What Recruiters Are Looking For

It seems to be the golden question: what exactly are recruiters looking for in their candidates? What makes a candidate stick out? We’re here to tell you that there is, in fact, an answer to this question! Read more to learn all about it …

Concrete Information:

A resume is often one of the most important components of the recruiting process. Without a resume that is updated, professional, and impressive, a recruiter can easily brush past your profile. What do recruiters look for on resumes? Here are a few key tips:

  1. Your Professional Background: Although you may have left a position, it is still a valuable asset to you as you apply to a new company. Recruiters always check the past work experiences of their candidates. Are their past positions in tune with the one they are applying for? Are their resumes customized, on-topic within the industry?
    1. In addition to your company background, recruiters do check out which companies you have worked for. Having prior experience at a renowned firm will set you aside in an applicant pool and help you stand out as a well-versed candidate.
  2. Year to Year: If you have taken off time from work in the past, and those gaps in time show on your resume, that’s okay! Recruiters will recognize that on your resume, just be prepared to provide an adequate explanation as to why.
  3. Organization and Appearance: Yes, the physical appearance of your resume does matter! Keep everything organized, nothing too flashy, and especially make sure all information is presented in an understandable format.
  4. Information Provided: Make sure to include location, contact information, full name, and any other standard information. Although this seems partially irrelevant, these small aspects of your resume can easily help your recruiter paint an image of you in their head. Without it, they may pass you by!
  5. Extra Tip: Don’t be afraid to add small personal touches to your resume! As long as it’s not overbearing to the rest of the paper, it’s A-OK!

Qualities and Characteristics:

During your first phone call interview with a recruiter, first impression truly is everything. Showcase your personality traits and the qualities that make you the best applicant for the job! If any of these sounds like you, make sure to emphasize them:

  1. Motivation: Whether this concerns the tone of voice you use, the way you talk about past work experiences, or the reason why you think you’re the next best candidate, sounding motivated is an invaluable trait! Think about how many people a recruiter interviews a day… standing out with enthusiasm and a sense of determination will without a doubt set you aside from the rest.
  2. Honesty: No mistake you’ve made or obstacle you’ve encountered will prohibit you from securing your next position. Be upfront with your past and your recruiter will appreciate the care you show about your transparency!
    1. This also relates to topics like salary, location, etc. Be honest with what you are looking for in your position. Don’t just agree because you think it’s what your recruiter wants to hear!
  3. Positivity: On the same note as motivation, make sure you come off in a positive manner! Start the conversation with a kind hello, as your recruiter about their day, show that you understand this is a two-way street.
  4. Leadership: A great way to humbly brag about yourself is to incorporate past leadership roles you’ve had into your conversation. Showing that you are a leader will show your recruiter not only that you are a determined individual, but that you are capable of working as a team and getting things done. You may even be able to secure a leadership position in a company right off the bat!

We hope that this has given you a great insight into what we are looking for in each of you at Esquire Recruiting!

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