Let’s Chat… Dressing for Success!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a LONG, relaxing weekend and are entering into your new-to-September work week with a refreshed sense of motivation. With kids heading back to elementary schools, and other students heading off to colleges, there is a sense of refresh and newness in the air this month. And with that… job searches! For anyone entering into interviews, starting a new job, or navigating a work culture and its ‘ambiguous’ dress code, this article is for YOU! Keep reading to find out how to dress for success in any professional work environment…

Dressing for Professional Success

  • Research: You have to research the company beforehand when kicking off an application or interview, so you should definitely compile a bit of research about the company culture. In doing so, try to figure out how they dress by checking out their social media, pictures on the website, or capture any information in an employee or company resource guide. Types of dress include business professional, business casual, and generally casual – we recommend dressing in a way that will allow you to fit into the company preference. If the way they dress is uncomfortable to you, make sure you evaluate this component of a role well ahead of the interview process to understand your fit best!
    • Extra Tip: If you’re teetering between two levels of formality, we encourage you to err on the side of formal when it comes to first impressions and interviews – you’d rather be overdressed than underdressed! Keep reading to understand why.
  • Confidence and Comfort: Let’s say that you’ve already done your research and discovered that the company is business casual, but you really wanted to wear your pencil skirt or suit. Guess what? It’s okay to overdress for the interview! Dressing for success is proven to boost our confidence in situations like interviews. Additionally, paying attention to what YOU feel comfortable in is a guaranteed way to settle some nerves when prepping in the last few moments before entering the interview room. Extra effort is always okay for an interview outfit – just make sure that you are comfortable with envisioning how you will fit into the long-term dress expectations.
  • Keep it Simple: When you think of your outfit, try not to go overboard on jewelry, accessories, brand names or labels, layers, colors, patterns, etc. Generally, make sure that you don’t distract from the most important part of the interview… you! Try to incorporate simple pieces that are elegant and conservative.
    • Extra tip: Simplicity also applies to colors! Sticking to blacks, browns, greys, dark blues, or other dark shades of colors will ensure you appear professional and aligned with any possible company culture or dress code.
    • Extra, extra tip: If you are someone who may sweat under pressure, we recommend layering your outfit so that you have an opportunity to cool off when you arrive at the office. This may look like a cardigan, blazer, jacket, etc., whatever it may be, doing so will help you to not feel trapped or suffocated by your nerves!
    • Final Tip: Arriving early affords you a crucial moment way to use the bathroom, cool off, reorganize, and feel fully prepared when you are ultimately called into the meeting!

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