Office Desk Favorites

Welcome back, everyone! We hope that, if you’re from the Midwest like we are, you’ve been enjoying this quick winter-reprieve and warm weather throughout this week. If you’re able, we highly encourage you to spend some time in the fresh air, take a break from screens, and soak in the sunshine (we definitely know we needed it!). Today, I’m here to switch gears briefly and discuss some of my favorite at-home items and desk necessities to keep me excited, motivated, and able to avoid burnout while still working from home.

At Home “Office” Curation

  • Coffee Routine: While caffeinated drinks certainly don’t jive with everyone, curating my perfect cup of coffee is admittedly my morning highlight. I encourage you to find a reason to get excited every morning; maybe your cup of coffee takes form as a bagel, bowl of yogurt, cup of fruit, smoothie, matcha, tea, or simply water… whatever it is, make it uniquely yours. I specifically enjoy K-cups, with Trader Joe’s chocolate oat milk and a tablespoon of cinnamon (sometimes with a spoonful of collagen when I’m feeling extra motivated). Spending an extra few moments to feel like a barista makes coffee an activity to look forward to instead of another task to complete, it’s all about framing it in your mind.
  • Pictures! Smiling at a picture of my puppies is always a pleasant and shining moment in my day. I haven’t yet gotten around to doing so, but I also plan to print a bunch of pictures of my favorite things (activities, restaurants, vacation spots, memories, family, and friends) to serve as a visual reminder of why we work…. to live (and certainly not the other way around)!
  • Candles and Scents: Another way that I make my space as pleasant as can be is by lighting a candle each morning when I sit down. Crafting a perfect scent to blanket the room and my space makes my day feel curated, custom, and exactly what fits my preferences. This could look like incense, candles, wall plug-ins, flowers, or whatever else you need to feel your best in your space.
  • Colorful Pens and Sticky Notes: This is extremely detailed, but I find unexpected pleasure in writing in colorful pens, crafting notes on colored stickies, and making my space colorful. Whether these details impact your mood and productivity is, of course, a personal preference, but I would definitely recommend it! It is also crucial that you identify the most productive way that you can retain information – whether this is on your computer, physically on a sticky, or even in a notebook, make sure to collect the materials that will allow you to accomplish your best work!
  • Organization and Separation! Always organize and separate your space from the rest of your life as much as possible. Work belongings and materials should not spill into your bed (or bedroom if you can avoid it). Isolating work hours from personal life is a key to achieving work-life balance and sustaining productivity. And moreover, making sure your space is concise (and not overflowing with junk!), is a key to creating a clear mind.

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