5 Best Interview Questions

While it may not seem like the most important interview component, the questions you ask are an advantage that you should most definitely use in order to set yourself apart from other candidates (trust us – we interview dozens of candidates each day!). So, once you’ve conducted research and feel ready for your interview, what questions should you prepare? Find out the ones we value most here!

  1. “Why did you join this company?”: Not only will this question help you to gain insight into the daily practices of the firm, but it will allow the interviewer to talk about themselves for, potentially, the first time all day! Look out for answers along the lines of salary or benefits. The answers which speak highly of culture, teamwork, relationships or other intangible aspects of their work-life are those that will help you to gauge how well you would fit into that company on a daily basis.
  2. “What opportunities are offered for growth and career development?”: We encourage you to only accept positions that will allow you to advance your career in some way. Whether this is through trying out a new role, advancing to a higher status, taking on new responsibilities, or even working on a different type of team, the firm you work for should be able to offer concrete examples of how they will help you develop.
  3. “How does __ promote a healthy work-life balance?”: One of the largest growing desires of millennials and Gen Zs is a stable work-life balance. For that reason, you are now welcome and even encouraged to inquire about how your potential next employer supports this belief! If your interviewer cannot offer you a concrete answer, it may be worth re-evaluating the culture and obligations that this company implements.
  4. “How are you involved in ___? What role do you play in ____?”: If there are certain values that the company holds (ie: diversity, employee resources groups, philanthropy programs, charity supports, etc) that you researched and feel passionate about, ask your interviewer about how the given program impacts their experience at the company! There is no greater way to gauge how much an organization “walks the walk” than by gaining information from an inside employee.
  5. “What are the next steps? When could I expect to hear about next steps?”: Questions like these will allow you to begin planning out your next moves. Just as you have (hopefully) been punctual and on time with all of the obligations on your end, your prospective employer should be able to offer you the same information. However, you must keep in mind that these are most likely estimations and could differentiate slightly from the dates that you are initially provided!

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