Let’s Ring in…2023 Positive Energy!

Welcome back, everyone! In the holiday and New Year anticipation as well as spirit, we thought it would be a perfect time to provide you with reasoning to support a positive entrance into the New Year. That’s right, let’s rally together and recap all of our positives as we enter 2023…

Let’s Run through 2023 Positive Pointers…

  • Building Connections Online and In-Person: While many of our interactions and conversations have been executed through screens, we are incredibly impressed by the way in which each of you, our candidates, and our employees have embraced this new form of communication and created a new normal. It is phenomenal to review the ways in which our U.S. workforce has come together under the idea of embracing technology to not only maintain but build connections amongst one another and our loved ones (a special thank you to Zoom!). However, let’s also recognize our return to in-person work! 2022 marked, for many of us, the first ‘permanent’ return to hybrid or full-time in-person work since before the Pandemic. This means that not only are we returning to our ‘work normal’, but are also now afforded the opportunity to look for roles that are in-person, hybrid, or fully remote! Never before have candidates and employees had such autonomy over their daily roles and lives – so take advantage of the format that works best for you!
  • Saved Commute: Working from home periodically, in a hybrid format, or fully remotely has allowed professionals of all industries the reprieve of extra sleep, relaxation, and the comfort of their own homes. So, although it may be easy to become fatigued by the repetition and environment of your home, it allows you to skip a lengthy commute and pack in a few chores or errands along the way.
  • Gratitude and Mindfulness: As we adapt to an ever-changing world dynamic and different challenges that face our society on a daily basis, it has never been more evident that practicing gratitude and mindfulness are essential components of strong mental health and fulfillment. We have been tasked with some of the greatest challenges of our lives, but reminded of the value of those we love, the comfort of our homes, our own health, and the hopeful health of those around us!
    • Extra Tip: Although it may sound cliche, the New Year is a notorious opportunity for you to re-evaluate your personal health and incorporate a fitness routine. Let 2023 be your year to maximize your personal fitness, mental health, nutritional intake, career trajectory, and more!
  • Let’s Stay Positive: Above all, staying positive has proven key to the course of our years! While it may feel easy to get knocked down by the struggles posed by the pandemic and economy, remaining calm, and grateful for those aspects of life that provide you fulfillment and happiness will prove the key to pushing forward to the future.
    • Extra Tip: Always take time for yourself! Whether this means scheduling in blocks during your workday, carving out solo activities during the weekend, or otherwise practicing ‘self-care’, doing so is an amazing strategy to clear your mind and maintain a positive outlook.

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