeting are mirrored in their same experience. So, the first step is just to reach out and extend a simple hello! Whether this is through a GroupMe message, Microsoft Teams channel, email, or even text, it’s crucial to get ahead of the game right away and spark up a new conversation.
  • Set-Up Concrete Time to Meet: Although it may be through a screen or in another virtual manner, setting up a concrete piece of time on your schedule to mimic a “coffee chat” with another intern is a vital step to actually cultivating meaningful relationships. Using this time to bounce ideas off of one another, seek feedback or help, learn about each other’s roles or goals, or just to get to know more about their personalities and lives outside of work will help you to build a friend and a coworker in the office. Especially as you begin to consider full-time opportunities, remember that these same people may very well become those that you spend most of your time with. So, navigating these potential friendships is a great way to also review your alignment with the company culture!
  • Follow Up: Just as we encouraged in regards to mentorships, following up with coworkers and intern relationships is your key to success. Make sure to ask how their presentation went! How is their project coming along? Can you help connect them to a new teammate or mentor? Having a two-way relationship will help you to both extracts even greater value from the company and achieve valuable success both as it relates to networking and productivity.
  • Separate Work and Fun: Finally, now that we’re almost all working from home full-time, it’s crucial to still integrate moments just for fun that help you to separate yourself from just your work. Whether this means a happy hour, new group chat to send funny messages, or another meeting outside of just work hours, creating relationships that don’t just exist from 9-5 will prove those that last and become most intrinsic to your view of the company and future career.

Remember, everyone wants to make friends at work! Initiating conversations and getting the ball rolling will not only help you stand out as a valuable candidate to your intern managers but will allow you to dive even deeper into the company culture and make new friends. So, get going today!

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Happy Monday! We hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend with family and friends, and of course keeping safe always. Today, we’re here to help all of our virtual interns navigate their mentor relationships through a screen. If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about initiating these types of interactions, this article is for you. Keep reading here to find out a few easy strategies to implement that will help you cultivate meaningful discussions and interactions…

Keep an Open Mind…

  • Open Up the Door to All Possibilities: It’s easy to feel like you’re seeking mentorship from another employee like you, in a role you’d hope to pursue, or from the same academic or personal background. However, at Esquire. we are firm believers in the importance of all types of networking! It is in the relationships where you connect with people who are not like you that you will learn the most and even identify new areas or roles to pursue in a long term career. Make sure to engage in chats and conversations with employees of all types of identities and responsibilities to gain the most well-rounded understanding of the company at hand.
  • Come Prepared: In order to gain a meaningful amount of knowledge from your conversations, make sure that you are setting up chats with employees that you have a true interest in (whether that be their role, background, accomplishments, etc.). When entering into this conversation, you should have previously conducted a quick search on their background, and a light gauge of their current work so as to avoid taking a large portion of time dedicated solely to introductions. Also, make sure to have a few questions prepared that you can slip into the conversation in the chance that there is a lull or gap.
  • Maintain the Relationship: A coffee chat might be a periodic occurrence, but communication should not be. Make sure to maintain the relationships that you’ve worked to schedule and cultivate! Whether this means a weekly check-in, email update of your recent accomplishments, or a quick link to a relevant article, make sure to keep consistent contact and follow-up after your thank you note!

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Especially for our summer interns, if you’ve ever wondered whether you’re “doing enough work”… this article is for you! Today, we’re here to help provide some strategies for you to use to assess your own productivity and to gauge whether it’s time to ask for more. Keep reading to find out how…

Gauging Your Workload…

  • Getting Acclimated to a New Environment: It takes far more than one day, week, or even month to become completely comfortable in a new position, company, and culture. In fact, this could take a few months and often a year! It is crucial to understanding your capabilities to allow this time period to pass and to pay attention to your comfort level in your responsibilities. If you’re reading this and thinking about the fact that you haven’t had much “new” lately or pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, you may have reached the level of “comfort” we’re speaking to! This is a tell-tale sign that you’re ready…
  • Open Space in your Schedule: It’s completely normal to feel waves of business and blank spaces throughout the days and weeks of a job or internship. However, if you’re finding that you have short to no breaks throughout your entire day, you may be spread too thin. Especially in a temporary position, it’s essential to maintain an open conversation with your manager each day to chat about what meetings are crucial to attend and where you could take advantage of some open time to complete independent work.
  • Taking Advantage of Resources: While it may seem easy to complete the work you are assigned, taking the extra mile to get involved internally within your new company and grow your network of employee connections will prove essential to your overall success. Make sure that your schedule has a balance of professional and personal outlets for growth. Whether that means joining a new employee resource group or scheduling a coffee chat each week, taking advantage of all aspects of a company’s culture will give you a well-rounded workload and path to acceleration.

