Let’s Chat… Your Fit at Work!

Welcome back, everyone! This morning, we are here to help discuss what culture means at the office. Whether you’re working fully remotely, in a hybrid format, or going into the office in person each day, workplace culture is a crucial component of job satisfaction. Not only does culture exist at the enterprise level, but also across leadership, teammates, and within each department. So, in order to find out how you best fit into your office, organization, and greater culture, keep reading HERE!

Evaluating Workplace Culture…

  • Vision: While stability may be comfortable at work, a company with a vision for the future, even if it may even seem impossible, is one that is geared up to succeed. Visions are meant to act as guides, and often will even set unrealistic goals to help employees maintain a strong drive and motivation. Does your work environment have a clear vision?
    • Extra tip: Before accepting a job offer, make sure that your personal mission and vision align with those of the entire organization. Ensuring this will allow you to maintain enthusiasm and true care for the work you complete.
  • Morals and Values: An organization with genuine morals and values is one that deeply cares for its employees and their satisfaction, in addition to the success of the business. Morals and values can be exhibited in a concrete manner, potentially in a manual or posted on a wall, but are often expressed in intangible ways and through behaviors. Make sure that your firm takes notable action to enact these morals and values because we all know, you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
    • Extra tip: We know that not every day can include a clear display of morals and values. However, does your company provide a volunteer day? Organizations to work with? Does it stand up for minority groups and make efforts to create diverse leadership? Do they partner with ethical organizations? These are all questions to ask yourself!
  • Teamwork: In your career, you will undoubtedly find yourself working on many different teams with various types of employees. Firms that monitor and encourage contribution from all team members, and from employees at all different levels are firms that exhibit true care for teamwork. In addition, an office that values teamwork will make sure that all employees are dedicated and in tune with the organization’s morals and values.
  • Support for Uniqueness and Creativity: One of the greatest aspects that help employees to feel valued is an organization’s ability to support and even encourage individual uniqueness and creativity. Flexibility awarded to employees as they complete projects, responsibilities, and even paths to take to achieve goals is one of the greatest ways to measure the trust your company has in you.
  • Feedback Loops: In the same way that organizations should encourage you to embrace your creativity and unique skillset, we also find immense value in companies that invest in their employee’s growth. This may look like a quarterly, formalized check-in in an HR software program, regular 1:1s with management and leadership, or written documentation of feedback and opportunities for improvement. Whatever it is for you, it is key to your professional development to have this type of consistent dialogue within your role!
  • Employee Retention: While many aspects of workplace culture are nonmeasurable, employee retention is something that you can actually evaluate. Retention is a great way to measure if culture is being exhibited in an effortful manner. A workplace with a flourishing, successful culture is one that employees will want to work for forever! So, are they staying with your firm?

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