Being an Invaluable Asset at Work

There is no doubt about the importance of being a great, helpful employee. However, if you want to truly stand out to your boss as an invaluable asset to your organization, there are some strategies you should begin implementing ASAP! Read more about them here…

  • Attitude: In combination with every obligation your boss must complete within any given day, the last thing they want to encounter is a grumpy employee. Be super conscious of the way you greet your boss, offer consistent eye contact, be aware of your facial expression and body language, and make sure you heighten the mood of the office.
  • Go Above and Beyond: This seems like an obvious aspect of achieving any promotion or recognition within your position, but it is a crucial aspect of showcasing your value an as important asset. If you notice a coworker or neighboring department struggling to complete a project, generate an idea, or attack a task, be the person who offers support and help. Although being the “go to guy” may provide you with additional work, it is guaranteed to be beneficial for your future.
  • Client Favorite: If you work in a position that requires interacting and building relationships with clients, always make an effort to be remembered in a positive way. You never know when a client may speak with your manager or boss, and the way they speak about you will largely influence the way you are viewed. Treat clients with patience, positivity, and productivity!
  • Be Well-Rounded: It is easy to get caught up in a routine and focus solely on your own obligations. However, by gaining a general understanding of all of the varying positions of your coworkers, their obligations, and their responsibilities, you will become a much more well-rounded employee and an asset to all staff in the firm. Being knowledgeable about your company will also help you show your boss that you are invested for the long run, a trait that all managers will appreciate greatly.
  • Open-Minded: Keep an outwardly open mind about all assignments, tasks, and responsibilities. Let’s say you were placed in a different team for a future marketing project, but your product-focus is one that you are not as passionate about. Maintaining a positive outlook and open mind about new opportunities will show your boss that you are dedicated to all aspects of the company, not just areas where you are usually placed. We all know how easy it is to make initial judgments, but taking an extra moment to allow the benefit of the doubt will aid you immensely, especially in showing your boss your character.
  • Be Proactive: Don’t: wait until your boss or manager assigns a task for you to begin working. Do: Be proactive about work you assume you will be assigned, get a head start when possible, and always be prepared (for interactions with coworkers, deadlines, and especially in group meetings!). By showing that you have prepared for meetings, completed research on upcoming projects or company current events, and began brainstorming ideas to contribute to teamwork, you will exhibit that you are an employee who values the success of the entire company, not just yourself.
    • Extra Note: Many employees see meetings as a chance to “get ahead”, brag about their work, and differentiate themselves by emphasizing their achievements. Make sure to give credit to others where it is due, collaborate with team members, and be conscious of the famous saying… “there is no I in team.” If you have achieved a certain success or goal, chances are your boss is already aware of it!

With a combination of these practices, you are sure to make yourself stand out as a permanently valuable asset to your organization!

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