In addition to your feelings about work, taking time to assess your comfort in your current position, the balance of schedule, and daily or weekly commitments will help to give you an even more clear picture of your workload. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, this may be a great time to initiate a conversation with your manager and start reworking your obligations. Find out how to do so Thursday!

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Now that we’re almost all working full-time from home, it is crucial to adapt your body and literal language to a new, online format. So, keep reading today to find out more about specific communication skills that will help you portray your best professional self through the screen…

Best Practices Online…

  • Leave Time to Chat: I’m sure we’re all used to hopping on calls and cutting right to the chase almost immediately. However, when we are not in the office and passing each other by throughout the day, it is all too easy to lose the bits of the day to personally connect and catch-up. So, make sure that when you’re developing your meeting itinerary to include a few minutes for everyone to hop on and share little tidbits about their lives that don’t just revolve around the task at hand.
  • Personal Recognition: Think about how you would behave if someone walked into a meeting you coordinated, or if you walked into a meeting in person. It is common courtesy to greet each new employee who walks into the room, so treat it the same in a video chat! When a new user joins, make sure to say hello and acknowledge their presence to mimic an in-person interaction as much as possible.
  • Incorporate Fun! Now that we spend almost all of our time on screens, we might begin to, even if subconsciously, resent what we constantly see in front of us. For that reason, it’s important to still incorporate bits of fun and laughs into our daily routines. Whether this means a virtual happy hour, coffee chat, lunch date, or even meme-filled chat box, there are many ways to keep things playful and engaging at work.

While the virtual format undoubtedly diminishes components of the socialization that we are all used to, by banning together and collectively altering and updating some of our work behaviors, we can mirror in-person interaction as much as possible! Sharing these tips with your team will help you to be a personal outlet, leader, and admirable professional.

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Happy Monday everyone! If you’re still feeling that weekend slump and seeking a quick strategy to channel back in that motivation, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out our top 3 tips to start your week off…

Start Off Your Week Right…

  1. Plan out Your Days: One of the best ways to foster accountability before even beginning your work obligations is to schedule out your days and weeks as they begin. Creating a list of “To-Dos” throughout days, hours, etc., will help you to create a routine to stay up to date with as well as a means of checking in with yourself. Especially as we all continue to adapt to WFH, it is crucial to make sure you’re staying on top of all obligations as usual.
  2. Set Goals: Piggybacking off of our last “tip,” setting goals simultaneously with tasks is another great way to create accountability and foster motivation. Even small goals, like making your bed each morning, are a way to help you feel accomplished and proud!
    • Goal ideas: Make your bed each morning, tidy up your room each week, workout 2x per week, finish checking emails by 5:00 pm, put your work “away” by 7:00 pm, keep ordering into a minimum of once per lunch and dinner each week, etc.!
  3. Eat Breakfast! While this may seem obvious, integrating breakfast into your daily routine is a fantastic way to jet start your morning as well as your metabolism. In addition to obvious and extensive health benefits, eating breakfast will give you the energy you need and a great schedule to work off of as if you were truly in the office. This may only include a piece of fruit and coffee, but any bit works.

By creating routines and schedules to hold yourself to, you will be able to mimic an office life at home in no-time. It is incredibly important and a great personal asset to be able to adapt to change; so there is no better time than the circumstances of today’s environment to prove to yourself that you can embrace and thrive when change is thrown your way!

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Are you in the midst of a job search and considering a recruiter’s help? At Esquire Recruiting LLC, we know how invaluable a recruiter can be to a job search. It’s a great way to find a role that is fit for you. Continue reading below to find out some important questions you should be asking your recruiter!

