A Message on the Middle East

As an enterprise committed to the values of integrity and inclusion, Esquire Recruiting, LLC stands firmly against the horrific atrocities occurring in the Middle East. We mourn those who have lost their lives, and our thoughts remain with their families and those who have been seriously injured or displaced from their homes. 

Supporting Each Other

While we don’t have employees or operations in the directly affected area, we do have employees with deep connections, including family and friends. We recognize that many of you have been profoundly impacted and concerned by these events. There are many online resources for support.

Relief Efforts

We know that many of you feel strongly about providing support and for Esquire to do the same. 

A few organizations you may wish to consider include: 

We recognize that these are very trying and emotional times. Thank you for the understanding and compassion you continue to show each other throughout our global community. 


Scott Fischer, CEO

Esquire Recruiting, LLC