Counter Offer: Why You Should Not Accept

It may be enticing to reconsider your decision to leave a company if you are provided a counter offer. However, there are many reasons why you should not accept one! Find them out here…

  • Your Mind is Made Up: This important note ties into our firm belief that a decision to resign should be taken with great certainty. If you are absolutely sure in your desire to pursue a new path, then you are ready to confront your employer and have a resignation discussion. However, if your mind is still torn between staying and leaving, consider re-evaluating! Your boss will most likely try to convince you to stay, so you must be prepared to be respectfully assertive.
  • You Will Likely be Viewed Differently: If you are to accept a counter offer, your bosses perspective on you as an employee will most likely be permanently compromised. They will now understand that you are, in some way, unhappy in your position, are likely searching for alternative opportunities, and not planning on staying for the long run.
    • Domino Effect: With this new opinion in mind, it is unlikely that your boss will choose to award you when the next promotion comes around. Even worse, if your firm must downsize in the future, you may become an initial target to be laid off. This does not mean that your boss does not like you as a person, they just know that your commitment is now in question.
  • Previous Pay: If your firm is willing to pay you more or offer greater benefits because you are considering leaving, why weren’t they willing to do so beforehand? Showing that you are ready to move on should not be the turning point in a promotion.
  • Counter Offer Will Not Change Your Perspective: It’s easy to allow your mind to be clouded by price tags. Asses the reason you initially decided to leave. If your rationale regarded company culture, co-workers, bosses, structure, hours, projects, opportunities, or obligations, a higher salary will not solve your displeasure. Being content in an alternative work environment will allow you to achieve success with higher motivation, ultimately allowing you to gain a higher salary elsewhere, where your happiness is far more attainable.
  • This is Likely Their Temporary Solution: Once you accept a counter offer, your employer will almost always immediately begin searching for your replacement, as you have solidified your interest in leaving the organization. You are now viewed as a more of a liability, instead of a loyal employee. Don’t put yourself in this risky position!
  • Ruined Relations with New Company: When your new employer expects you to commit to the new position and is excited for you to join their corporation, it will appear as a large slap in the face if you spontaneously decline your offer. If you decide to pursue the same company in the future, you will not be able to obtain the same success, as your loyalty will once again be questioned.

A combination of these 6 reasons why you should NOT accept a counter offer will hopefully convince you that trusting your initial gut and pursuing a new opportunity is the best decision for your future.

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