What are the main qualifications the employer is looking for? 

  • This is an essential question to ask because you need to know more about the position. This question will give you insight into what the recruiter’s client is expecting from candidates and you if applying for the position. The recruiter has most likely spoken with the employer about qualifications and potentially even received a list of exactly what the employer is looking for.

What is the job description?

  • Asking this question will tell you what the client/employer expects. It’s basic information, but also very important to know if you choose to move forward and apply. Just like the qualifications, the recruiter knows what the job description is and what the expectations are.

How long has this job been open?

  • This is a fair question to ask because you want to know all the details. The job search process can be tedious and overwhelming. If the job just opened, you may be one of the first candidates to interview, which means the employer is probably going through other interviews as well. This isn’t a necessary question to know, but it can help you determine a time frame for how long you may be waiting to hear back from an employer or when the position will be filled.

What experience do you have recruiting in this industry?

  • Recruiters are filled with knowledge. They see endless amounts of resumes per day and speak with multitudes of people. Asking them their experience is a fair question and can help you gain trust in them for your job search. Recruiters with good experience know the field like the back of their hand.

What information do you have about the company?

  • The recruiter most likely has a relationship with this company or even exclusively works with the hiring manager. Asking this question can help you understand more about how the company operates and what their work culture is like.

Asking recruiters questions is a great way to establish a relationship with them and make a great first impression! There are so many more questions that you can ask them- don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Recruiters can provide you with such great information, such as- resume help, tips for interviews/interview process, and even insight into information about an employer.

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In case you missed the first half of our resume upkeep series, make sure to click here before you keep reading today! On this exciting Monday, we’ll be expanding on easy resume strategies to implement from your own couch at home. By maintaining an up-to-date, relevant resume, you’ll be ready to re-enter the job market, expand your network, or elevate your professional brand in no time.

Resume Upkeep Part 2…

  • Appearance: The appearance of your resume is often the key component in whether an employer will choose to take the time to review it. In order to solidify their interest, confirm that yours is clear, organized, and proof-read! It is no challenge to create an excellent resume, in fact, there are several resources available online for free that will help you either create a new resume or update your current one. Here is one example!
  • Some extra components to consider when evaluating the physical appearance of your resume:
    • Reverse chronological format!
    • Not covered in bright colors, but instead written in black (or dark-colored) font over a white background.
    • The font type is readable. Fortunately, there are several fonts available to help you craft a resume that matches your style while still maintaining a professional appearance.
    • Keep in mind what kind of role you are applying to:
      • i.e.: An accounting position is generally serious and does not require creative content. Your resume should reflect that with a standard, black font. However, a digital studies job which requires great creativity can be paired with a more unique looking resume, potentially enhanced by colors or spatial format.

With these compiled tips and easy steps to take, we’re confident that you’re resume will leave you at the front of an application pool. If you have any additional questions, comments, or confusion, make sure to leave a comment on any of our posts or reach out to my personal email, We’re here and happy to help!

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Today, we’re here to expand on this week’s latest article and teach you a few tips about resume upkeep from the comfort of your home! First… a quick recap…

One of the most important ways to assert yourself as a marketable candidate for any job is to maintain a well-formatted and well-marketed resume! Make sure your resume is user-friendly, well-formatted, easy-to-follow, and tailored to the job you are applying for. Recognizing and emphasizing an experience that will best equip you for any given role is crucial to standing out as a well-prepared candidate.

