Let’s… Jump into a Productive Monday!

Welcome back and Happy Monday everyone! Today, we’re here to regroup on a topic we like to continuously remind ourselves of… jumping into a productive week. This is the article for you if you’re chasing that well-organized, motivated feeling to take you into a successful work week. Keep reading HERE to find out how to best set yourself up for success!

Productive Monday Habits:

  • Plan Ahead: What are your top priorities? What meals will you cook this week? Are there any appointments that need to be scheduled? Take some time on Monday to write down or type out what you need to get a handle on this week in order to shape your inside and outside of work priorities. There are MANY ways to organize this and we’ve covered several in previous organizational series – check out our posts on time batching, creating schedules, A/B work strategies, and more.
  • Schedule Relaxation Time: Instead of binge-watching your favorite TV show, or falling into the all-too-addicting ‘doom scrolling’, try and schedule some time for a bit of non-screen related relaxation each week. If you are struggling to carve out specific time, layer ‘fun’ into your to-do list. For example, while you clean your room or fold laundry, throw on some of your favorite music or a podcast to help you stay focused and continue powering through the week.
  • Dress for Work No Matter Where! While many employees often start the work week from home on a Monday, we encourage you to treat your outfit as you would if it were a day in the office. Putting on a pair of jeans or casual business attire is a great way to differentiate your space from feeling simply like time for bed! So, dress for success by tossing on some work clothes to present yourself with during virtual meetings.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate…Hydrate! Find your favorite water bottle and make sure to schedule drinking water into your day. Whether this means purchasing a water bottle with timestamps as reminders or setting alarms on your phone, ensuring hydration is a great way to sustain the energy for a productive day both during and after work.
    • Extra Tip: Pay attention to nutrients! Balancing the indulgence that often comes during the weekends by ‘getting back on track’ by preparing nutritious meals is a great way to boost your energy any day, any time. Following helpful ‘food-fluencers’, looking up online recipes, and even meal prepping is a great way to ensure you’ll stay on track with healthy habits this week.
  • Get Moving: Whenever you can carve out even just 10 minutes, we highly encourage you to take a step outside for some fresh air and movement! Especially during the summer, many of us are living in cities with walking paths, parks, lakefronts, and various opportunities to get outside. Even just a quick walk will help you clear your mind, keep up positive energy, and regroup to dive into work obligations after a much-needed break.

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