5 Positive Outcomes of Failure

We often encourage you to embrace failure as a part of your professional growth and development. However, today, we’re here to offer you some concrete examples of success and character-building aspects that stem from initial failures. Keep reading to find them out!

Failure Helps You Display…

  • Courage: I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying… “no risk, no reward.” In embracing and following gut instincts when taking on risky projects and endeavors, you are bound to encounter failures. However, doing so means that you were willing to trust your instincts and step out of the box, which, in the end, helps you to showcase your courage and willingness to try something new and unexpected.
  • Willingness to Learn: Those who stay in their comfort zones and are unwilling to try new things will end up in a much worse off position, as close-mindedness is a huge barrier to success. Encountering failure shows that you were willing to expand your capabilities and learn new skills, strategies, or paths. Even better, once you encounter a specific mistake, it is likely that you will never make it again! Learning to break down those roadblocks will allow you to cultivate new skills and talents, ultimately helping you to advance your career.
  • Desire to Grow: A lot of the benefits of failure tie directly to your ability to grow both personally or professionally. There is no opportunity to grow once when you are staying stagnant or feel as though your skill level has plateaued. Some of the best ways to stimulate career growth are by joining employee resource groups, attending career panels or conferences, or reaching out to find new mentor support! Additionally, expressing a desire to take on greater responsibility and obtain higher involvement roles will help you to portray your desire to grow and learn, qualities that triumph over small failures.
  • Resilience: There is no better time to display your resilience than in times of challenge. To say that you will never be challenged throughout your career would be crazy! Entering the business world with a mindset that plans and prepares for failure will allow you to maintain a positive outlook and attitude when the situation arrives. Expressing resilience to your team and supervisors will leave a truly valuable impression.
  • Ambition: Encountering failure is a product of entering the unknown. Therefore, those who push their limits and test their intelligence are those who put themselves at risk for encountering difficulty. However, in acquiring new positions, achieving promotions, and advancing your career trajectory, you must be able to convey the ways in which you are able to contribute to the growth of your firm. So, we encourage you to test the unknown, as doing so will allow you to uncover new strategies and developments that even the highest levels of management may not have seen.

As scary as it may seem, failure is an unavoidable part of life. Therefore, gear up, get ready and enter each new endeavor with a positive outlook and a failure-preparation plan. Remember, not all failure is bad… these 5 reasons show you why, in fact, it’s actually beneficial!

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