Let’s Talk… Morning Coffee!

Hello everyone! We hope that this week is breezing by as quickly for you as it is for us. At Esquire, we feel as though we’ve never been busier, and we couldn’t be more grateful! After all, it’s YOU who makes this company go round and keeps us around, so thanks for all you do.

Today, we’re here to chat about morning coffee. Are you one of the millions and millions of Americans (and people all over the world!) who start your morning with a cup of joe? If the answer is yes, this article is for YOU.

Morning Coffee Chat…

According to Ladders.com,… “Caffeine is so effective because it peaks right away and then lingers in your system for hours. Typically, the half-life of caffeine is around four to six hours, meaning that four to six hours after consumption, about half of that caffeine is still in your system.”

While we all know the beneficial feeling of a caffeine rush that takes you through half of your workday, is coffee really good for us? Whether you’re drinking one or four cups a day, it’s likely that coffee may disturb your sleeping patterns if consumed too late in the day. And, if you’re someone looking to change up your routine and uptake caffeine through a different alternative, check out these options!

Caffeine Alternatives…

  • Matcha!
  • Probiotics!
  • Chai – Teas and Lattes!

and don’t forget… the importance of water! Water is a key source of your energy and consistency throughout the day. Relying on coffee to get started in the morning can easily turn into an unhealthy reliance and large influence on productivity. So make sure you’re pairing your morning brew with energizing food, nutrients, and a whole bunch of water!

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