Let’s Stand Up and Move!

Happy Monday everyone! With all of the upcoming studying on the horizon, we know that’s it’s all too easy for a day to pass you by without even realizing that you’ve been sitting for the majority of the time you’ve been awake. Today, we’re hoping to teach you a few ways to counteract having zero activity over a day of work – doing so will stimulate your physical and mental health simultaneously and improve your ability to focus! Keep reading to find out how…

Let’s Move!

Setting Small Activities

Scheduling in activity breaks is a great way to break up time blocks throughout the day and find a reason to stand up, walk around, workout, or otherwise engage in an activity that requires you to move. Make a commitment to yourself to get up every hour, thirty minutes, or even fifteen for a walk break, and in addition, find reasons to change up your environment. Whether this means walking to your nearest coffee shop for a coffee break, walking to pick up groceries to make lunch or ordering food for takeout or even walking around the block, any activity works.

Stretch Breaks

Sitting for long periods of time, and combining that with staring down at a phone or into a laptop screen will undoubtedly cause tension in your muscles, so stretching is a great way to thank your body for sitting all day. Some easy stretches like spinal twists, half-kneel stretches, or downward dog motions are simple, yet effective. And especially today, there are more workout videos and resources online than ever before – even a five minute YouTube video will stretch out your muscles in an effective and necessary way, while also improving your posture and body alignment.

Spend Time with Friends

Scheduling activities or otherwise stimulate physical movement will help your muscles and mental health, but spending time with friends or family and escaping the thoughts of studying is another great way to feel refreshed and re-focused. It’s so important to remember that your brain needs mental breaks throughout the day in order to increase your productivity and creativity. If you’re feeling tired or experiencing a midday study slump, listen to your mind and walk away from those books! Some of our favorite ways to spend time with friends is through grabbing a cup of coffee, going for a walk, eating a meal together, or just hanging around and watching an episode of mindless TV.

Remember, it’s normal to feel antsy and in need of a break when the majority of your day is spent still and sitting. Always listen to your mind and body, incorporate necessary breaks and fun activities to keep your mind stimulated, relaxed, and focused!

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