Back to School!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope that you had a lovely holiday and were able to find some sense of relaxation. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we know that many of you are heading back to “school” (online learning) to tackle final projects, coursework, and exams. With the new distractions that come with learning from home, on campus, or surrounded by an unfamiliar environment, we’re here to help. Whether replicating a library in your bedroom or planning ahead, several strategies will set you up to ace these last tasks of the semester…

Let’s Get to Work…

  • Task Prioritization: Between assignments, presentations, projects, and exams, it’s crucial to prioritize assignments based on their due date and impact on your overall grade. Make sure to avoid spreading yourself too thin across multiple projects; to avoid this, pace your study schedule out across days and a variety of times, incorporate breaks, so that you won’t be left with cramming for hours on end in the days leading up to due dates. By prioritizing obligations, you will find yourself on a healthy track towards success!
    • Measurable Goals: A great way to set measurable priorities is to include goals for each assignment or study habit. Whether this means a one-hour goal of studying per exam each day, or a one-page goal per report or essay to be completed every other day, SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) will assist you in actually tracking progress and spanning obligations over a time period instead of cramming at the last moment.
  • Start Early! We know this one is especially easier said than done; however, in order to truly get on top of several different exams and complimentary coursework, you must hit the books sooner than later. By dedicating a half-hour or some set amount of time each day to each exam or subject matter, you’ll be able to steadily and more effectively absorb large sums of information.
  • Create a Routine: Once courses end and study time begins, we know it can be easy to fall out of a regular routine and into the grey space of debating whether to study or relax for a bit. So, to stay on track with all of your assignments and associated due dates, we encourage you to set a routine for the remainder of your semester so as to hold yourself accountable to measurable goals. Incorporating a daily alarm clock, making your bed, cheffing up a breakfast, or otherwise setting consistent tasks is a great way to replicate a regular day, but adapted to a study environment.
  • Differentiate Spaces: If you’re feeling trapped between lying in bed or getting situated at an in-bedroom desk, we highly encourage you to differentiate your living spaces to separate the intention of each space. What we mean by this is that pillows stay on the bed, notebooks stay on the desk, and so on so that your belongings are in the right place and your mind is as well!

It’s the home stretch everyone! Remember, leave time for brain breaks and relaxation among roommates, friends, or family. We believe in you!

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