Advocating and Supporting Each Other… at Work!

Welcome back, everyone! It is more often the case than not that, at work, your promotions (lateral or vertical), projects, teams, roles, responsibilities, and all other job functions will likely require the input of another person or team. Working alongside coworkers, motivating and supporting one another, and understanding respective strengths and weaknesses is an important key to success. Today, we’re here to showcase some of the key reasons why you should also work to be a fantastic advocate for others, and in turn expect the same support – keep reading to find out how and why you should do so!

How to Advocate for Others…

  • Provide with Concrete Evidence: When you are advocating for someone else, remember that you are also putting yourself on the line by showcasing your opinion and the strength of your beliefs. For that reason, make sure to be able to identify and lay out specific reasons as to why this person is qualified for a new role, project, promotion, etc. By doing so, you are providing concrete evidence and solid reasons to allow your audience to envision this person in a new position or role.
  • Speak Clearly and Without Bias: In relation to our point above, being able to provide concrete evidence and pinpoint specific traits of others will allow you to appear completely unbiased and clear in your opinion. Especially if you are advocating for a close friend, family member, or mentee, it is essential to help the person that you can speak to their qualities as a professional instead of someone you have a close relationship with.
  • Always Mean It! We hope that this goes without saying, but always remember that your opinion is highly valuable and should be used in cases when you are most strongly opinionated! Advocate for others when you are sure of both your opinion and their qualifications. Do not feel pressured to speak for someone when you feel that they may need more practice, time, or skill development before advancing to a new position or workload. Always speak up when you mean it and when it matters.

Why You Should Advocate…

  • Reciprocation! Undoubtedly, you will encounter numerous advocates for yourself throughout your life. One of the greatest reasons for supporting others is in returning the favors that are done for you! Remember that people stepped up and often out of their comfort zone because they believed in your capabilities. When you feel the same for someone else, make your opinion heard.
  • Opportunities: You never know when you may find yourself working on a team either with or for someone you’ve supported in the past. Even more so, you never know when this same person may advocate for your promotion to or on their team as well. Keep in mind the opportunities associated with networking, and as a result, often advocating and supporting others.

It is crucial to your own fulfillment to be able to support others and contribute to their happiness as well as your own! Keep in mind throughout your career these people you feel passionate about supporting and confident in their qualities.

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