Let’s Chat … Beyond Onboarding, how can YOU set Other Employees up for Success?

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we wanted to build on our previous article that touched on how to help out new hires through onboarding and training. If you missed it, make sure to click here to catch up!

On the topic of new hires and the training that comes with it, we find it incredibly important to build on how to provide new employees with tools to achieve intangible success. What do we mean by this? Everything that comes beyond the output of work deliverables… networking! ERGs! Volunteering! And all of the ways to make a difference and create a robust professional brand at work beyond the scope of your role. So, keep reading to find out how to be an advocate and a resource for these types of skills, HERE!

Spreading the Success!

  • Free Up Space on Your Calendar! As we mentioned last week, try your best to free up your calendar when and where you can. Simply stating to the new teammate “Find some time on my cal!” will not suffice in being welcoming and engaging. Make sure to suggest optimal times to chat live in person or via video; if you’re tasked with specifically training another individual, we recommend you schedule recurring meetings with them to kick off on a positive note as soon as the first day they join the team. During these meetings, we encourage you to set aside the last 5 or so minutes to touch on ‘non-work topics that can help the employee integrate into the company culture at large. Not sure what to chat about? Keep reading!
  • Introduce ERGs and Volunteering Opportunities: Almost all corporate organizations are developing employee resource groups and volunteering opportunities to offer to employees (and sometimes even during work hours!). For example, the company I worked for offered ‘ERGs’ focused specifically on helping develop and connect young professionals, women, latinX, PRIDE, Asia-Pacific, and MANY more! So, it’s likely that at least one ERG will not only be aligned with the new teammates’ identity but could also be a fantastic opportunity to become an ally for another like-minded group. Remind the person you’re training that ERGs and volunteering events within the company are a phenomenal way to build professional relationships with coworkers outside of your immediate scope of work. And as we know, building a strong network is almost always the underlying key to success, future promotions, and your personal legacy at an organization.
  • Connect with Other Employees and Potential Mentors! Spread the networking success to the newbies! Are there specific employees that you have strong relationships with that you can connect this person to? Do you know of senior employees seeking out a mentee? Who did YOU connect with throughout the first few weeks/months on the job? Think about those employees you find particularly friendly, open to new connections, or even just useful to know as it relates to the scope of your work. We encourage you to go so far as compile a shortlist of emails, names, and associated roles to share with the new employee to help kick off their individual networking endeavor. And always remember to remind them to keep asking for MORE during these conversations! If they’re feeling a connection with an employee during a coffee chat, it’s completely appropriate to inquire about additional employees they’d recommend connecting with.
  • Invite Them to Lunch! While it may seem obvious and is often even coordinated immediately during a new hire’s first week, we encourage you to CONTINUE including the employee with notable intent when it comes to lunch. While you likely feel super comfortable and acclimated to your company’s environment and culture, it’s easy to overlook the imposter syndrome that your new teammate may be feeling. Going above and beyond, and continuing to extend invites even when it may seem ‘obvious’, is a great way to take the extra mile to create an inclusive atmosphere.

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