April Showers…Bring May Flowers!

Welcome back to our lovely followers! Today, we are looking outside, and hoping that this sunshine and warmth continue throughout May – we can’t believe that we’ve already made it through April and are quickly heading into the summer months! With this seasonal change, it is a fantastic time to take a step back and re-evaluate your personal hope and goals for the next quarter, season, or year. Keep reading to find out our best tips for getting organized and back on track this Spring!

Springing into a New Season…


Spring cleaning is absolutely a phrase we all know and love. There’s no better way to engage in a refreshing mindset than to refresh the space around you. We are huge fans of engaging with the “turning hanger” rule – i.e.: decluttering any pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in the past few seasons, denoted by “turning the hanger” the opposite way once worn. Ask yourself questions like, “do I wear this?” “Is this still my style?” “Do I need this” “What is the function of this piece of clothing?” etc! In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to decipher what clothing is special and meaningful to you, and which garments are simply taking up space. Feel free to apply this mindset to your office supplies, shoes, accessories, or anything else that you think deserves an update!

Switch it Up!

Spring is also a fantastic time to create a new space to operate in! Many of us have been cooped up in our bedroom-turned “office” spaces, have hunkered down in the kitchen, or seem glued to our living room couch as a place of work – it’s no doubt time for a change. Simply turning your bed in a different direction, moving your desk in front of a window, or “accessorizing” with a new lamp or curtain will totally transform the energy of your workspace. Even transitioning to a different room or floor in your home could create an entirely new and previously unforeseen way to work!

  • Extra tip: If you are still working fully remotely, try to schedule a few days to get out of your home! This may look like a nearby park, library, coffee shop, cafe, or any other space in which you can operate your work (computer or materials). Doing so will force you to re-focus in a new space and will instantaneously optimize productivity and motivation.

Re-evaluate Winter Goals

Finally, a new season brings an optimal moment to re-evaluate a goal set that had been created a few months prior. Are you on track with the little steps? Holding yourself accountable? Progressing towards an ultimate number, time, percentage, or another measure of success? If so, keep on chugging! If, instead you’re finding that a previously set goal no longer suits your motives, then this is a great time to re-draft your hopes and accountable measure for the rest of spring up to the start of summer. If you’re reading this and thinking about corporate or rule-oriented goals, check-in with your manager to track your progress from an external point of view and in some instances, adjust!

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