Jump-Start Your Monday

Happy Monday everyone! If you’re still feeling that weekend slump and seeking a quick strategy to channel back in that motivation, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out our top four tips to jump-start your Monday and get this week going…

Let’s “Jump” Right In…

  1. Practice Mindfulness: Gratitude and mindfulness activities, like journaling or breathing when you wake up instead of opting to grasp your phone, are a fantastic way to help you stay grounded and put your mind at peace before diving into the week’s tasks. Many people steer away from doing so as a result of the misconception that it will take a large sum of effort… don’t be fooled! Gratitude may only take a brief moment to create a mental list of 3 items, people, places, or anything that brings you happiness and positivity. Try to incorporate these exercises into your routine in any way possible!
  2. Plan out Your Days: One of the best ways to foster accountability before even beginning your work obligations is to schedule out your days and weeks as they begin. Creating a list of “To-Dos” throughout days, hours, etc., will help you to create a routine to stay up to date with as well as a means of checking in with yourself. Especially in a WFH or “school”FH format, it is crucial to make sure you’re staying on top of all obligations as usual.
  3. Set Goals: Piggybacking off of our last “tip,” setting goals simultaneously with tasks is another great way to create accountability and foster motivation. Even small goals, like making your bed each morning, are a way to help you feel accomplished and proud!
    • Goal ideas: Make your bed each morning, tidy up your room each week, workout 2x per week, finish checking emails by 5:00 pm, put your work “away” by 7:00 pm, keep ordering into a minimum of once per lunch and dinner each week, etc.!
  4. Eat Breakfast! While this may seem obvious, integrating breakfast into your daily routine is a fantastic way to jet start your morning as well as your metabolism. In addition to proven health benefits, eating breakfast will supply you energy and a consistent “routine” starting action to work off of as if you were truly in the office. This may only include a piece of fruit and coffee, but any bit works.

By creating routines and schedules to hold yourself to, you will be able to mimic an office life at home in no-time. It is incredibly important and a great personal asset to be able to adapt to change; so there is no better time than the circumstances of today’s environment to prove to yourself that you can embrace and thrive when change is thrown your way!

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