Let’s Chat… Golf!

Good morning, everyone! We hope that you are enjoying days of sunshine, outdoor time, and spending outside work hours with friends and family. If I’ve noticed one thing about friends of mine and even my family – it’s that the summer days bring… golf! And a lot of it! If you are interested in getting some practice in golf and learning the “rules of the road” when it comes to playing, you’re in the right place. Especially for those of us at companies that sponsor golf outings or if golfing is a significant attribute to your client relationships – it is crucial to be able to know the etiquette expected on the course.

Learning the Basics of Golf…

  • Dress the part: How you dress is often one of the first things someone will notice about you! For women, a longer skirt or golf pants and a collared shirt are appropriate. For men, nice shorts or pants, and a collared shirt are expected on the course – this means that the backward hats, swim trunks, jerseys, muscle tees, or regular t-shirts can stay at home. A great way to envision your dress should be “business professional x Golf” – while you may not wear the same outfit in the office as on the golf, dressing the part means dressing appropriately to surround yourself with leadership, teammates, and employees across the organization.
  • Make sure you arrive early: As applies to most things in life, make sure that you are respecting other people’s time and always be on time for your tee time. Especially for those of us new to the course, make sure to arrive early so that you can make yourself comfortable, get organized, and rest for a moment before you get going.
  • All electronics – off: You should not be using your phone during your time on the course. Make sure that you turn it off or at least turn your ringer off. Avoiding any scenario during which your phone could ring in the middle of a client’s or teammate’s swing is a key to being successful and pleasant.
  • Keep your temper under control and be aware of your volume level: Although golf can be a frustrating game, you want to keep your cool. You may be hitting the ball every way except the fairway as a beginner. No matter what happens, you always keep your composure and keep going! Golf is a great way to see how someone can deal with adversity. So, after a bad shot, pick your head up, laugh it off, and get ready for the next one! Under no circumstance should you throw your club or start yelling and cursing – and this also goes for your volume level. As you’ll quickly notice, golf is a relatively quiet spot, and replicating your volume surroundings is a great way to show your etiquette.

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