Getting Involved at Work: Why it Matters

Picture this: you’ve landed your new position, become acclimated to your new environment and responsibilities, and are finally comfortable at the company! Where do you go from here? Keep reading to find out exactly why it is crucial to your career to become involved within your organization and how you should go about doing it!

Getting Involved at Work…

  • Staying Current: One of the easiest ways to fall “out of touch” with cultural or social movements and general shifts in social spheres is by becoming too comfortable with your current work. With the number of employee resource groups growing at a rapid pace, we highly encourage you to join one! Most of these organizations are relatively low-involvement, and provide an exceptional route to expanding your understanding of different topics, people, and backgrounds. Especially in learning about groups that you may not “fit into” (ie: a women’s org. if you are a male) you will achieve your greatest personal growth.
  • Internal Networking: Joining ERGs encompassed by a plethora of employees possessing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences will allow you to learn about numerous different careers and internal roles. You never know when you may meet your next mentor or manager! So definitely take advantage of the casual environment that these groups create in meeting new people on both a personal and professional level. Always pay attention to new opportunities and a chance to set up your next coffee chat!
  • New Skills: Attending resource group events will absolutely put you out of your comfort zone. Whether this means learning about a previously unknown topic, trying out a new physical activity, or igniting a new soft skill, these types of groups stimulate their members by targeting a variety of different skills to improve on. There is no better time to expand your technical or soft skills than in this type of environment! Having a “toolbox” of different soft and technical skills will set you aside when applying to new positions and climbing up the corporate ladder!

Internal groups at work are a huge asset to your career and self-fulfillment! Always make sure to look out for this underrated “benefit” when evaluating your job offers and future career positions. And again, always be sure to consider each group even if you don’t “fit” the profile! It is when you are surrounded by the biggest variety of perspectives that you will be able to achieve your greatest growth.

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