Applying to Your Next Job: When Should You Do it?

Believe it or not, there are better times to consider when applying for jobs throughout the year. Follow these steps to ensure you’ll be ahead of the rest and the best applicant for your future position!

The Beginning of the Year:

The best time for you to apply for a new job is at the start of the new year, specifically in January. Not only have most hiring managers returned from their vacations and ready to get back into the swing of things, but people across all companies often wait until the new year to seek a new job. You are almost guaranteed a better chance when applying at this time of year, as new budgets are enacted and managers are ready to expand their companies.

Following Months:

Just like the beginning of the year, February, March, April, and even May are great opportunities to get your resume in the door. The energy recharge from January and the new year will keep its momentum throughout these next few months as summer is on the horizon. As there are often changes in regard to employee hours in summer months, it is vastly helpful to companies if you can commit to a position shortly before. That way, the company will be able to rely on you when some of their workers are on vacation in the chaotic months of June, July, and August. We know this is not the most ideal time to commit to a full-time position, but the reward will come as fall approaches, you are guaranteed a new position, and your hard work has paid off!


In the same way that many employees save their vacation days for summer, so do managers, CEO’s, and even company owners. For this reason, the firm’s workload may be on a little bit of a pause or decrease during this time. Due to the fewer projects coming up, companies are less likely to be looking to expand their team at this time. (Another reason to be proactive during the beginning of the year!)

End of the Year:

November and December are typically more of “wrap up” months for firms, not so much of a time where companies are looking to add to their employee base. That being said, use this time to clean up and update your resume so that by the end of December you are ready to enter the pool as one of the first applicants for review come the new year!

Extra Note:

One important fact to take away after reading this: none of these facts mean that you CANNOT get a job at a slower time of year. There are always exceptions, and you are always welcome to submit a resume to an open position! In fact, Esquire Recruiting LLC keeps a running Open Jobs list for you to apply to at any time!

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