Let’s Chat.. Industries Hiring Right Now!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you are gearing up for a fun weekend filled with activities and R&R. Before you go, we wanted to leave you with a bit of positive news. We know that each day, the news brings attention to companies (many of them in the tech sector) executing mass layoffs. However, that doesn’t mean the entire job industry is scaling back its workforce right now! Read below to find out the top industries that are hiring right NOW and navigate your job search as soon as today!

Who’s Hiring? Best Industries for Job Searches in 2023

  • According to Monster, “particular growth areas include computer systems design and related services, temporary help services, management and technical consulting services, and architectural and engineering services.” Make sure to check out leisure, hospitality, health care, retail, and construction-type services to get your foot in the door somewhere new and potentially in a completely new space.
  • CBS News cites the following company as adding thousands of jobs in the past few months: Alaska Airlines, Boeing, Chipotle, Moderna, and United Airlines (all of which have hired over 2,000 new positions… each!).
  • TheBalanceMoney.com also cites an incredibly important resource: “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the occupational outlook for hundreds of jobs. By looking at jobs that are predicted to grow, you can ensure that employers will be eager to receive your application.”
  • If you’re engaging in a search without a company, role, or industry in mind, make sure to follow TheBalance’s keep tips to search on:
    • “Glassdoor has a list of the top companies located near you. Click the company name to see reviews, jobs, salaries, and interview tips at each employer. (Current job listings are under the “jobs” tab.)
    • Check out HelpOneBillion. There are over 500,000 current job openings from companies that want to hire quickly to fill the positions.”

Best Jobs of 2023

If you’re looking for inspiration, make sure to follow the U.S. News as they define the “100 best jobs” here. Some of the top hits are for software developers, nurse practitioners, medical/health services managers, physician assistants, or information security analysts. And remember, what has this entire article had in common? Variety! There are many jobs listed within this blog that relate to a variety of functions, industries, skill sets, and more. So, if you’re itching to switch industries, we encourage you to start sharpening your skills over the next quarter of the year, identify your strengths as a candidate, and make that pivot!

Tune in next week as we offer resources to help guide you through skill development in order to become the best candidate you can be.

And if you’re looking for a job… Check out our open jobs list!