Interview Dress: How to Do it Right

We all know that jittery feeling that comes in the days leading up to an important interview. Your resume was a hit, you’ve passed the first few “tests”, but now it’s time for the real show. Just as you virtually showcased your professional appearance, you must do so in person, too. Your true first impression occurs the moment you walk into the interview office – let’s make sure you create it well!


When it comes to clothing, always keep the word “conservative” in mind. By erring on the side of caution, you’ll make sure that your outfit will always be appropriate for your position. Wondering how to be conservative? Here are a few tips:

  1. Wear clothing that fits! If your pants or skirt are too tight or too loose, chances are they won’t help you look the best you can be. Make sure your clothing fits well, is the appropriate length (skirts below the knee, shirts not cut too low), and is well kept (no creases, ironed if necessary, and absolutely NO stains!).
  2. Keep colors low! Always steer clear of bright, neon, or seemingly “loud” colors when planning your outfit. Colors that are too bold are often distracting, and can even come across as immature. Keep colors simple – greys, whites, blacks, and dark blues are perfect colors to appear presentable and professional.
  3. Extra note: Stay away from patterns, and especially from logos. Clothing that is covered in prints or words will absolutely take away from your overall appearance. On a similar note, try to avoid any clothing that is too ruffled or frilly. Anything distracting can take away from your appearance.

Accessories and Shoes: 

While your shirt, jacket, pants, or skirt are often the main components of your appearance, think of your accessories and shoes as the cherry on top.

Accessories: Accessories are absolutely acceptable for interviews, but there is definitely a correct way to accessorize your outfit. Keeping accessories to golds and silvers is almost always the best way to add a conservative touch to your appearance without looking too “blingy”. Try to avoid bright colors, heavy jewelry, and definitely keep it to a minimum! That being said, if you do want to accessorize your outfit, focus on either earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, not a combo of all three!

  • For men: Watches are a great, professional looking addition to any outfit. Still, keep in mind that too blingy is too much!
  • For hair: If you have long hair, and want to wear it up, use a black or dark-colored ponytail, no scrunchies, colorful clips, or shiny headbands. Also, keep in mind the specific hairstyle you are aiming for. Simple = successful.

Shoes: Keeping shoes subtle is also the best way to add style and customize your outfit while still maintaining an appropriate appearance. Continue to keep in mind that softer colors are more fitting for an interview. Additionally, shoes should cover your whole foot, so open-toed heels, wedges, and sandals are not the best choice.

  • Type of shoe: Flats are the safest option! However, if you’re like me, and you are a tad bit vertically disadvantaged, heels are acceptable. Always keep heel hight below 3 inches, and steer clear of stilettos. If your heels would receive compliments at a nightclub, save them for that occasion instead.
  • Safest colors: Black, brown, grey, dark blue or other dark shades of colors.


With all of these tips and tricks, you are headed in the perfect direction to rock this interview! Good luck!

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