Perfecting a Resume…

  • First Impressions: Your resume is your first impression for your future employer. Because recruiters scan dozens of resumes every day, it’s crucial that yours must help you immediately stand out and prove that you are the most qualified applicant. Furthermore, most social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, often do not show professional appearance; LinkedIn is the most important virtual representation of who you are for your next potential employer. Your LinkedIn profile, which showcases each of your professional experiences, must align with your resume. The jobs you include on your resume should paint a picture of who you are to your employer, and your LinkedIn profile should further extend the self-image you wish to promote. However, not all experiences shown on your LinkedIn profile will be able to fit on your resume, so make sure to pick the experiences most pertinent to the job you are applying and customize your resume for each individual application!
  • Content: All content included must be both relevant and recent. So, if your first job as a 15-year-old Summer Day Camp Counselor is still included on your 24-year-old resume, reevaluate if that is the most on-topic piece of information that will help you stand out in an application pool. Additionally, make sure that the information you include on each resume you submit is in tune with what the company is looking for. For example, if you are applying for a Marketing role, make sure to include an experience that illustrates your ability to think creatively, and promote a brand. If you are applying for a Financial role, highlight any financial-related experiences you were responsible for in clubs (even if in college), organizations, or other companies. However, while information should be relevant and recent, do understand that there are times when crucial experience stems from several years ago –  so always be the ultimate judge of what “snapshots” will ultimately guide your employer’s decision to advance your application.Extra Tip: Set a routine for resume up-keep – make sure to do so every 3 to 6-months! This way, you will constantly be adding and deleting new experiences and successes, and when the time comes to submit your resume to an organization, you will be well-equipped to provide one that is relevant, recent, and ready!

Make sure to tune-in Monday for the second half of this topic!

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Happy Monday everyone! We hope that, as we have, you have each taken the last week to evaluate the current events within our nation while working to educate yourselves on such important matters. We feel that it is now an appropriate time to resume our “normal” content whilst continuing to recognize movements such as #BLM as we work to become allies to the black community. So, today we’re here to offer you a short 5-question quiz to help you evaluate whether you’re a marketable candidate to recruiters like us!

Are you Marketable?

  1. Tone and first correspondence?
    • The tone of the first correspondence you have with a recruiter will set the “vibe” of your relationship. As we seed through thousands of candidates each day, it is essential that you write a polished email, without any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors, and with a tone that will paint you as a warm and excited candidate for whichever job you’re applying to. Tools like Grammarly and spell check have made this as easy as possible – so make sure you’re double-checking every word!
  2. Brief but exciting content?
    • Leave us hooked! While it would be impossible to read through dozens of paragraphs and a biography on each candidate, we are hoping that you will be able to integrate short blurbs about who you are outside of your work. Do you watch a certain TV show? Like to cook? Have a favorite hobby or exercise regime? If so, make sure to touch on your personality by leaving little hooks about who you are and how we can relate on a personal level.
  3. Cover letter errors?
    • As we noted on the content of emails, always make sure that your cover letter is error-free. When piecing through dozens of resumes each day, it is unfortunately all too easy to eliminate a candidate as a result of a few mistakes on a page. This is an easy slip-up to avoid – so keep a close eye on your content!
  4. Well-formatted and well-marketed resume?
    • We will absolutely be touching on this note as it expands to full future articles, but to leave you with a short-and-sweet tip – make sure your resume is user-friendly, well-formatted, easy-to-follow, and tailored to the job you are applying for. Making sure to recognize and emphasize experience that will best equip you for the given role is crucial to standing out as a well-prepared candidate.
  5. Personal nature?
    • In the same way that your tone will help you represent who you are, noting short personal accolades or accomplishments will help recruiters to understand what you value in your professional or personal life.

So, how’d you score?

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Hello everyone! We hope that you each enjoyed a bit of a long weekend and some extra allowance for relaxation as we continue to stay at home during this time. Today, we’re hoping to elaborate on a few of the strategies, activities, and even recipes we offered last week by teaching you a bit about “where we search” for our resources. If you are someone who’s interested in trying out new things but can’t yet grasp where to start… this article is definitely for you!

Utilizing Social Media…

While Google has always been and continues to be a fantastic outlet for just about any question that comes to your mind, we’re hoping that by chatting a bit about a few different platforms, you may be able to expand your online resource portfolio… So, let’s chat about Social Media!

