Your Guide to Time Blocking

Hello everyone! We apologize for this short hiatus (I’m blaming it on a lack of access to stable Wi-Fi), but, as promised, let’s dive into time blocking! We’re trying to incorporate organizational tactics into your everyday responsibilities so that we can ease your schedule and help you out along the way. If you’ve heard that buzzword “time blocking” circulate your media, then today is your day to finally dive into the ins and outs of what it means!

So, what is Time Blocking?!

Time blocking is a strategy to attack your ability to manage your time. In doing so, you’ll avoid diving into your schedule “blindly” with a general and overarching list of to-dos and instead divide your day into “blocks”. Each block will serve a specific task, a component of work, assignment, or other “block” of obligation that you see fit. Incorporating this strategy into your organization on a daily and weekly basis will help you optimize time inside and outside of work hours! It will also encourage you to create a schedule that will force accountability and ease the overwhelming feeling that can come with an ever-growing to-do list.

While time blocking does encourage someone to plan out most hours of their day, we’re here to remind you to make it your own! Whether you want to time block your morning, your afternoon around a schedule when kids and distractions are out of the house, or personal time to clear your mind, this strategy will help you do so. Time blocking is a fantastic mechanism to protect against becoming distracted, optimize focus and productivity, and increase your time management skills.

If you’re reading this and asking yourself, how do I know if time blocking is right for me, then ask the following…. are you juggling a variety of responsibilities that don’t coincide? Do you scatter out your emails throughout the day instead of giving replies full attention for an hour or two? Do you spend too much time in meetings? Are you lacking space in your day for YOU? Are you looking to engage in creative outlets or brainstorms? If you’ve answered yes to ANY of these questions, time blocking may be a great strategy for YOU!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to learn the 5 steps of time blocking and how you can make them your own!

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