Becoming the Best Employee

It is no doubt that being likable is the first step toward becoming an attractive teammate and cultivating relationships. In the business world, relationships are one of your key tools useful for attaining a successful career. So, what are the top 6 behaviors that will ensure you become a more likable teammate and direct report to management? Keep reading to find out!

Transform into an Optimal Employee…

  1. Exude High Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating the ability to be able to understand, analyze, and observe the behaviors of those who surround you both in your office and personal life will aid you immensely in catering to people’s needs. Doing so will allow you to be the best “audience member” you can be, and, therefore, will attract others to you. People love to be understood, as it helps save themselves the time it takes to explain how they are feeling! Think about it, how much faster could you complete projects if you could anticipate people’s reactions?
  2. Express Interest in Conversation: There is no better way to become likable them by helping others feel valued, and it is super easy to do so! Especially in conversations, always make sure that you are maintaining eye contact, holding an enthusiastic and kind tone, and expressing friendly, warm body language. Additionally, express curiosity and interest by asking questions or clarifying points throughout the conversation!
  3. Keep an Open Mind: Those who are open-minded are sure to develop higher-quality relationships with their coworkers and teammates. Helping others feel safe in their work environments, without the fear of judgment, will allow you and everyone around you to be able to express yourselves and reach your greatest creative potential! Although an idea may seem unattainable at first glance, it may very well become your finishing product.
  4. Always Respect Others: No matter how you may disagree, always make sure to maintain a notable level of respect with anyone you encounter. There are several effective, appropriate mechanisms for handling disagreements or debates, and there is no reason to ever resort to a disrespectful demeanor. Showcasing consistent respect for others will elevate how attractive you are to work with and be around, causing you to become more likable!
  5. Manage Your Temper: As we’ve stated in the past, you will undoubtedly encounter frustration at work. However, you must maintain composure and an appropriate attitude. Not only will this show others that you are capable of overcoming challenges, but it will help you portray one of your greatest qualities, your coping skills! Someone who can maintain composure when faced with adversity is a strong leader and an attractive coworker.
  6. Stay True to Yourself, and Do the Right Thing! We hope it goes without saying that breaking the rules or finding loopholes in order to achieve success will only come back to hurt you. However, there are many other ways to always do the right thing. Whether this means returning back a coffee to someone you “owe,” taking someone out to lunch, congratulating others, giving credit where it is due, owning up to your mistakes, or maintaining honesty even in difficult situations, enforcing these actions will allow you to flourish among others.

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