  • Instagram: As a “Gen-Z” young adult, I have grown up using the Instagram platform to connect with others, as well as learn about things that I didn’t even know I’d be interested in! Instagram offers an endless number of accounts, hashtags, locations, and pages home to a variety of different subjects. If you’re seeking new recipes, looking for other foodies, searching for home decor inspiration, looking for a cute gift, piece of clothing, or jewelry, Instagram is the place for you! Personally, I encourage users to search hashtags or users which pertain to their desired topic (i.e.: “#vegetarianrecipe”) – doing so will open your eyes to hundreds of thousands of new resources!
  • LinkedIn: Specifically, regarding networking tips and different business practices, LinkedIn is an unmatched platform of professional advice and resources. Again, using hashtags or searching accounts which are in line with the topics you hope to explore will connect you with the best resources.
  • Pinterest: A personal favorite for searching arts and crafts, recipes, or home decoration and room inspiration, Pinterest is an everchanging community of humans seeking to help other humans! Again, use the search bar to explore just about any topic you can imagine; from there, you will be directed to a multitude of articles and redirections to personal blogs, lifestyle pages, and others interested in your same hobbies.

With the extent of online resources at your fingertips, now is a better time than ever to try out a new recipe, activity, craft, or hobby. Identifying the strengths of each social media platform through this article will help you accomplish your goal in no time!

Welcome back! Today, we’re continuing with Monday’s series focusing on our employees and their favorite recipes, motivators, and activities to stay busy while WFH. Keep reading here to obtain more ideas about activities you can try out at home!

Favorite Hobbies at Home…

  • Laura McDermott finds motivators in helping people, working with others to improve their interview and job search skills, being a role model to her children, and balancing a job she loves with the rest of life. Her hobbies and favorite activities surround rollerblading, cooking with kids, walking, and playing “online” canasta with her friends!
  • Shay Fischer loves gardening, hiking, outdoor biking, and exercising with her daughter. However, she’s also been able to keep busy with lots of cleaning and reorganizing around the house!
  • Amy Altman finds that her days are kept very busy by her 4-year-old and 1-year-old; she tries to find new fun and creative ways to keep her 4-year-old entertained by teaching him things like letters and numbers, as well as art and science projects. She’s also been working with him on learning to ride his bike and helping her 1-year-old to learn to walk; she takes her kids on very long walks every day to all different places where they are able to explore parts of their town that they have never been to or seen before.
    • She’s even managed to cram in working out through the peloton app as much as possible!
  • Hannah McDermott has been exploring new books and genres, such as The Last Mrs. Parrish, and Educated. She loves trying new recipes and trends from online platforms and social media channels!

A Special Note from our CEO…

“While this has clearly been the most tragic experience of my lifetime and perhaps for both generations before and after, I have taken full advantage of the home sheltering time to improve my “handyman” skills.  I found that after purchasing a power screwdriver, no home improvement project was beyond my ability. In the past few weeks, I have tackled everything on my “to do” list as well as those bigger projects that I would have hired outside help to get done.  There is not enough time to list every task I have accomplished but I am most proud of; repairing my outside fence, installing 4 new light fixtures, repairing closet doors, and finishing the rehab of my basement.  When not doing repairs, I have been working out on my Peloton bike, experimenting with new recipes, and spending tons of quality time with my wife, daughter’s, and English cream golden. Not all has been lost during Coronavirus but I must admit to my anxiousness for a return to some form of normalcy.” – Scott Fischer

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Happy Monday! We are so excited to release this week’s new series on Esquire’s Employees where we’ll be offering you a few of our favorite recipes as well as what we’ve been up to this quarantine to stay busy and motivated. Keep reading to find out and make sure to let us know what you try out…

Cooking Opportunities!

  • Hannah McDermott has been kept busy with “Tik Tok” recipes – she encourages all viewers to try out the “whipped coffee trend”! All you have to do is combine a tablespoon of water, instant coffee, and sugar into a bowl and electric mix for 4-5 minutes.
  • Shay Fischer has been trying out new appetizers at home, specifically Spicy Asian Lettuce Cups (makes 2 dozen cups).
    • Ingredients:
      • 2 TBS vegetable oil
      • 1 medium onion, cut into medium dice
      • 2 garlic cloves, minced
      • 1 can (8 ounces) sliced water chestnuts, drained, rinsed and chopped medium-fine
      • 1 pound ground turkey, beef, or pork
      • ¼ cup soy sauce
      • ¼ cup ketchup
      • 4 teaspoons rice wine vinegar
      • 2 teaspoons Asian sesame oil
      • 2 teaspoons hot red pepper flakes
      • 2 TBS light or dark brown sugar
      • 1 head iceberg lettuce, core removed, leaves separated and torn into approximately 4-inc cups
      • ¼ cup sliced scallions
      • ¼ cup chopped peanuts

