Let’s Chat… Utilizing Work Resources!

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re hoping to share with you reasons why and ways to take advantage of workforce resources and benefits. When weighing job packages, we constantly remind you all of the importance of valuing aspects of a workplace beyond wages and compensation. Not only does this mean access to healthcare, PTO days, etc., … but it also means those pockets of culture sprinkled into your day-to-day role! Keep reading below to find out about some common workplace resources companies provide to employees so that they can continue bettering themselves each day in and outside of work.

Taking Advantage of ‘Unseen’ Workplace Benefits:

  • LinkedIn Learning: Above all, I penciled this one in as my corporate employer recently introduced a new HR benefit in the form of providing employees access to an enormous variety of LinkedIn Learning courses. While there are undoubtedly free courses (maybe even on LinkedIn!) already available, the library is custom-made to the interests and skills I’ve selected, and available to me at any day and time. Especially for those of us hoping to improve our professional skillset and continue achieving personal growth in 2023, this is a phenomenal way to do so.
    • Extra Tip: There may be other online or in-person courses at your fingertips that you don’t even know about! If your company displays an internal site or application list, make sure to sift through it and identify any ‘unseen’ resources that are paid for and available to you. For example, last year I found out that our company supports enrollment in Amazon Web Services courses that could help us achieve a variety of certifications. There are likely software platforms (like Udemy), introductions, or even consumer reports and libraries stored in your company’s database that you may not even know about. Especially for us Marketers, it’s super important to be aware of consumer-driven platforms through which we can derive consumer insights, behavioral analyses, competitive studies (Comperemedia), and more!
  • Gym and Wellness Access: As our society continues to place immense focus on mental health awareness and the value of work-life balance, as well as wellness, it is likely that your company HR policy might have shifted to include this type of benefit. Check out any opportunities through which your employer may cover the expense of a fitness class, offer a wellness PTO day, provide insurance with access to therapy, or otherwise relieve the costs and encourage wellness activity. Doing so will not only alleviate your personal financial responsibility of ‘self-care’, but might even be the push you needed to take the next step toward improving your mental health!
  • Software Courses and Availability: Similar to LinkedIn learning and other certification courses, make sure you’re staying aware of the technical skills you want to gain out of your experience at a given company or in a role. Software platforms like SQL, Tableau, Access and other basic coding are often paid for and available to an employee of any corporation that uses Microsoft Suite apps! So, take stock of some skills you’re hoping to gain in 2023, and get started with any work downtime that you can find.

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