Let’s Chat Hiring… For Gen X!

Welcome back to our new hiring series! Today, we’re focusing on Gen X – with birth dates spanning between 1965 – 1980 (and we know, this is subjective), this group is anywhere between 1 and 15 years older than their Millennial coworker counterparts. So, if you fall into this age group, or if you’re an employer advertising position towards this age group, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out how to hire and retain this generation of professionals!

Let’s… Recruit Gen X!

  • Evaluate your Benefits Package: As you recruit and welcome new employees into your company, make sure you are meeting employees where they are at! As it relates to Gen X, these professionals highly value benefits like healthcare packages, dental and other types of healthcare coverage, network availability, family plans, and other benefits that contribute to overall compensation. Many of these employees have families and other individuals to care for so providing them with opportunities to leverage and apply to their entire household is a great way to differentiate your benefits offering.
    • Extra Tip: For our employers, it is crucial to continuously evaluate the way that your benefits and compensation hold up to other companies and industries in your area! Are you paying your employee’s similar compensation that they could be getting in the same role at another org.? Is your PTO in line with employee expectations? Have you ever sent a survey or quantified priority across different benefits as it relates to your employees (i.e.: asked for their input on benefits, healthcare, PTO, hybrid flexibility, etc.)?
  • Workplace Flexibility: On the same note as above, make sure to stay on the pulse of the work format preferred by your company. If you value your employees coming in person, make sure to ask yourself if that should be required every day. Is there a compromise that you can offer so as to ensure you receive the productivity you’re looking for while ensuring employee satisfaction? Gen X has experienced the grand majority of their careers in a pre-covid, 100% in-person format, but have now adapted to a flexible work environment over the course of the last few years. So, make sure to be mindful of the changes professionals have experienced and how that may have impacted their long-term outlook on daily work expectations.
  • Collaborative Teams and Communication: Once these employees are onboarded, make sure that you are assessing the ways their teams and role is structured as it relates to integration with other employees! Gen X seeks collaboration, and constructive feedback in order to improve their professional skill set, and teamwork. So, make sure to evaluate this priority before placing Gen X professionals in roles that might not require daily communication with others.
  • Tech Savvy: While this generation groups up outside of the digital revolution, they are still incredibly tech-savvy and receptive to communication from different formats! Are your software programs updated? Do you meet employees on the channel they prefer (i.e. email, Microsoft Teams, Zooms, etc.)? How can you best update your daily programs to meet industry tech advancements and stay in line with trending new updates and programs?
  • Investment in their Development, Gen X is a Loyal Workforce! Above all, Gen X employees are super valuable to your company and, if treated well, are loyal and will work hard to stay with you for many years. So, make sure to consistently check the pulse of your employee preferences and ensure that they feel fulfilled by the work your providing as well as the format of your work environment, team structures, culture, and more.

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