    • Instructions:
      • Heat oil in a large (12-inch) skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion, garlic, and water chestnuts and sauté until onion softens (3 to 4 minutes). Add meat and cook, stirring frequently, until meat loses its raw color and liquid has mostly evaporated (about 5 minutes).
      • Meanwhile, mix soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, oil, pepper flakes, and sugar in a small bowl.  Add to pan and continue to cook until the mixture has thickened to the consistency of thick sloppy joes. Remove from heat.
      • Fill each lettuce cups with 2 tablespoons filling, garnish with scallions and peanuts, and serve!
  • Laura McDermott has ventured down the pescatarian route, gearing towards plant-based meals such as @halfbakedharvest’s Sheet Pan Chipotle Salmon with cilantro lime special sauce Founder of the blog and renowned chef Tieghan regards the dish as, “the perfect easy sheet pan dinner to serve any night of the week. Incorporate this healthy recipe into your weekly meal prep and enjoy for lunches and dinners throughout the week.”
  • Amy Altman has been taking advantage of working from home to use her grill as many nights as she can! She’s been specifically loving Grilled Chicken Bruschetta from this recipe. Posted on the “skinnytaste website”, the entree is quoted as, “a summer staple! Made with juicy tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, red onion, garlic, and balsamic, it turns plain grilled chicken into a delicious weeknight meal in minutes!”
  • Scott Fischer enjoys a warm dessert and especially Brown Sugar Butter cookies at home from this recipe. As quoted by Julie Clark, “these chewy Brown Sugar Butter Cookies are an easy dessert to make! If you love sugar cookies, see all of our recipes here.”
  • Try out Teighan’s Hermione Granger Cocktail here – filled with, “fresh raspberries and sweet raspberry jam, smashed together with rosemary, lemon, apple cider vinegar, vodka, and fizzy sparkling water.”

We hope that you’ll be able to try a new drink, appetizer, entree, or dessert personally “endorsed” by our employees. Make sure to let us know what you think and share any of your favorite recipes with us too!

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And just like that, we’ve got another weekend in the “q” coming up! Before it starts, we’re hoping to extend our week’s message of keeping busy at home by teaching you a few easy ways to maintain your professional status as well as refresh your network. Keep reading to find out how…

Professional Upkeep at Home…

  • Like we mentioned on Monday… Catch up with mentors, colleagues, and recruiters: At Esquire, we are firm believers in the importance of networking as the underlying framework of all business operations. Now is a perfect time to utilize those relationships you’ve worked hard to build…
    • How to do so:
      1.  Schedule a call to obtain resume feedback and critique.
      2. Schedule a catch-up call and learn more about your colleagues, past coworkers, mentors, or other people’s accomplishments and life updates from the past weeks, month, or even year.
      3. Schedule a call to chat about job opportunities or temporary employment.
      4. Schedule a call to become more informed about industry trends so as to stay up to date with relevant information.
    • As you can see, there are a variety of reasons to catch up with people in your network. Especially in quarantine and whilst having vast amounts of free time, people are more willing and excited to chat than ever before. Take advantage of this downtime in talking and maintaining connections!
  • Send an update to your network: Maybe you aren’t seeking a specific chat or catch-up with one person – if that sounds like you, then we encourage you to explore ways in which you may still update your network about what you’ve been up to this year professionally and personally. I have been personally told by recruiters that doing so keeps “your profile” in their minds, which is somewhat like putting a foot in the door a little advantage for when our economy begins to open and these same people may be looking to hire…
  • Initiate something new… In the same way that people you already know may be more willing or have greater availability to hop on a call during this time, this is also a great opportunity for you to reach out and try out an informational interview or chat with someone who inspires you or holds a position you’re interested in. For this, we are lucky to have LinkedIn!

Connecting and chatting with others (even through a screen) is essential to maintaining a positive outlook and professional profile. So, the next time you find yourself staring at the wall with nothing to do… we encourage you to try out one of the strategies listed above, good luck!

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