Let’s…Head Back to Work!

Welcome back to the blog, everyone! While a lot of us may be seeking new opportunities (friendly reminder to check out our MANY open jobs!), it is finally becoming a realistic expectation that we will be heading into our roles, responsibilities, and teams in person. And what does that mean? Well, it’s time to get used to and back into commuting to your work locations! Even if you are operating in a hybrid format, it’s crucial to nail your plan for the days you are “going in” to optimize your schedule, routine, and time spent at home in the morning. Keep reading to find out all of the potential options that will allow you to effortlessly move from home to the office!

Let’s Commute to Work…

  1. Train: First and foremost, the commute we’re all probably envisioning. The train is a commute as old as time, and a great way to navigate any city and even many suburbs. Locating your closest line, and also communicate that to your company in case you are eligible for certain benefits or stipends (often in the form of reimbursements or supplemental credits towards passes like CTA) is a great way to take advantage of your benefits package and get moving! The train is not only convenient but quick and a hands-free approach to commuting to your job.
  2. Bus/Shuttle: Often, a bus/shuttle will be paired with your train ride in the case that your stop is still a few blocks or miles away from your office. Check with your company to identify whether or not they provide a company shuttle specifically for employees (many do!) and how to best navigate the timing to take advantage of this benefit. If your office is within a few miles of your home, taking a quick bus and locating a walkable stop might save you more time than even taking the train! Again, see if your role is eligible for compensation surrounding transportation to take financial advantage where applicable.
  3. Divvy/Electric Bike: For us in Chicago, I’m sure you have heard of the term “Divvying” by now – what does that mean?! Through the Lyft app or in its own app called “Divvy,” Chicagoans are offered the opportunity to simply scan a QR code placed on a bike, unlatch from its lock, and go! If your commute is within a few miles, on safe streets, and accessible, this may be a perfect option for you! Taking advantage of a method that allows for fresh air and some exercise is a phenomenal way to kick off your day.
  4. Personal Car: Another option that may suit you if you’re looking for some alone time in the morning is by traveling in a personal vehicle. For our college students… if this sounds like you, make sure that your future apartment either provides parking, directs you to a near parking facility, or is situated near street parking! Make sure to weigh the costs and benefits with this option, as monthly city parking adds up quickly and gas mileage may too. However, driving a personal car to your company is undoubtedly a quick, convenient, clean, and peaceful route to work!
  5. Walk! Finally, if you’re someone with the pleasure of living within a few blocks or miles from work, walking is not only a fantastic way to jumpstart your morning but an exercise in and of itself! We recommended bringing work clothes and changing once you are there if you think you’ll work up a sweat. This alternative is a fantastic way to pack in a few steps, maybe a podcast, and some fresh air all before your workday even begins.

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