Personal Websites?

Have you ever thought about creating a personal website? It may seem over the top and unnecessary, but there are actually many benefits to your own website. Continue reading and I will share some of the benefits and things you should include in a personal website!


First Impression: While a resume is your first impression to potential employers and recruiters, it is also very common for them to google your name. When they google you and end up finding a website with all of your information included, they might be pleasantly surprised. This will help you make a great impression.

Online Presence: An online presence is so important in our digitally-driven society. The first place people will look you up is through social media/google. A personal website will be beneficial because you can link all of your professional social media accounts in one place. Potential employers and recruiters will be able to find your LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc, all through your personal website. A personal website will help create a strong online presence, and it is even better for showing off all of your best work, awards, and skills. Depending on your career, you could include things on the website such as portfolio/work samples, client testimonials, pictures, video clips, etc.

Creativity: A personal website gives you a better chance of being creative as opposed to a resume. Your website is like an interactive resume and portfolio all about you, which you can design and create. Use the small details to your advantage, things like font and theme, because whatever you choose will send a message of who you are. With full creative freedom, you might want to start writing a weekly business blog or write about projects you’re working on. With a personal website, you have the flexibility to post whatever content you want.

A personal website will not make or break your job search and/or career. If you choose to make one, it is simply an enhancement to your online presence. If you don’t know where to start, here are some links to take a look at – Revu, WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. These are all great platforms that can help you create your own personal website, but as always make sure to do some research before taking the plunge.

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