Hannah’s Next Steps!

Hello everyone! I truly can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is my farewell! I signed onto to take over the blog posting for Esquire back in May of 2018, and haven’t looked back since. Working with this team has taught me the importance of social media exposure, growth, followers, audiences, and so much more about online omnichannel marketing. I’ve learned so much about a wide variety of business industries, legal recruiting, and what it means to work for a boutique firm with an outstanding team.

So, what does the future look like for me? Keep reading HERE to find out!

Hannah’s Next Steps

Full-Time Work

Primarily, I’ll be joining Discover Financial Services on Monday as a participant in their Business Leadership Rotational program. When searching for full-time work last fall, I kept the option of a rotation at top of my mind. Not only do I believe programs of this sort capitalize on company-wide exposure but are a fantastic way to transition from an internship to a full-time position. Entering into this 2 year rotational program (one year per role, so two in total), provides me two more years to explore the company and identify my interests and strengths. Doing so also introduces me to a “cohort” of entry-level employees joining the same program, creating a fraternity-like relationship between all 22 of us! I am so excited to be surrounded by like-minded but diverse individuals experiencing the same career trajectory – I can’t wait to learn from those around me!

Chicago Move

Aside from my actual work, I do plan to relocate to downtown Chicago sometime within the next few months. What I recommend for anyone in a similar position to my own is to… save! Let’s be honest, Chicago, as well as several other populous cities in the US are still not fully back to “pre-pandemic” atmospheres. For that reason, I plan to take advantage of the first few months acclimating to my new role to save up money for rent and expenses and get situated. If you’re someone who feels discomfort when it comes to change, this is a fantastic way for you to mitigate one component of change while taking on a completely new professional endeavor.

Professional Upkeep

Finally…. how will I maintain awareness of industry trends and stay in the know without Esquire?! If you feel like you’ve fallen off the map this summer, or are interested in learning more about your industry, I highly recommend signing up for newsletters! The Skimm, the New York Times, and the Morning Brew are three components of my morning routine. Taking just a few minutes each morning to learn about the current events of the world is a great way to keep up to date with your industry as well as foster intellectual conversations with your coworkers.

Thank you to everyone that has allowed this platform to grow over the last 3 years… I’ll surely miss this position, but can’t wait for you to meet Niki on Monday!

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