Always Ask Questions!

Asking questions at work. A seemingly easy task, yet one that comes with no instruction manual. So, what is the appropriate amount of questions to ask on your first day? At a meeting? About one single project? Find out all of your answers by reading here!

Questions at Work…

  • Asking with Purpose: Asking questions come with an extremely useful tool in the office… answers! There is no quicker, easier, or more sufficient way to gain direction and insight by confronting your questions head-on. However, this does come with a few requirements. First, make sure to always ask questions with purpose. Whether this means conducting appropriate prior research, consulting with mentors beforehand, or drafting out ideas ahead of meetings, it is essential to show that you are asking questions with a clear direction and purpose instead of simply talking to talk. So, how do you know where to draw the line on a “meaningful” question vs. one that you could probably decipher on your own?
    • Read the room for facial expressions, search back to prior notes, create an acronym sheet to avoid repetition, consult a mentor about the topic, or ask your manager after the meeting concludes!
  • Digging Deeper: The questions that showcase your knowledge, skills, and understanding of your own responsibilities push the envelope and are interlaced with creativity. Have you noticed any shortcomings? Have you been keeping up with industry news? Do you have any ideas as to improving office operations? Those questions that dig deeper into bigger picture, company initiatives and go to benefit your entire team will be those that set you aside from the rest of the employees. Remember to always be asking yourself why? How? and… is it because “this is what we’ve always done?” If so… red alarm bells should start ringing! Perfect time for change!
  • How Many Question Can I Ask???? This question seems to have been circling around for decades! Well, we’re here to advocate on behalf of our entire organization in telling you that there is no “question limit”! There will be meetings you leave question-free, and those that leave you more confused than when you walked in. Do not limit yourself to a certain number of questions as that will be debilitating to your ability to seek out new information. However, always make sure to gauge the room for other levels of participation and the appropriate time to ask. Often the presenter will encourage you to but-in throughout, or hold off on raising your hand until the end.

Always make sure that your voice is heard! If you are someone who is nervous to ask questions at work… check out our next blog to learn how to increase your confidence and get the most out of your professional interactions!

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