Let’s…Clear Our Minds this Morning!

Welcome back from the weekend, everyone! Today, we hope to provide you with a morning resource to jumpstart your day, your week, and work productivity. So, if you’re looking for the extra kick that will allow you to reach your maximum motivation and potential, keep reading below to find out.

Why Clear Our Minds?

Clearing your mind will not only allow you to flush out the madness and distracted thoughts but will help you to reach maximum productivity during the work hours of the day. Think about it this way: how much time do you spend in one morning planning your day? Assigning tasks? Digesting your email inbox (if it fills up like ours seems to do each time we log on!)? If you could resolve the time you spent deciphering all of this each day, wouldn’t you? Find out our favorite ways to do so below…

Let’s… Clear Our Minds!

  • Plan Ahead! Above all else, setting your future self up for success requires a bit of preparation. While it shouldn’t take up more than a half hour or hour of your day, we encourage you to try planning ahead for your week on a Sunday night or otherwise outside of work hours. Jotting down personal errands, top work assignments, due dates, and goals that don’t relate to submissions (like exercise, activities, or even going on dates), will allow you to begin compartmentalizing what each day of the following week will look like. Once you have segmented these ideas and written them down on a piece of paper, we encourage you to start assigning general days to each activity.
    • Extra Tip: Time batch! We encourage you to try and block out times to execute so as to avoid sprinkling in errands and distracting from your work throughout the week. For example, if you have a doctor’s appointment, prescription pickup, and groceries to accomplish this week – schedule them all within the same afternoon so that you don’t have to go out 3 separate times.
  • Exercise in the Morning: We know that you might be craving that extra 30 minutes or hour of sleep, however, we encourage you to try a morning workout at least one time this week. Getting your body and mind moving before you sit down for 8 hours each day will undoubtedly wake you up and help you to sort out some madness.
    • Extra Tip: Even if you live in colder climates like many of us, identifying your nearest walking track, indoor gym, or even mall to walk around is a great place to get in your daily steps. Not every workout needs to look like crazy cardio or HITT with blaring music … simply moving your body is enough to get your mind right!
  • Nourish your Body (and therefore… your mind!): Especially for those of you trying out an AM workout, always make sure to nourish your body before entering your workday. Whether you WFH or commute into an office, nourishing your body and providing your mind with fuel with which to address daily obligations is a crucial way to reach success.
    • Breakfast Ideas: Yogurt, smoothie, protein shake, protein bar, eggs, toast, avocado toast, fruit, bacon, sausage, breakfast sandwich, bagel… the list goes on!
  • Pick 3 Priorities: Finally, a topic we’ve addressed many times throughout our blog lifecycle is the value of addressing priorities. It’s easy to feel like you can accomplish all of the work tasks that pile up each day, but the reality is that it may result in accomplishing quantity over quality. Instead, choose your top 3 priorities of the day and work to complete those to the best of your ability. Whether this is clearing an inbox, completing a project, practicing a presentation with a manager, or scheduling your meetings for the week… pick and choose so that you are effective and intentional.

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