Stress at Work

In life and careers, getting stressed out is inevitable. You might feel like you’re drowning in work or your personal life, but it has been proven that some stress is actually good for us. If you don’t take stress by the horns and use it to your advantage, it’s easy to become overworked and overstressed. Today, I want to talk about how to use stress to your advantage.

Pressure vs. Stress: Pressure is when something is at stake depending on your performance. Feeling this pressure can lead you to feel overstressed, but if you differentiate between the two, you can eliminate some stress. Remind yourself that you are feeling pressure at the moment, only because you have to make that deadline, close the deal, or prep a meeting. Pressure can be a very productive thing by helping you work harder, improve your performance, or be more creative. Pressure does not always have to be stressful.

Perspective: Perspective can be a powerful thing. Changing the way we think about problems can be a step towards eliminating stress. If you tend to overthink problems and think they’re the end of the world, start writing your problems down. Putting them onto paper and getting those thoughts out of your head may help you see that the problem might not matter as much as you think.

Disconnect: Disconnecting from all devices is an obvious way to combat stress. Give yourself time during the workday or the end of the day and turn off all of your devices. If you do this for a few minutes during the workday, you will be able to find some inner peace. At the end of the day, it is a given that you need to disconnect from work.

Reaction: Study the ways your body reacts when you are stressed out. Identify that your mind races or your palms start sweating. Learning your symptoms can help you make a game plan. The next time your palms sweat and your mind is racing with negative thoughts, get up from your desk and go on a quick walk. Removing yourself from the stressful environment for a minute will help you stay present and mindful.

Stress is good for us in small doses and we all experience some sort of stress every day. Recognize how you feel and how you react when you are stressed out, and use the above tips to take advantage of your stress.

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