What Does Gen Z Mean for Your Career?

You may not realize it yet, but the youth of the Gen Z generation is growing up super quickly and therefore will be entering the workforce before you know it! In order to stay current and aware of how your professional environment may adapt to these new coworkers, keep reading below…

Who is Gen Z? Gen Z’s are the predecessors of the millennial generation. Growing up surrounded by even more technology than those who came before them, the youth of this generation adapted to technology and its advancements at a pace quicker than anyone. So, what does this mean for their career preferences and expectations?

  • Online Shopping Obsession: Gen Z’s did not grow up in a world where obtaining new clothing, or even items for that matter (thank you to Amazon!) required leaving the house. In fact, they may not even know a world where they could not obtain any item they wished for via a screen. For that reason, the e-commerce industry will likely grow in order to make up for increasing online shopping demand.
  • Desire for Technology Use: This may be a tad bit obvious, but due to the fact that these young adults were surrounded by endless technology as they grew up, it is reasonable to predict that they prefer work environments that adapt to new technologies and implement modern work practices. Is your firm tech-savvy? Are your work practices adapting to new technologies? Positioning your firm as a technology-driven company will attract these types of employees quickly.
  • Feedback and Growth Encouragement: Gen Z’s are driven by consistent improvement, positive change, and encouragement. For that reason, providing frequent feedback will allow these types of employees to flourish as they chase their career goals and opportunities. If you are curious as to how to implement more growth opportunities in your office, try looking into rotational programs! These types of programs are relatively quick, and allow entry-level employees to try out a few different roles before designating the right fit – ultimately allowing them to cultivate a diverse skill set.
  • Collaboration and Diversity: In order to produce the best products and projects, companies should be paying extra attention to the diversity within their employees. Whether this concerns gender, race, ethnicity, experience, or any other factor, teams that are made up of different perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds will generate the greatest outcomes. Gen Z employees are absolutely looking at the diversity within an office as they begin their job hunt, so, how diverse are your teams?
  • Work-Life Balance: Especially for experienced professionals who have been a part of the workforce for several years, the concept of a work-life balance is one that is new and evolving. However, Gen Z adults grew up with educations that taught the importance of balance and health in work, and therefore, now expect that out of their prospective employees. Showcasing your balanced benefits packages and flexibility will help you to set your firm aside while drawing these candidates towards your company.
  • Active Listening: Gen Z employees want to be heard! They grew up adapting to new ideas more frequently than did any other generation, and therefore, they are prone to curiosity and pushing the envelope. So, listen to these young adults even when their ideas may seem crazy! You never know when an unforeseen breakthrough is on their horizon.

Learning from the millennials will teach you a lot about Gen Z. However, it’s super important to pay attention to their behaviors and preferences as they join and continue to make up greater percentages of the workforce! Keeping up to date with new employee desires and expectations will allow you to increase your retention rates while simultaneously creating an even greater workplace culture.

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