Virtual Studying Habits

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today, we’re here to provide you with our favorite ways to study as virtual learners. As we approach the midterm season, it is more important than ever that we implement our best study habits to ace upcoming exams. So, if you’re looking to improve the way you approach memorization, comprehension, or otherwise learn about how to be a prepared student, this article is for you…

Virtual Studying Habits…

  • Early Preparation: Above all else, studying early instead of procrastinating last minute is your key to success! There is no better way to absorb information than to pace it out over time, allowing yourself multiple days to absorb everything that will likely be on a test. A key to doing so is to break up days in smaller chunks instead of forcing yourself to sit and stare at a screen for hours on end. We recommend studying approximately 2 weeks ahead of your exam date, and starting with just 30 minutes of review per day, slowly increasing as the date nears. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for your hard work!
  • Study Breaks and Brain Breaks: Remember to allow yourself to feel exhaustion, confusion, or “antsy-ness.” There is a reason that our brain tells us internally that we need to take a break from what we’re doing, and that’s to be able to maintain ultimate focus afterward. Taking short walks, listening to music, stretching, grabbing a snack, working out, and generally moving your body instead of continuing to sit and online shop will prove much more effective in bringing you back to focus.
  • Multiple Alternatives: As you near your exam date, we also encourage you to switch up your studying medium. Have you been using Quizlet for a week? Try index cards or a compilation of notes! Have you been frequenting the library alone each day? Try finding a study buddy? Have you been stuck on a question for multiple days on end without being able to crack the code? Then check out our next tip!
  • Professor Communication: In the virtual format, it is abundantly easy to forget that we have professors as resources for studying. Often, professors will add additional office hours in the days leading up to exams or ways to reach out to get in contact to solve those hard-hitting questions that you just can’t place your finger on! Especially if you begin early, you’ll be able to identify these gaps in knowledge and get on top of them ahead of your exam date by contacting and engaging in communication with the person who writes the exam themselves… your professor!

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