Are You Resilient?

This week, we are talking about resilience! Resilience is the ability to adapt to problems and stressors in the face of adversity. Resilience is useful in our personal lives and our work lives. Life, in general, is constantly changing, so we need to learn how to become resilient. Continue reading below to find out how to do so!

Stress: Stress and resiliency often go hand in hand. If you are experiencing an extremely stressful situation, resiliency will be the glue that helps hold you together. Try to reframe the way you are viewing your stress. Don’t treat every situation like a crisis, otherwise, your body will respond that way. Take an optimistic look at stress, in order to reframe the way you react in stressful events.

Change: Change is one of the only constant factors in life, so try to accept that change occurs and it is inevitable. This applies to your career as well, not just your personal lives. Coworkers and bosses may come and go, or you might find yourself switching career paths. Whatever it may be, accept the changes and be resilient. Resilience will help you bounce back when change occurs and ensure that you are able to recover.

Daily Wins: A great way to learn resilience, is to find something to celebrate every day. Each day, recognize a small win that occurred. Maybe you finished your work report before the deadline or you were finally on time for a meeting – small wins like those are what will keep you going and build resilience.

Support: Find a support system that you can lean on. This can consist of family, friends, or even colleagues. Stress and difficult times are much easier to deal with if you have a team of people to rely on. Emotional and mental support is critical to help us get through life, jobs, projects, etc.

These are just four ways to build your resilience and change your mindset, there are so many more too! If you find yourself in a rut right now, remember that nothing is permanent. With strength and resilience, we can make it through anything.


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