Let’s Chat…Traveling Home during the Holidays!

Welcome back to the blog friends! As Thanksgiving weekend rapidly approaches, we thought there was no better time to catch you up on everything you need to know about airport prep. Keep reading below to find out our best tips and tricks for navigating through this busy season and ensuring you’re on track to having the smoothest traveling experience possible.

Let’s Chat… Travel “Prep”

Night Before

The night before the flight is undoubtedly your time to shine. What do we mean by that? Use your home Wi-Fi, download your movies, and take advantage of this time to have everything you need for the actual plane ride intact! Follow along with the checklist we created to assemble your carry-on.

  • Chargers – for all tablets, laptops, cellphones, headphones, and more!
  • Downloads – Podcasts, Movies, TV, Music, and more!
  • Any snacks to get you through the day (granola bars, bagged snacks, etc.)
  • An empty water bottle to bring with you on vacation – make sure that there are no liquids left in its content so as to avoid problems at security!
  • Any books or beach essentials to start on the plane…
  • Hand wipes, sanitizer, face masks, and other resources to allow you to reach optimal comfort on the flight. 
  • Neck pillows, blankets, or other seat compliments. 

Morning Of

We encourage you to use the morning of to secure all of your vacation essentials. At this point, it would be most beneficial for your carry-on and flight belongings to be prepared and ready to grab on the way out the door. But… did you pack:

  • Pajamas
  • Exercise or activity clothing/gear
  • Night-time outfits for a fancier “vibe” – always remember to bring extra layers or jackets in case your location cools off or endures a breeze!
  • All appropriate shoes: for exercise, lounge, nights out and walks around town.
  • “Hang out” clothing like tees, shorts, sweats, and other comfort essentials. 
  • If you’re going someplace warm… bathing suits, sunscreen, hats, flip flops, ponytails, scrunchies, cover-ups, and all of your pool go-to’s!

We hope that this list provides MORE than enough of a start for you to be secure as you step onto your flight. Safe travels and we hope you enjoy your trip!

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