All Things Office Etiquette

Are you ever stressed out at the lack of manners and etiquette that goes on in your office? Respect goes a long way in an office space, and it can be hard to know what the boundaries are. Find out below what our tips are for office etiquette and what you should/should not be doing in the office!

  1. Respect The Workspace: Respect that the whole office is not yours. A shared space means that you need to respect others and not get too comfortable. Don’t take your shoes off at your desk, clip your nails, floss your teeth, or spray perfume. The office is not your home, so use the restroom if you need to do something that seems a bit questionable.
  2. Be Mindful of What You Eat: Leftovers are a great lunch to pack for your work day! As long as those leftovers aren’t smelly fish. Like we just talked about, respect the space you are in. Don’t reheat last night’s fish for today’s lunch. Stinking up the office isn’t the best idea. Lunch can still be good though! Bring in something that isn’t super strong and smelly.
  3. Don’t Work While You Are Sick: Coming into work while you are sick as a dog can be alarming for your coworkers. No one wants to catch a sickness from using the same copier or phone as you. They don’t want to sit in the same place as someone who is coughing and sniffling. If you are sick enough to the point of making others worry, work from home. Your coworkers will appreciate you for that.
  4. Different Work Styles: Everyone has a different way that they like to work. Someone may love to blast some music to get their work done, while others might love the silence. Acknowledge and observe the way your coworkers like to do their work. If you can’t go without your music, close your office door or wear headphones. If you respect your coworkers, they will most likely do the same for you.
  5. Be Kind: Kindness is key! One person’s mood can affect the whole office. Make sure to always treat everyone around you with good manners, understanding, and consideration. Don’t pass judgment on your coworkers and be willing to help if someone needs it. Take and give constructive criticism and feedback without making it insulting. 

A positive work environment is so important to productivity and enjoying your job! Office etiquette and manners help contribute to a positive workplace. These tips should remind you to always be respectful at work and treat everyone with kindness.

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