Happy Fourth of July (and Festivities)!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you are on the way to your holiday weekend, spending time with friends and family, getting outside, watching fireworks, and otherwise just RELAXING and enjoying the peak days of summer! While this day symbolizes many important messages for our country, today we’re here to hone in on a few fun festivities that will help shape your next few days with potential activities Keep reading here to find out our favorite ways to spend the Fourth of July weekend!

Fourth of July Festivities…

  1. BBQ and Grilling! While I’m sure that’s already where your mind was headed, we encourage you to find a reason to cook and make your dinner outdoors through a grilling gathering. Whether this looks like hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, vegetables, kabobs, or any other dish, grilling hits its peak in the summer. BBQ food is not only there for our comfort, but is an affordable activity that doesn’t require you to leave your home, but will undoubtedly place you in surroundings with those who you love the most.
  2. Watching the Fireworks: No matter where you’re located, we can almost guarantee that you’re within a few dozen miles of your nearest firework celebration. So, grab a lawn chair, gather a friend group, and make your way over to your community center to observe the beauty of a firework show. Often taking place on the night of the fourth and only for around an hour, this spectacular site is a key pillar that represents this weekend.
  3. Boating and Water Activities: If you are near a body of water (for example, Lake Michigan), this is the PERFECT weekend to track down your nearest boat tour, rent a boat/sailboat/canoe/kayak/paddle board/and more, or simply hop into the lake from a nearby pier. Submerging in a body of water is not only a fantastic way to jumpstart your day and productivity, but is a perfect activities for the heat that July brings our way.
  4. Gratitude and Loved Ones: Ultimately, there is no better time than a summertime holiday weekend to intentionally surround yourself with family, friends, and those that mean the most to you. It’s not so often that we can all ensure our PTO is aligned into one holidayand creating those core moments during these relaxing days often turn into the memories that last you a lifetime. Even if its a few hour drive away, remember to schedule and coordinate quality time with the people that mean the most to you when you have down time!
  5. A Reminder to UNPLUG! Finally, before we go, we’ll leave you with this: while it’s easy to ‘doom scroll’ and glue ourselves to our couches indoors, this is a fabulous weekend to begin implementing systems and goals that will lead you to unplug, and embrace the outdoors. We encourage you to leave your phone at home, tuck it away into a bag, and otherwise unplug from screens to soak up all of the value that being outside and with others can bring.

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