Accepting a Job Offer

We’ve previously talked about what kinds of questions you should ask before you accept a job offer, but we have never discussed how to accept a job offer. Accepting a job offer can be simple, especially after you ask all the right questions. Today, let’s talk about what to do when you get a job offer.

Express Appreciation

Obviously one of the first things you should do is thank the person who offered you the job. This can be through email, over the phone, or face to face. Show your gratitude for the job offer and thank them for their time. Expressing appreciation and excitement will set the tone off the right way, especially if your next step is negotiating.


Before you jump ahead of things, think about if there are any terms you need to negotiate with your future employer. Make sure you are getting proper compensation for your skills. Have a set number in mind in case a negotiation happens when you are offered the job.

Time Length

How long do you have before you should accept the offer? This is a question people often struggle with. You may want to accept the offer right away because you’re excited and eager, but hold off and ask for a day or two to think about the offer. If it’s not possible to wait a couple of days to accept the offer, then that is okay too. Feel it out, and whatever feels right to you at the moment is what you should go with.

Get The Offer in Writing

Taking a few days to accept the offer will be a great time to ask to get it in writing. Receiving your job offer in writing gives you the information you need on paper, so you can fully understand what the offer is and what your role will be.

Accepting the Offer

Finally, accept the offer! Write an acceptance letter- if you are corresponding over email, you can also email your letter. In your letter, you need to include a few things. To start, express your gratitude once again and write a thank you for the opportunity. Also, include verbiage stating that you accept the company’s offer- (something like “I formally accept..”). You need to state what title you are accepting and recap the salary and benefits that you both agreed on. Recapping the salary and benefits will help ensure there isn’t any confusion on either side. Lastly, include the date you expect to start.

Accepting a job offer can be stressful at times, but follow our tips to help put your stress at ease.

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