Coping Amidst World News

Over the past few weeks, our hearts have felt especially heavy as we read and educate ourselves about what is going on on the other side of the world. The reality is that it feels like a broken and senseless time, with so much violence and terror in the news that it may be easier to avoid it in total. However, while you may not be able to fly overseas and physically contribute to what is going on, you can donate and remain mindful and grateful for the life in which you live.

Remaining Mindful and Grateful

    1. Remind Someone That You Care: There’s no greater way to show gratitude than by telling someone, in person, that you appreciate all that they do for you. In the midst of the digital age, it’s easy to thank people through emails, text, or even phone calls, but one of our most valued ways to express gratitude is in person. Think of the people you interact with on a daily basis that you may not even think about, a transit worker, a doorman, a mailman, a server, or anyone whose work contributes to the ease of your life. Oftentimes, the value of these people goes unnoticed, so remember all that they do for you.
    2. Pay for the Person Behind You: As we steer towards a greater sense of normalcy, it’s easy to look over the ever-lasting effects that the pandemic has had on an endless number of people. Many are still struggling to pay bills, maintain a lifestyle they are used to or are even seeking work! So, the next time you find yourself at a coffee or sandwich shop, and if you are able, consider doubling your bill for the person behind you. With such a surprise and act of kindness, you are guaranteed to make that person’s day!
    3. Clear Your Schedule for Someone Special: This may be a parent, spouse, child, close friend, or even a mentor. Regardless of the relationship, find a day to completely clear your schedule on their behalf. Although our “days” may not look like they used to, taking a long walk, binging a Netflix show, or cooking dinner with company is a great way to showcase to someone that they’re a priority in your life.
    4. Leave an Extra Tip: Especially in places where the bill doesn’t run very high, leave a tip larger than you regularly would! We can guarantee you that your extra note of gratitude will go a very long way. Especially during a time blanketed by job uncertainty, “donating” a few extra dollars to a server or anyone who assists you throughout the day is a great way to pass kindness forward and make a positive impact.
    5. Save Space for Those In Need: Not physically but in your mind. If you practice daily gratitude or mindfulness similar to how we do, leave space for all of those displaced, in need, injured, or seeking help. It is more important now than ever that we continue to acknowledge and emphasize every global disaster so that it remains top of mind and never overlooked.

Above all, remember that the little hiccups in your day may feel detrimental at the moment, but will they matter in 5 minutes? In 5 days? In 5 months? Try to remember perspective, the fortune of living in a free world, and the privilege of being where you are right now. We are so grateful to have all of you as followers, as candidates, and as friends. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if we can help shape your life through a new role or career!

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