Let’s Chat… Your Professional Brand at Work

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re going to dig into a concept that will highly contribute to your career long-term – your professional brand! While it’s true that you’ll work for an organization and, in turn, contribute to the way that the company is perceived, you also make up your individual brand. So, keep reading here to find out the attributes that make you, YOU in the workplace!

Your Professional Brand Identity…

  • Values: Who you are and what you value are the building blocks of your brand. Is your career your first priority? Building a family? Finding a significant other? Starting new friendships? Moving somewhere new? Whatever is at the forefront of your mind will guide your personal brand, conversations, goals, professional relationships, and daily discussions. So, writing down a list of values and figuring out what is most important to you is a great place to start. Digging even deeper to ensure that your values are aligned with those of your organization is a key trait in ensuring longevity at work and personal alignment too.
  • Unique Identity: Beyond the values that contribute to your decision-making and perspective, what are the unique traits that make up your personality? When you enter a room, what do you bring to the table that no one else possesses? In other words, what are your ‘super powers’? Figuring out the unique strengths that contribute to your identity is another component of your professional brand. If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, taking online identity and personality assessments is a great way to begin understanding your strengths and the special qualities that you hold too!
  • Your Role: Undoubtedly, your role is a huge factor in how you’re perceived at your organization and who you work with along the way. What function do you bring to your company? What is your organization able to achieve as a result of your work? What other teams or teammates rely on you to be able to complete their work? Figuring out how you fit into the enormous puzzle that your entire organization represents is equally valuable to understanding your corporate identity at work. And remember, make sure that you are frequently checking in with yourself, and your goals, to ensure that you are fulfilled and inspired by the role that you’re in! With an intrinsic desire to succeed, fueled by the work that you’re doing, you’re on a great track to achieving optimal results.
  • Connections! Finally, we’ll leave you with this idea: build on your personal brand by connecting it with others! If you share identity traits, look into employee resource groups that will help you gather with other like-minded individuals! If you are interested in certain sports or hobbies, check out if your company offers intramural leagues! If you are seeking to improve the way you’re viewed as a leader, find a mentee! Building your network, strengthening these traits by bonding them with other coworkers, and expanding the reach in the way your interests are recognized are all amazing ways to build your professional brand.

Remember, it’s not only important to have a professional brand for yourself, but it is a key factor in promotional opportunities too. Think about the positions you hope to step into one day… what key traits do they require? How is leadership perceived at your company? What do you look up to in your own leaders and management? Working towards the attributes that are circling your mind is a great place to start while you continue to build your professional brand.

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