Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our family, friends, and adored Esquire followers!

A few reflective thoughts to wrap up 2023…

While 2023 was layered with unforgettable memories, happiness, and equally difficult parts of the year, we hope you feel you’ve grown through it all. As we often encourage, this is a fabulous time of year to reflect, map out goals, clear out spaces, and rejuvenate in order to achieve a productive and refreshed January. However, don’t be too hard on yourself this weekend or in the following month; remember the importance of affording yourself breaks, grace, and time to adapt to new environments as well as lifestyles.

Many of you will embark on a ‘dry January’ or even a 75-hard challenge (never heard of it? Click here to find out more about the components of this diet/lifestyle and its benefits!), and many of us will center our days around redefined ‘resolutions’. Whatever the New Year will look like for you, we hope that it brings you a sense of fulfillment, contentment, and satisfaction. 

Even more of you will contemplate your professional identity in the New Year; is your current job a good fit? Are you on a trajectory toward a career you’re inspired by? Do you feel aligned with your company’s mission and vision? Do you feel you can grow in your current role? Are you challenged? Are you content with your ‘work from home’ vs. in-office balance? All of these questions will likely shape your desire to remain in your role or search for a new one; if you’re feeling inspired to embrace change in the new year, then make sure to check out our open jobs list!

And finally, we’ll leave you with the most important note of all. While scrolling on social platforms may lead you to believe that there is more ‘crazy’ and extreme thinking than there are neutral feelings about any and all social movements and political views, we encourage you to demonstrate kindness through it all. Even when it feels significantly more challenging to rise above aggression happening online, it’ll always pay off, in the long run, to maintain a positive online identity as you would in treating people face-to-face. At the end of the day, I believe that as humans we are all more similar than we are different; if we afford a chance to hear others, respect different opinions, and grow through adversity, we will rise together and be stronger for it. 

We are so proud of our Esquire candidates, our followers, and our growth this year! We cannot wait to meet more of you, continue connecting, and ensure that we find roles for YOU that will bring challenge, growth, and fulfillment… no matter the industry or position! Believe in yourselves and your potential in this New Year; your opportunities are endless!