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Welcome to the new and improved Esquire Recruiting blog: your one-stop shop for company news, job-search updates, interview tips, recruiting and employment advice, and more! With decades of varied experience between our small staff, we know the details of recruiting and the specifics of each industry we serve. Whether you’re a job-seeker or employer; in accounting, marketing, manufacturing, law, or sales; we can find you the right connections or guide you to the right strategies to make each new position filled a success!


Some of the content you can expect to see in the next few months:

– Esquire news and staff features

– New technological advancements in employment practices

– How to answer tough interview questions

– How to write your best resume, now and later

– New takes on old tips

– How to make the most of unemployment

– Advice on employment in various industries and fields

– Whatever you want! Leave feedback and requests here on the blog, by email, and on our social media pages!


Esquire Recruiting Employment Advice

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A little bit (more) about yours truly:

As a recent graduate of Emory University, I joined Esquire’s team as a part-time blogger working remotely from Georgia. This virtual link between my hometown in Illinois and my work from halfway across the country is far from unusual. Instead, it encapsulates Esquire’s balance between its boutique-style organization and nationwide clientele.

What kind of recruiting and employment advice can a freshly employed college grad give? You’d be surprised. For one, I’ve lived, breathed, and researched the job search for about a year. Like most college graduates, I have been scouring the web and the world for workplaces that need my talents. Similarly, my generation has taken the best of traditional wisdom and added new technology and resources. So we know how to identify the best practices in job searching and cover letter writing. Furthermore, as an employee of a recruiting firm, I can share inside information about what we seek and how to make yourself more presentable to recruiters and higher-ups alike.

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