Let’s Chat… Receiving Constructive Criticism!

Welcome back, everyone! Thank you for tuning into our most recent chat on what to expect and prepare for yearend reviews. These processes are crucial, even if uncomfortable, to our professional development and growth. For that reason, and in anticipation of receiving constructive feedback, we thought we’d dive into how to best receive and respond to criticism today!

Let’s Chat… Receiving Constructive Feedback

  • Mindfulness of Tone and Presence: In these types of conversations, the most meaningful effect often isn’t even the constructive feedback itself, but the way you receive and reply to it. Be mindful of smiling, maintaining eye contact, and avoiding any demonstration of irritation. This means… don’t eye roll, slouch in your seat, look around the room, or otherwise display signs of disengagement. Receiving feedback is all about personal preference, interest in growing and embracing criticism, and actively listening.
  • Active Listening! While it is crucial that you allow your manager to release all of their thoughts in a concise message, know that it is absolutely appropriate and often expected that you reply with questions that show you’re engaged and interested in growing. Whether this means asking for specific examples, creating measurable goals to improve on these skills, or asking if you can continually touch base in the future on this type of feedback, showing that you’re actively listening to their feedback will set you up for a successful conversation.
  • Thankful Attitude: As we explained on Monday, while you should always thank someone else for taking the time to engage with you no matter the topic, it’s essential to thank your manager for feedback and not express any animosity depending on the result. Getting constructive criticism is a part of life, and a vital skill to success is being able to channel those types of messages with action and appreciation.
    • Reiteration From Monday…Review New Goals Before Making Final! The most important note of all, make sure that you and your manager are absolutely on the same page before solidifying your new goals in any type of HR platform. Make sure that your goals are SMART (measurable!), align with your interests and role, and are reviewed by the leadership that will evaluate them. Creating an open channel of communication so that your goals are interactive is key to success.
  • Provide Your Feedback Too: It often seems like managerial feedback is a one-way street, but if you are approached during the yearend review process to provide feedback for your manager, take advantage of the opportunity to do so. This is a great time to discuss your alignment with their communication style if you want to receive more frequent feedback if you’re happy with the projects and responsibilities you’ve been given, and the general way that they impact your career experience and growth. In the same way that you expect to be given feedback in a kind manner and with respect, exemplify the same awareness of creating a positive conversation. And whenever able, always end on a positive note!

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